The Netherlands Antilles

7 June 2014 | Author/Destination: | Rubric: General Reading Time:  5 minutes

Curaçao - Willemstad Harbor © tmelendez

Curaçao – Willemstad Harbor © tmelendez

The Netherlands Antilles (Dutch: Nederlandse Antillen), also referred to informally as the Dutch Antilles, was an autonomous Caribbean country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, consisting of two groups of islands in the Lesser Antilles: Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao (ABC Islands), in Leeward Antilles just off the Venezuelan coast; and Sint Eustatius, Saba and Sint Maarten (SSS Islands), in the Leeward Islands southeast of the Virgin Islands.   read more…

Aruba in the Southern Caribbean

5 June 2014 | Author/Destination: | Rubric: General Reading Time:  6 minutes

Palm Beach © Atilin/cc-by-sa-3.0

Palm Beach © Atilin/cc-by-sa-3.0

Aruba is an island 33 kilometre long (20 mi) located about 1,000 miles (1,600 km) west of the Lesser Antilles in the southern Caribbean Sea, located 27 kilometres (17 mi) north of the coast of Venezuela. Together with Bonaire and Curaçao, it forms a group referred to as the ABC islands. Collectively, Aruba and the other Dutch islands in the Caribbean are often called the Netherlands Antilles or the Dutch Antilles.   read more…

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