The European Union: Real Estate and Demography

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(Latest update: 17 October 2021) First, there is not THE real estate market – not national and certainly not international. In fact, the market situation is very fragmented due to the general conditions, in other words, many individual markets, collectively referred to as “the market”. Metropolitan Area A faces different challenges than Metropolitan Area B and Metropolitan Area C can not even understand what A and B are talking about. Where there is comparability, is the housing situation in the “affordable segment” in urban centers in all western EU states, the US and Canada. This is where the call for the state, which should intervene regulatively, quickly becomes louder. In free market economies, however, this is on the one hand not wanted and therefore on the other hand, only limited possible. That’s pretty okay, because the market is inherently profit-oriented and that’s just what it will stay, otherwise investment incentives for new construction would sooner or later be completely absent. The “rental price brake” (Mietpreisbremse) exemplifies the problem. At the same time, more and more social housing is being let out of the rental price brake without replacement investment being made. In the following, single aspects are examined in more detail using the example of Germany, whereby the scenarios also apply to other western countries such as the EU states, the US, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, but also, e.g., to Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tel Aviv in Israel and other emerging metropolitan regions around the world.


Since the early 1990s, it has been assumed that the population development would be negative, or would be declining. Numerous studies have supported this assumption. This resulted in a decades-long housing shortage (dismantling of living space and neglect of new building measures, but also the sale and privatization of subsidized_housing and land for short-term coverage of budget deficits of public budgets, with the result that neither public debt could be noticeably reduced, nor sufficient public land remains available, to develop affordable housing, so that in case of doubt land now has to be bought at a high free market prices (in retrospect not the smartest of all ideas to cleanse the clammy households, but of course, everyone is smarter afterwards. Here, however, to presume bad intention in general is wrong, because the sales were made in the 2000s, when Germany was “the sick man of Europe”, so in fact urgently needed money. In such phases, all options are on the table and in case of doubt even jewels will be thrown on the market. The fact that the large sale of public real estate and property was a mistake is widely acknowledged in the political landscape and ways are sought to undo the resulting distortions in the housing market. It will take a few years of time, a lot of money and work, but solutions are already emerging). Even before the so-called “refugee crisis” between the end of 2015 and the end of 2017, it became clear that the demographic trend is fortunately different and that instead population growth is now assumed (Die Zeit, 18 July 2019: Demographics in Europe: The Commuter Belt Effect). In addition to the numerous positive aspects (economic development, employment numbers, etc.), however, this has the negative aspect of housing shortages and significantly rising rental and purchase prices. Due to the largely sold-off public land, municipalities and private investors alike are now facing the problem of having hardly any land available for affordable housing, so that with the help of decrees and laws, the private-sector needed to be forced to include a proportionate part of affordable housing in new building projects. However, it is not only the changes in the population development that lead to the (rental/purchase) cost increases, but also the changed demands on living space (sizes, equipment, standards, building regulations, environmental protection etc.) and changed lifestyles (increase in single households, etc.): Die Zeit, 18 July 2019: Demographics in Europe: The Commuter Belt Effect, Demographics of the European Union.

Urban planning
In general, German cities have well thought-through and permeable urban development concepts (urban development planning, integrated urban development concept, Social Design and smart city) for the middle and upper segments that can be regulated by the market. At the lower end, however, the market regulates very little (including prices for land – simplified building code, simplified building permit procedures, housing subsidies and rental prices), so that the existing urban development concepts here often correspond more to request concerts, as with the actual circumstances on site.

Based on the above mentions and additional aspects, there are demands that are only partially met. While demand in the upper and luxury segments is increasingly being covered (where there are exceptions due to the Brexit which i.a. leading investment bankers to relocate from the City of London to Frankfurt, Paris, Dublin and Madrid in order to continue to have full access to the EU Single Market, and hence the need for new housing remains clear), this is not the case in the middle and lower segments. In addition to the resulting social explosives, the actual situation also offers considerable opportunities. When there is no more money to earn in the upper segment on the big scale, then in the middle and lower segment all the more. The idea, however, has not yet prevailed everywhere. In Germany, between 450,000 and 500,000 new units will have to be built each year to meet demand and/or make replacement investments. In fact, half the needed numbers are built at best. So it’s not as if it would not be built at all, just so far not to the extent necessary and where the new construction measures are actually needed.

Income gap
The income gap ensures that the middle class increasingly breaks away. Instead there are more rich and more poor people. Here’s another reason for the pressure on the housing market, especially as it increases the concentration on the upper and lower segments and, if in doubt, investors choose the more profitable segment. In the everyday life of the real estate industry, this is also noticeable. Buyers/Tenants, who were able to afford flats and houses in fairly appealing locations at reasonable prices 20 years ago, can no longer do so today or only with great effort and economic burdens, which are compensated elsewhere (consumption, mobility etc.). The promises of the trickle-down theory are obviously only partially working (especially where it is about pure capital gain) and not only increase the pressure on the housing market, but have become a societal and macroeconomic problem, which, among other things, were publicly visible in the violent riots of the so-called yellow vests in France (vandalism and terrorism). The basic problem is of course also in Germany and other Western European countries detectable, but fortunately (still) without the appropriate joy in demonstrations and blind destructiveness. Here, entire population groups are excluded from the “normal” economic cycle and this leads macroeconomically to distortions, e.g. too high pressure on the lower level housing market. With the help of different tools, attempts have been made for years to counteract this, but with little success so far to date. An interesting approach would be to consider how it can be achieved to help people with a small income to own property, as part of a pension package, as was possible until 20 years ago.

