Management offers an entirety Facility management, to which belongs, apart from the pure administration, also the technical support. The type of use of the real estate served by the Management are various thereby. We serve trade parks as well as office buildings, retail, sports, leisure, housing and B2B real estate. The reporting is prepared within the clients defaults and in the desired language.

Our Management is characterised by high innovation and strength, which is also expressed in the fact that the current use concepts must permanently compete with possible other use alternatives, so that a sustain economical basis during the entire period of use is ensured.

Letting activities are executed by our Marketing on behalf of the Management. Advancements and new positionings are accomplished by Concepts and Development. The client receives thereby the entire achievement from one hand. For each client one project manager is during the entire Management process on duty, who coordinates required internal and external operational sequences and presents result.

We see this service orientation as an essential necessity, which point out our basic understanding of service – Facility Management at it’s best!

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