Theme Week Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur

30 November 2019 | Author/Destination: | Rubric: General, UNESCO World Heritage

© - naim fadil/cc-by-sa-2.0

© – naim fadil/cc-by-sa-2.0

Kuala Lumpur, officially the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and commonly known as KL, is the national capital and largest city in Malaysia. As the global city of Malaysia, it covers an area of 243 km² (94 sq mi) and has an estimated population of 1.73 million as of 2016. Greater Kuala Lumpur, also known as the Klang Valley, is an urban agglomeration of 7.25 million people as of 2017. It is among the fastest growing metropolitan regions in Southeast Asia, in both population and economic development.   read more…

Theme Week Champagne – Châlons-en-Champagne

20 March 2014 | Author/Destination: | Rubric: General

Town Hall © TitTornade/cc-by-sa-3.0

Town Hall © TitTornade/cc-by-sa-3.0

Châlons-en-Champagne is the capital of both the department of Marne and the region of Champagne-Ardenne, despite being only a quarter the size of the city of Reims. Formerly called Châlons-sur-Marne, the city was officially renamed in 1998. It should not be confused with the Burgundian town of Chalon-sur-Saône.   read more…

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