As you might know we are located in the heart of the European Union at Germany. Two decades ago the environmental movement went main street and with it a number of new regulations and laws concerning all areas of living and working. A large number of environment programs were started, as well as the improvement of all kinds of construction and building activities, which leads to various changes in building laws, quality, water/energy efficiency and transparency, which leads to todays “Building Energy Passport” for each industrial, commercial and private used property, which shall be sold or let. Compared with the US LEED Platinum Standard it would be the LEED Gold Standard, in some areas the Silver Standard at Germany. It’s not that our engineers are wiser, we just had to think about solutions much earlier. Passive Homes, Energy Plus Homes and much more are given since nearly a decade and are becoming an accepted minimum standard for new buildings nowadays. In addition there are several programs for home owners given, who want to upgrade their home technologies, insulation, energy efficiency and much more.

What are we doing in this field? As most of the building materials are already as green as possible on todays development level our goal is to lower operations cost by using energy efficiency methods, like automation tools. Therefore we offer the full range of solutions for industrial, commercial and private real estate.

The process to form a fully sustainable building is starting during the concepts phase. To reach the highest standards we look at every little detail which should become once a part of the building. It’s not only the architecture, foundation and the building itself. It’s far beyond that. One main goal to built sustainable buildings is that they can be replaced at any time with a minimum of damage to the soil it stood on and to recycle as much material as possible. The other goal is to built a building with maximum comfort, maximum water and energy efficiency and as much green features as possible, to make sure, that the environment participate in it during operation too.

One big challenge of nearly each industrialized nation is that the population numbers are going back. This means that less space, both commercial and residential, is needed. A lot of room and opportunities to re-develop already existing real estate of each kind, as well as to replace the “polluters” with new developments.

Our responsibility starts with our offers to you. Therefore we’ve made some simple and easy decisions, which says: Create products and services that meet latest standards and don’t sell anything else. Which might sounds a bit strange on the first view is on the second view what our quality standard is about: “Offer nothing less than the best solution!”. To invest in real estate means to be committed for 20, 40 or more years. Therefore a solid basis is needed and that is what we offer to you. This includes latest green/clean construction, building and technology solutions. So if you receive one of our offers you can be sure that you’ve got an offer based on latest German building, construction, technology and environment standards, rules and laws, no matter where you are located in the world. If you accept the offer you will not only benefit in the healthy building environment, energy savings, lower operations cost, but also at most European countries and at the US in tax incentives and green state and/or governmental programs. In this way you participate in a win-win-situation.

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