Then there are the misguided views of the hasardeur from American who, without moms and dads millions, would at best have become a deposit bottles pre-sorter (which would have been best for the world):

Sale price developments
Purchase price developments in recent years let to the situation that young first-time buyers are being left behind because they can not afford property, which further increases the pressure on the rental market and rents, triggering a spiral that ultimately lead to the situation that first-time buyers will be hardly able to buy property in later years. In the meantime, foreign buyers and investors are increasingly holding back, because the initially moderate initial investment has grown so much that the expected returns are becoming less and less attractive. The ongoing period of low interest rates is causing speculators to drain additional profits and thus pulverize the interest rate advantage to the detriment of the buyers (asset owners see this with increasing joy, especially as they can raise their rents as well – effortless additional income). In the period between 2004 and 2019, real estate prices rose by more than 45% due to the low interest rates in the country, and in particular in the metropolitan areas, they rose even significantly higher. Another aspect was and is, of course, the location policy. Cities, where house prices have not risen steadily, saw and see themselves as possibly weak, as if only cities, where real estate prices are rising steadily, could and can expect to continue growing. Accordingly, living space was tightened, so that property ownership for investors remained interesting – with all the negative consequences. A logic and spiral that is difficult to break, because on the one hand, new housing must be created, on the other hand, it must also be ensured that property value is not weakened by new construction, so as not to jeopardize the “location factor” or follow-up financing will be necessary because the “top location” turns out to be less “top” in retrospect.

Price and cost drivers

The average values only partially reflect the actual dilemma in the large metropolitan areas. While the purchase and rental prices in the major metropolitan regions have risen much more than the average, they are even partially declining in rural areas in East Germany.

The average values only partially reflect the actual dilemma in the large metropolitan areas. While the purchase and rental prices in the major metropolitan regions have risen much more than the average, they are even partially declining in rural areas in East Germany.

It’s more common to hear that landlords, speculators, and brokers are driving up prices. That is not entirely incorrect, but it is an to easy excuse. In fact, there are many more “sensible” landlords than there are “cutthroats”. If that were not so, the real estate markets would be completely out of control. But that is at most partially so. However, it is not new to realize that real estate markets are not charity events and all market participants want to get their more or less justified share of the pie, with the majority of professional real estate investors and landlords recognizing that they also have a social responsibility (Responsibility, Social Competence, Values, Social Commitment). In this respect, nobody is interested in overheating the cost situation, especially in order to be able to achieve long-term (at best over several decades) and secure rental income. Both will only work if the right proportions are proven. Property investments are long-term investments that are usually refinanced over a period of 30 years. In order for this to all decades long, a rent must be calculated and demanded, which finances all cost factors (ongoing operating costs and taxes (local taxes, inheritance tax, wealth tax, etc.), capital service (consisting of interest and reducing loans), costs for maintenance, servicing, replacement investments, etc.), but also a reasonable share of profits (at this point, the scholars are arguing about what is to be understood as “reasonable” or at what point “unreasonable” starts) and taxes (public budgets earn from property transactions and rental income through various means, leaving the state with a considerable conflict of interest, for example property taxes make up a significant proportion of municipal revenues). In the same period, with rental and purchase prices rise up, construction costs have also risen by more than 35%. This is also due to inflation and the excellent capacity utilization of the construction industry, but above all the building regulations tightened over the years and environmental aspects. So-called “luxury refurbishments” also contribute to cost increases, but not to the extent that it is suggested in the press. Within the repair measures, landlords and private housing companies are also using the means of the modernization measures, which amounted to 11% per annum per year until 01.01.2019; since 01.01.2019 it is at 8% per annum and thus a special form of the rent increase measures, while the repair measures in principle are the durty of the landlords and housing companies, paid by rental income, this special one is covered by rent increase – legally by now. The Modernization Allocation is a tool for the implementation of a hefty rentaöl insomce, which even continues to run even if the cost of modernization has long been refinanced. The resulting conflict of interest is of course obvious and must therefore be regulated by the legislature (legislation) meaningful and without exception, because without this legal regulation is in the end once again the honest, rational and socially oriented landlord the stupid one. The whole cost issue starts at the beginning of the project development. Here you will find an overview of the services provided in order to get an impression of the expenses and risks that must be expected at this stage (construction planning and construction costs). According to the “wash me, but do not wet me” motto, not only large infrastructure projects do not work. Depending on the size of the project then another phenomenon is added, namely, let’s call it, the “9-eyed and 13-legged Schnuffel beetle” (with one eye on the rear to be able to park better and safer), which is guaranteed not to appear where it should – in fact it has never been appeared, but it does not prevent from tracking it. Of course, this has further consequences, especially with regard to the profitability of projects. As a developer of a project of “Affordable Housing”, the entire project is done as soon as initiatives of all kinds start to interfere and thus negatively affect project economics. Alternatively, you can now market the “5 * + – luxury residential resort in the best outskirts of the city and in the immediate vicinity of the Schnuffel beetle” at a rental price of 50.00 Euro/m²/netto. A rent that is needed to cover the nonsensical costs of environmental impact assessments, appraisals, court costs, upkeep costs (loss of use) and other additional expenses, while at the same time financing non-social income (asocial – just because something is legally enforceable does not make it morally reasonable) on the other side. In this way, 100 affordable apartments become 60 to 70 less affordable apartments, which is why the public sometimes believes they can deduce from this that there are bad and evil speculators from the dark side at work, although investors are least responsible for the eventually economically necessary plan changes.

