For new construction projects, we are constantly looking for property, in order extent our own portfolio. If you own an inner city property in a western EU state, the coastal regions of the US or in Canada in a 2a or 2b location (public transport, local supply, schools, doctors, etc.) for the development of 10 units or more in the “affordable housing” segment (or mixed use) and want to sell it, please feel free to contact us. Of course, we are also looking forward to interesting offers from other segments as well.

Since 25 years we are offering a wide range of prefabs to our customers at Germany. The product list includes only environmental friendly and highly energy-efficiency buildings (mostly Passive or Plus Energy Homes), built on the basis of one of the world’s strongest construction, environment and quality laws. Some of these houses are heated by solar panels or geo-thermal power. You can also find so called Smart Homes/Intelligent Buildings with a lot of automated features to optimize the operation costs, additionaly offering high quality, environment protection, high class up to high end comfort and much more.

We are specialized in high end, higly energy-efficiency, limited edition prefabs designed by top designers of the world, starting with single homes and appartment houses, up to mansions. Therefore we’ve created a seperate website which you can find here. We are looking forward to your visit.

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