Neringa in Lithuania

15 November 2023 | Author/Destination: | Rubric: General Reading Time:  6 minutes

Thomas Mann's summer house © Wojsyl/cc-by-sa-3.0

Thomas Mann’s summer house © Wojsyl/cc-by-sa-3.0

Neringa or Neringa Municipality (Lithuanian: Neringos savivaldybė) is a municipality of Klaipėda County in westernmost Lithuania, comprising several villages in the Curonian Spit. In terms of population, it is the smallest municipality of the country. The name of the city is relatively new and is not found in old scriptures in this form. The name is derived from a German word Neringe, Nerunge, Nehrung which itself is a derivative of a curonian word nerija meaning a long peninsular spit.   read more…

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