A remedy would be the substantial increase in assets of public housing companies that can calculate differently from private companies (private companies are created for profit, especially for joint-stock company that need to earn dividends on behalf of their shareholders), the increase in the attractiveness of peripheries and rural areas, but also the legal obligation to proportionately create affordable housing in private-sector construction in inner-city locations to an appropriate extent, supported by appropriate support measures, to permanently ensure social equalty. These include the actual four main considerations:

  • Simplified building regulations in order to lower the building standard of “affordable housing” as far that low rental fees can be asked for, while still be adequate – a prerequisite for investors to be interested in investing in this segment.
  • Modular design (modular construction and prefabricated building) is much better than its reputation.
  • Affordable housing does not have to win any design or architectural prizes, nor be ugly, but above all be functional, be low-maintenance and thus affordable.
  • One way to reduce the cost of creating affordable housing is e.g. the so-called cooperative model, an association of interested parties (laymen, craftsmen, architects, engineers etc.) for the purpose of the construction and use of a cooperative housing estate. From an economic point of view, this model is quite interesting, but stands and falls – as always – with the commitment of those involved.

Supply of land
The distribution of land for affordable housing project (public spaces) is currently not well organized. There are enough investors, but plots for affordable housing projects remain in short supply. As a result of outdated demographic assumptions, land and housing have been privatized over the years, resulting in a shortage of the property reserves that are urgently needed today. The market regulates little to nothing in this segment.

Confiscation measures
As a result, even absurd thoughts, such as the confiscation / expropriation of land and buildings come into the conversation, to extract speculators of just these and to make them available to the free market. Since our social model still corresponds to a free, social market economy, this would only be possible in individual cases, but can not be implemented in general. Moreover, this would have a significant deterrent effect on potential investors, who would eventually have to reckon with their arbitrary expropriation, so that the seizures would have exactly the opposite effects as originally planned. Two other aspects are that expropriation does not create a single new dwelling, but deprives dwellings of the private sector to hand them over to the public sector (“left pocket -> right pocket”). The entrepreneurial skills of the state are thereby well known. It may also be interesting to see how the expropriations at market prices will be accomplished and financed, when already a 3-digit billion public investment is missing (against this background, it would only make sense to take over private assets when they are heavily financed by loans and minimal equity, so that the transfer costs would be low and the public institutions can take over the loan obligations with extended terms). The most important aspect, the proposed permanent cap on social rent, will not work, because rents and additional costs will continue to increase unless new buildings are built to on a extended scale. Now it could be argued that expropriated housing companies will invest the compensation in new construction. While this is not completely excluded, it is much more likely that their shareholders will enjoy very substantial one-time dividend before the companies will leave the market/go out of operation. Expropriations would make sense when the federal republic, the states, large landowners and large corporations would be liberated from unused land so that they can be made available to the market. The ensuing “land flood” would have noticeable consequences. Especially if the licensing authorities would grant building permits instead of being influenced by “Start to build extensively, but not in my neighborhood” calls.

Urban densification
For immediate relief of inner-city locations different measures are favored, which can be applied in parallel. Particularly popular are the so-called secondary densifications, e.g. the closing of building gaps or the full utilization of the areal (GRZ) and floor area (GFZ) permitted by zoning plans by placing additional storeys on existing buildings (both residential, office and retail holdings) and perimeter block development. Some cities have larger areas in inner city locations to be reused, e.g. identify new neighborhoods with proportionate affordable housing. Privately owned, unused commercial land and the conversion of existing land are of course a possibility as well. The construction of taller buildings is also under discussion, although up to 50 meters in height can still be built at reasonably and acceptable cost, so affordable housing can also be provided here. High-rise buildings over 80 meters, on the other hand, are only suitable for the middle and upper segment. There are also mixed concepts, as they already exist in London, the city with the absolute purchase and rent price madness in Europe (even though real estate prices in the United Kingdom have already been weakened noticeably even before the actual implementation of Brexit), on the market. This include in the context of mixed costing e.g. transversely subsidized affordable housing. The medium and high-price apartments offered in the buildings ensure that some of the apartments (usually between 15% and 20%) can be offered as affordable apartments. Of course, the affordable apartments do not have the same sizes or standards as the other apartments. For some German cities too, such concepts would be an option, even though this approach has so far only been moderately successful, perhaps because the pressure of suffering does not yet extend to all segments (Global Property Guide: World’s most expensive cities, Business Insider, 21 Mai 2019: The 25 most expensive cities around the world to rent a two-bedroom apartment).

