International Maritime Museum Hamburg

1 June 2016 | Author/Destination: | Rubric: General, Hamburg, House of the Month, Museums, Exhibitions

International Maritime Museum Hamburg © OlliFoolish/cc-by-sa-3.0

International Maritime Museum Hamburg © OlliFoolish/cc-by-sa-3.0

The Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg (International Maritime Museum) is a private museum in the HafenCity quarter of Hamburg. The museum houses Peter Tamm‘s collection of model ships, construction plans, uniforms, and maritime art, amounting to over 40,000 items and more than one million photographs of the former “Wissenschaftliches Institut für Schifffahrts- und Marinegeschichte” (Academic Institute of Shipping and Naval History). It opened in a former warehouse in 2008.   read more…

Hamburg’s warehouse district, the largest historic warehouse complex in the world

19 July 2014 | Author/Destination: | Rubric: General, Hamburg, Museums, Exhibitions

© Thomas Wolf -

© Thomas Wolf –

The Speicherstadt (meaning warehouse district) in Hamburg is the largest warehouse district in the world where the buildings stand on timber-pile foundations. It is located in the the HafenCity quarter and was built from 1883 to 1927.   read more…

The Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg

10 July 2013 | Author/Destination: | Rubric: General, Hamburg

Las Vegas © FloSch/cc-by-sa-3.0

Las Vegas © FloSch/cc-by-sa-3.0

Miniatur Wunderland (German for miniature wonderland) is a model railway attraction in Hamburg and the largest of its kind in the world, built by the twins Gerrit and Frederik Braun. As of January 2011, the railway consists of 12,000 metres (39,370 ft) of track in HO scale, divided into seven sections: Harz, the fictitious city of Knuffingen, the Alps and Austria, Hamburg, America, Scandinavia, and Switzerland. Of the 6,400 square metres (68,889 sq ft) of floorspace, the model takes 1,150 m2 (12,378 sq ft).   read more…

The HafenCity in Hamburg

13 October 2012 | Author/Destination: | Rubric: General, Hamburg

HafenCity model © MissyWegner - CC-BY-SA-3.0

HafenCity model © MissyWegner – CC-BY-SA-3.0

HafenCity is a quarter in the district of Hamburg-Mitte in Hamburg. It is located on the Elbe river island that was formerly called Kehrwieder and Wandrahm.   read more…

Theme Week Hamburg – HafenCity and Speicherstadt

27 January 2011 | Author/Destination: | Rubric: Architecture, General, Hamburg

Speicherstadt © Heidas

Speicherstadt © Heidas

The Speicherstadt is the world-largest timber-pile founded warehouse district of the world. It is located in the port of Hamburg—within the HafenCity quarter—and was built from 1883 to 1927. The district was built as a free zone to transfer goods without paying customs. As of 2009 the district and the surrounding area is under redevelopment. The warehouses were built with different support structures, but Andreas Meyer created a Neo-Gothic red-brick outer layer with little towers, alcoves, and glazed terra cotta ornaments.   read more…

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