Support measures
State support measures (construction costs, housing subsidies, rental price break, right of first refusal by city, state and federal government, broker commissions, taxation, etc.) can ultimately be only of short-term nature, otherwise they lead to market distortions (and are used by construction companies, landlords and investors to further increase rental and purchase prices, thereby undermining support measures for tenants and buyers) and beyond, don’t solve the core problem, but only cover it up. Added to this is the resulting increase in rents and purchase prices because landlords and sellers adjust rents and purchase prices accordingly. It would be more important to sustainably improve the income situation of the middle class. This not only because of the situation on the housing market, but also in terms of overall consumption and thus the strengthening of domestic demand, in order to reduce the vulnerabilities of external influences (export). With all the positive aspects of support measures, it should not be missed that speculators and other less socially oriented market participants are taking advantage of the situation for personal gain. Where government measures are to take effect, real estate prices suddenly rise to unprecedented heights. More recently, discussions have focused on the construction of satellite/commuter towns (housing complex) in the green field, even when it is clear since the 1980s that they come with a danger of “ghettoization” (e.g. the Bronx in New York City, Mümmelmannsberg in Hamburg or the banlieues in Paris) as a result of increased construction of social housing, so that healthy neighborhood developments through social mixing are prevented, which would have to be defused again and again with a large capital investment.

Expansion of public transport
An important element in relieving inner city locations would be the significant expansion of local public transport in order to strengthen the periphery and make it more attractive to live there. However, it must be taken into account that prices will rise there as well.

Effects of the corona pandemic
Since the situation is developing dynamically, there is now a separate blog entry to the topic available: The European Union: Coronavirus Pandemic.

Life, living and working in transition
Reorientations in many ways have not only been evident since the corona pandemic. In fact, these already existed in pre-industrial times and continued during industrialization into the knowledge society, so to a certain extent they are the lifelines and fresh cell cures for living and working in metropolises, metropolitan regions, mega and alpha cities, their surrounding areas and in rural areas. The main driving force behind this are increases in productivity and effectiveness through modified work processes. We are now experiencing a part of this change 1: 1, as more and more people are noticing that they can sometimes work much more effectively from home than in the office, that online shopping can be much more fun than squeezing through pedestrian zones, and train or flight delays and traffic jams are also much more bearable if they are not affected by them thanks to Zoom, Skype & Co.

Metropolises and their surrounding areas will again be winners here, while rural areas will continue to be losers because they cannot keep up with developments in breadth and depth. This harbors a not inconsiderable political danger. The elections in the USA, which washed Donald Trump from the shallows of the boulevard into the White House, were largely supported by residents of the rural areas, the so-called flyover country, precisely because they are now clearly behind. This is not a subjective impression, but based on facts and thus ensures a division of society into the “poor rural population” and the “rich metropolitan people” or in political propaganda into “patriotic rural people” and “liberal globalists/elites in the metropolises” where “patriotic” means “nationalistic” (Rednecks, Hillbillys, QAnon, Alt-right, Ku-Klux-Klan, right-wing, nutjob and violent militias, Domestic terrorism etc. – all of them more or less sponsored by Donald Trump), “liberal” is used as a swear word and “globalist” sooner or later leads to the “transatlantic” or directly and without detours to the alleged “financial Jewry” (the largest Jewish community in the EU lives in France and here more and more in the greater Paris area. An astonishingly large number of these Jews live in the so-called banlieues, i.e. in the poor residential areas, and they do that not because they conduct social studies there, but because they are just as broke as their neighbors of other origins and religions). The NSDAP propaganda took over this argument and was unfortunately successful with it. The EU should also learn from this in order to protect the already existing anti-democrats (AfD, Reichsbürger, Identitarians, PiS (Law and Justice), Fidesz, National Rally, Lega Nord, Party for Freedom and how else the enemies of democracy and constitution name themselves) not to be strengthened additionally.

There is an estimated real estate wealth of US $ 140 trillion worldwide. That corresponds to a multiple of the GDP of all countries in the world combined. The majority of this is concentrated on metropolises and their surrounding areas, between which there are interactions in several ways. On the one hand work, living and quality of life, on the other hand relaxation and leisure activities. Depending on the direction from which the zeitgeist is blowing, the flow of living changes. If it becomes too tight or too expensive in the metropolises, people switch to the surrounding areas. If the driving becomes too much or if the connection through local public transport is not good enough, it is increasingly going back to the metropolises. In fact, there are wave movements in both directions that can be observed over the decades. The corona pandemic will develop additional dynamics as economic processes are realigned.

“Question of guilt”
An answer to the frequently asked “question of guilt” is hardly possible because it is spread over many shoulders. On municipalities and cities, large investors, private housing companies, individual investors, speculators (unused land and buildings), the building code, building standards and environmental protection and the resulting massive increase in construction costs in recent years, the various types of taxation from the acquisition, during the operation to the sale of a property, the long approval procedures, excessive rental/purchase price expectations, changed living concepts, the resulting space and equipment requirements and the tenant competition among each other (it is now more common that real estate is offered at a very reasonable purchase prices as part of a bidding process, whereupon the bidders apparently fall victim to the bidder frenzy and push each others in such a way that the actual purchase prices are ultimately a multiple of the original asking prices. The winners are, of course, above all the sellers, who can sit back and relax, because they are not to blame for the actual sales prices. They were offering at reasonable market prices, but now they have completely different problem, namely thinking about what to do with “winning the lottery” money. Other winners are notaries, intermediary brokers and the state itself (real estate transfer tax), whose “share of the loot” are determined on the basis of the actual sales prices. If the property are boughed for own uses, the new owners only have to justify purchase to themselves. When it comes to investments, the main question is how profitability should be brought into completely overpriced properties. However, it would still be suitable as a depreciation object. The tenants lose in any case, because they have to finance the refinancing through higher rents. These “price wars” can be seen on the rental market as well). Each individual market participant and all influencing factors contribute to the overall situation. The “main culprit” does not exist, although especially on the part of the private market participants certainly attract particular attention in a negative way. In general, “the market” is not a one-way road, but a roundabout. The English saying “What goes around, comes around!” applies here as well, casually translated as “everything has consequences” or “action –> reaction”. The pivotal point is the provision of real estate at entry-level prices, which allows the realization of projects in the lower and middle segments in order to be able to respond to the pent-up demand on a large scale and across the board. Everything else could be done relatively easily and quickly, because the actual construction work is the simplest part of the overall task. The federal government, states, cities and municipalities are therefore increasingly moving away from the best-price principle (highest bid and auction) in order to support the construction of affordable housing. The higher the share of this residential segment in the overall project, the lower the land price.

At the same time this is an invitation: If you own an inner city property in a metropolitan area of a western EU state, the East Coast of the US, metropolitan areas of Canada, Dubai or Tel Aviv in a B or C location (public transport, local supply, schools, doctors, etc.) for the development of 10 units or more in the “affordable housing” segment (or mixed use) and want to sell it, please feel free to contact us. We are looking to expand our own assets. Please send your offer by mail to: Of course, we are looking forward to interesting offers from other segments as well.

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Because Tesla didn’t know that, they just got started and at the same time showed Germany’s discouragement bureaucracy and the automotive industry how to get a job successfully done within a very short time frame. Great thing. One can only keep the fingers crossed for these sympathetic people that they will achieve the economic success they deserve. In terms of e-mobility, they are ahead of everyone else in terms of quality anyway. According to the company announcement, vehicles in the price range between the Polo and Golf will also be manufactured in the Brandenburg plant. If that happens, German manufacturers will have to give up a lot of market share, and that would be a good thing. The same groups that are massively committed to preventing developments are then also the ones who complain afterwards because not enough qualified jobs would be created and that the state would have to regulate this. 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So Is All Real Estate., NPR, 3 July 2021: The Vatican Indicts 10, Including A Former Cardinal, Over A London Real Estate Deal, DW, 3 July 2021: Vatican indicts Cardinal, 9 others over UK property deal, Th Wall Street Journal, 3 July 2021: Vatican Indicts Cardinal, Nine Other People Over London Real-Estate Deal, ABC News, 3 July 2021: EXPLAINER: Behind the Vatican’s London real estate scandal, The New York Times, 3 July 2021: Condo Wreckage Hints at Possible Construction Flaw (Surfside condominium building collapse – generally speaking, times are becoming difficult for property owners on the Atlantic coast of South Florida. Due to climate change and rising sea levels, the outskirts of Miami are already regularly under water, so that building grounds and materials are attacked by seawater. Surfside is just a warning and reminder that in the next few years either a lot of money will have to be invested or entire streets will have to be abandoned. 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From a distance, the topic can be divided into four phases: First of all, it is about giving consolation and support to those affected (some communities will only be able to be supplied temporarily for months, have mobile toilet and washing facilities and fresh water tanks in the village squares, until the infrastructure (water, sewage, electricity, telephone, internet, television, etc.) is restored and something like normal returns). As was to be expected during election campaign times, this is currently mixed, unfortunately, with blame that has been shot from the hip and just as unsustainable. Here, too, it is urgent and prompt to find “measure and balance” in order not to escalate the situation any further. Then it is about raising tax money in unbelievable amounts for the renewal and repair of the public infrastructure (traffic and transport infrastructure, supply and discharge of drinking and service water, electricity, telephone, etc.). The previously announced 300 million euros can only be a start. Phases 3 and 4 are much more positive because they are about reconstruction. For city planners, architects, project developers and construction companies this is “a dream”, because in many cases they now have white sheets in front of them and can thus avoid the bad planning of the past and at the same time implement sustainable, future-oriented new building measures that take climate change into account. The only downer is the partial loss of old and historical buildings, with the majority of the loss being attributable to post-war buildings, which are not significant in terms of architecture and building history. 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Christianity is the largest religious community in the world. The fact that only 5,100 properties have come together over the millennia is rather surprising. After all, the church must generate permanent and reliable income to finance its diverse activities. Real estate investments on a larger scale are ideal for this),, 24 July 2021: Vatican reveals property holdings for the first time, Forbes, 24 July 2021: Vatican Owns Over 5,000 Properties Worldwide, It Reveals In First Disclosures On Its Real Estate Holdings, San Francisco Chronicle, 24 July 2021: Bay Area cities face long odds in fighting state-mandated housing goals, The Sunday Times, 25 July 2021: Vatican in a holy mess as cardinal’s fraud trial begins, Times of Israel, 25 July 2021: As rescuers end search, family of last missing Surfside victim has no closure, Irish Times, 25 July 2021: HAP led to increase in rental market competition – report, The Sunday Times, 25 July 2021: Now five-year mortgages have plunged below 1%, Irish Times, 25 July 2021: Planning permission sought for 600 apartments on former Irish Glass site, The National, 25 July 2021: Dubai’s prime residential market records 43.8% rise in sales volume in second quarter, Arab News, 25 July 2021: $196 million injected into Saudi home loans fund, Miami Herald, 26 July 2021: Police identify final missing victim from Surfside condo collapse, which killed 98, Irish Times, 26 July 2021: Irish Times view on delayed publication of ‘Housing for All’ plan, Miami Herald, 26 July 2021: Evictions will soar when moratorium ends. Miami-Dade can’t leave tenants helpless, homeless, San Francisco Chronicle, 28 July 2021: S.F. is still the priciest place to rent in U.S. – but another city is quickly catching up, Miami Herald, 28 July 2021: Locals hate South Beach. Social media thinks it’s the best beach in the country, DW, 29 July 2021: Kashmir lockdowns put houseboats’ survival at risk, France24, 29 July 2021: Replanting projects turn global cities into lush green spaces, Irish Times, 29 July 2021: House-building bounces back with completions at pre-Covid levels, Curbed, 29 July 2021: Inside the Freak-out Housing Market of Upstate New York, Haaretz, 29 July 2021: U.K. Approves Plans for National Holocaust Memorial Beside Parliament, The New York Times, 29 July 2021: The Housing Market Is on Fire. It Doesn’t Need More Fuel., Haaretz, 29 July 2021: How Williamsburg Hipsters and Real Estate Billions Transformed This Hasidic Sect, The Times, 30 July 2021: Old Hamptons money balks at invasion of nouveau riche, Khaleej Times, 30 July 2021: Expo 2020 Dubai: These areas will see rents rise, DW, 30 July 2021: Is 3D printing the future for building homes?, Irish Times, 31 July 2021: Liquidator of Dolphin-linked firm queries ‘significant’ salaries and fees, Irish Times, 31 July 2021: Ireland needs to fully embrace community-led housing, Reuters, 1 August 2021: Vonovia to make new Deutsche Wohnen offer at 53 eur/shr, The Washington Post, 1 August 2021: An English castle stood for centuries. Climate change is prompting its collapse., The Guardian, 2 August 2021: Does London really need a gigantic glowing orb the height of Big Ben?, Miami Herald, 2 August 2021: Miami could be the best walking city in the United States, new study says, Los Angeles Times, 2 August 2021: How L.A. cleared most Venice Beach homeless camps and sheltered many living there, DW, 4 August 2021: Coronavirus digest: New rental eviction ban declared in US, Miami Herald, 4 August 2021: Can Surfside condo collapse bring reforms? State, local group to consider new laws, The Washington Post, 4 August 2021: Last-minute eviction ban extension fuels confusion and is too late for some, The Guardian, 5 August 2021: Germany: Government urged to do more to help rebuild flood-hit communities, Khaleej Times, 5 August 2021: Revealed: How much UAE residents spend on rent a month, New York Magazine, 5 August 2021: Conservatives Are Freaking Out About the Eviction Moratorium, Los Angeles Times, 5 August 2021: Newsom, in recall fight, says it’s ‘not acceptable’ for homeless to camp on streets, The Washington Post, 6 August 2021: The CDC’s eviction moratorium won’t last forever. So, what’s next?, NPR, 6 August 2021: Here’s What You Need To Know About The New Eviction Ban, San Francisco Chronicle, 6 August 2021: It’s a former office park and ghost town. Now, a Marin property is going to turn into 1,100 homes, DW, 9 August 2021: German floods: Up to €30 billion needed for recovery fund, Al Arabiya, 9 August 2021: Saudi Arabia’s residential market booming: Report, The Washington Post, 9 August 2021: Lake Tahoe was already short on housing. Then the remote workers came to town., Irish Times, 10 August 2021: Affordable co-op house put on private market with 50% price rise, Jerusalem Post, 10 August 2021: Israel’s fanciest new mall opens in the Judean desert, DW, 10 August 2021: German floods: Leaders agree on €30-billion reconstruction fund, Irish Times, 11 August 2021: Number of homes available to rent fell by 20% between March and June, survey finds, Gulf News, 11 August 2021: Emaar Properties reports Dh1.56 billion H1 net profit amid robust property sales, Arab News, 11 August 2021: Islamic real estate financier posts net profit of $53.6m, Gulf News, 11 August 2021: Expo 2020 Dubai: Saudi Arabia Pavilion snags three Guinness World Records for innovative displays, Miami Herald, 11 August 2021: View of the cleared site of the collapse Champlain Tower South, Los Angeles Times, 11 August 2021: More than 550 homes destroyed by Dixie fire, as it surges past half a million acres, The Washington Post, 11 August 2021: On South Carolina’s shore, some condo owners worry: Are their buildings safe?, Irish Times, 12 August 2021: 50,000 new homes needed every year to solve housing crisis – industry report, The New York Times, 13 August 2021: Overheated Real Estate Market Begins to Cool, Los Angeles Times, 13 August 2021: Federal judge leaves Biden administration’s evictions moratorium in place, The National, 14 August 2021: Home prices in world’s most expensive market hit record high, The Times, 14 August 2021: Green grants of £7,000 to help households replace gas boilers, Irish Times, 14 August 2021: The rise of suburbia: How we live is about to change, The National, 14 August 2021: Home prices in world’s most expensive market hit record high, Times of Israel, 14 August 2021: Polish president approves WWII restitution law, defying Israel and US (this raises questions about real estate deals in Poland: Should an international court overturn the law or hold Poland liable for compensating former owners, what happens to unknowingly acquired former Jewish property? Poland has never been squeamish when it comes to appropriating someone else’s property. So in the future you will have to cover your risks double as much it was already necessary (U.S. Department of State, Office of the Special Envoy for Holocaust Issues: Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today (JUST) Act Report ). How quickly things can change: while Netanyahu tried to turn his no less corrupt and autocratic colleagues of the Visegrád Group in favor of Israel against Brussels (not least because he himself had blocked Israel’s access to EU membership) and therefore forgave all of their anti-Semitic attacks, the Bennett-Lapid administration apparently sees it differently. Good for them and improving relations with the EU), Jerusaem Post, 14 August 2021: After Polish restitution law, Lapid recalls embassy head to Israel, Arab News, 14 August 2021: Israel recalls Poland envoy over ‘anti-Semitic’ property claims law,, 15 August 2021: Israel recalls top diplomat from Poland citing ‘anti-Semitic’ restitution law, San Francisco Chronicle, 15 August 2021: In San Francisco, it’s the summer of rental scams, The New Yorker, 16 August 2021: British Idyllic Country Houses Reveal a Darker History, Haaretz, 16 August 2021: Poland Recalls Israel Envoy, Considers Downgrading Ties as Row Over Restitution Law Deepens, The National, 17 August 2021: Will pent-up demand from Gulf buyers drive up UK house prices?, Jerusalem Post, 17 August 2021: Blinken: Poland must ‘provide justice’ for Holocaust victims, Haaretz, 17 August 2021: Poland’s New Law ‘Slams the Door’ on Holocaust Survivors’ Hopes for Restitution, The Hill, 17 August 2021: The fastest shrinking city in America, Miami New Times, 17 August 2021: Will Surfside Ever Be the Same? Residents Tell Their Small Town’s Story, The New York Times, 19 August 2021: How This Texas Town Became One of America’s Fastest-Growing Cities, The Guardian, 19 August 2021: The US city that has raised $100m to climate-proof its buildings, San Francisco Chronicle, 19 August 2021: Bay Area home prices dropped in July. Is this the end of the COVID buying spree?, The New York Times, 19 August 2021: Want to Solve the Housing Crisis? Take Over Hotels., Los Angeles Times, 20 August 2021: How should California confront the rising sea? These lawmakers have some bold ideas, Miami Herald, 20 August 2021: This insurance company wants to hike homeowners’ rates 36%. Florida regulators balk, Arab News, 20 August 2021: Saudi housing market presents immense opportunities, Los Angeles Times, 20 August 2021: L.A. had a golden opportunity to house homeless people in hotels — but fell short of its goal, Miami Herald, 21 August 2021: Before Glades water flows, small community needs flood protection. This project is the hope., Miami Herald, 22 August 2021: Rents going through the roof: Tech and the ‘San Francisco-ization’ of Miami, Los ANgeles Times, 23 August 2021: L.A. officials urge residents to be prepared amid unprecedented fire season, San Francisco Chronicle, 24 August 2021: As Caldor Fire smoke chokes Lake Tahoe, a Northern California paradise reels, NPR, 24 August 2021: Looking For A New Apartment? Here’s A Checklist To Help With The Housing Hunt, Saudi Gazette, 24 August 2021: Architectural wonder, The New York Times, 25 August 2021: ‘They Were Bullies’: Inside the Turbulent Origins of the Collapsed Florida Condo, Gulf News, 25 August 2021: Photos: Ain Dubai, the world’s largest, tallest observation wheel set to open in Dubai, here is all you need to know, Al Arabiya, 25 August 2021: Vision 2030 Saudi: Vision 2030 unleashed $1 trln projects in real estate, infrastructure: Analysis, Miami Herald, 25 August 2021: Feds announce team investigating Surfside collapse — won’t divulge early findings, Gulf News, 25 August 2021: In pictures: All you need to know about Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan, Miami Herald, 25 August 2021: Feds’ video shows ‘astronomical’ corrosion, crowded rebar in Champlain Towers debris, New York Magazine, 26 August 2021: Supreme Court Blocks Biden’s Eviction Moratorium, The Times, 26 August 2021: Housing market suffers from shortage, The Guardian, 26 August 2021: San Francisco: Luxury tower still sinking even as engineers work on $100m fix, San Francisco Chronicle, 26 August 2021: S.F. wants to put homeless hotels around the city. These are the neighborhoods pushing back, Los Angeles Times, 26 August 2021: Photos: South fire swells to 700 acres in less than 24 hours, DW, 27 August 2021: US Supreme Court ends pandemic eviction ban, Miami Herald, 27 August 2021: ‘It’s tragic’: Miami housing advocates respond to end of the eviction moratorium, San Francisco Chronicle, 27 August 2021: One housing project has turned into an epic San Francisco battle. The real enemy is city red tape, The New York Times, 27 August 2021: The Gentrification of Blue America, The Washington Post, 27 August 2021: Millions of Americans face financial cliff as eviction ban, unemployment aid lapse, The Hill, 27 August 2021: New York considering special session to delay evictions, The New York Times, 27 August 2021: Supreme Court’s Decision Opens Door to Millions of Evictions, Curbed, 27 August 2021: The Village’s Skinniest Townhouse Is for Sale Yet Again, The Scotsman, 27 August 2021: Chance to live in a castle on an estate once owned by Robert The Bruce and visited by Winston Churchill during World War Two, Gulf Times, 28 August 2021: US Supreme Court ends Biden’s pandemic eviction moratorium, The Scotsman, 28 August 2021: SNP-Green deal could be catastrophic for house prices – John McLellan, San Francisco Chronicle, 28 August 2021: Millennials are buying more homes – after moving back in with their parents,, 28 August 2021: ‘Nobody is this incompetent’: Rental aid slowdown puts target on governors, mayors, Irish Times, 30 August 2021: Homeowners in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown to get 15% property tax cut, Miami Herald, 30 August 2021: The owner of this iconic building ordered all tenants to leave. Some aren’t going, Arab News, 30 August 2021: Saudi mortgage lending picks up in July 2021, Miami Herald, 30 August 2021: Surfside’s Champlain Towers South site on the market. Live bidding planned., Irish Times, 30 August 2021: Dublin build-to-rent scheme will exacerbate housing crisis, SF leader says, Miami Herald, 30 August 2021: Surfside memorial wall dismantled amid hurricane season. Museum will preserve mementos., Irish Times, 30 August 2021: Housing should be affordable, secure and appropriate. It’s a right, Miami Herald, 30 August 2021: Surfside’s Champlain Towers South site on the market. Live bidding planned., The Scotsman, 31 August 2021: George IV Bridge Fire: Repairs underway on fire-stricken building in Edinburgh’s Old Town which damaged ‘Harry Potter’ cafe, Irish Times, 2 September 2021: Housing for All plan: Taoiseach wants to ‘end homelessness’ by 2030, Curbed, 2 September 2021: Those Flooded Basement Apartments are a Deadly Part of the Housing Crisis, The New York Times, 2 September 2021: How the Storm Turned Basement Apartments Into Death Traps, Miami Herald, 3 September 2021: With evictions set to soar, Miami-Dade seeks to mediate between landlords and tenants, The Guardian, 3 September 2021: New York floods: calls for action after 11 die in basement apartments, San Francisco Chronicle, 3 September 2021: The state of Tahoe real estate: As the Caldor Fire spread, homes in its path were still selling, The Atlantic, 3 September 2021: Climate Change Is Already Rejiggering Where Americans Live, Miami Herald, 4 September 2021: Hialeah slated for new $90M rental community. Say ‘hola’ to more living options, Irish Times, 4 September 2021: The 20 best places to live in Ireland: What they are like and what they cost, Miami Herald, 4 September 2021: Navigating open houses or compensation for remote work? A guide to five housing trends, Los Angeles Times, 4 September 2021: Real Estate newsletter: Ellen is at it again, Arab News, 5 September 2021: Saudi authorities tighten rules for contracting firms to ensure quality, DW, 5 September 2021: Merkel, Laschet return to flood-damaged German state, Miami Herald, 5 September 2021: Portions of Miami-Dade under a flood advisory Sunday night. Storms to return Labor Day., Irish Times, 5 September 2021: Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil caused the housing crisis – they cannot fix it, Arab News, 6 September 2021: Kuwait’s 3S International snaps up Taskeen property app owner – MAGNiTT, Arab News, 6 September 2021: Emaar gets regulatory greenlight to merge properties and malls businesses, Irish Times, 7 September 2021: The management company at my apartment block won’t let me park my car,, 7 September 2021: Biden tours flood-ravaged N.J., NYC, says infrastructure plan needed to deal with climate change, Arab News, 7 September 2021: Saudi crown prince announces 15-year project to revitalize historic Jeddah district, Irish Times, 7 September 2021: Chivers site with full planning for 550 rental apartments guiding at €25m, DW, 7 September 2021: Berlin faces expropriation vote: What happens if the people say ‘yes’?, Tampa Bay Times, 10 September 2021: How will Florida make housing more affordable for middle income workers?, Irish Times, 12 September 2021: Developer Tetrarch gets UK backing for 1,500-home plan,, 12 September 2021: It’s Time to Dismantle America’s Residential Caste System, DW, 12 September 2021: German flood region: Can people still live close to a river?, The National, 13 September 2021: Owner of the ‘most expensive US home’ defaults on $165m debt, NPR, 13 September 2021: The Federal Government Sells Flood-Prone Homes To Often Unsuspecting Buyers, NPR Finds, Global Times, 14 September 2021: Indebted Evergrande expects ‘significant continuing decline’ in September sales, DW, 14 September 2021: Evergrande: Why the Chinese property giant is close to collapse, The New York Times, 15 September 2021: Why the Empire State Building, and New York, May Never Be the Same, Global Times, 15 September 2021: Evergrande crisis’ impact on China’s housing market remains to be seen: senior official, DW, 15 September 2021: Evergrande: Why the Chinese property giant is close to collapse, San Francisco Chronicle, 16 September 2021: Gap’s Fisher family estate in Atherton listed for $100 million, Global Times, 16 September 2021: Evergrande related stocks plunge as liquidity crisis deepens, CNN, 17 September 2021: What’s going on with Evergrande, the Chinese giant in crisis?, Miami Herald, 17 September 2021: Key West’s airport hit a new record with passengers. But it has brought problems, San Francisco Chronicle, 17 September 2021: Another extra-tall tower may be headed to S.F. skyline – this one near Market Street, Los Angeles Times, 18 September 2021: As China’s property giant Evergrande veers toward collapse, its unpaid debts spark protests, Tampa Bay Times, 18 September 2021: Tampa announces reforms to Crime-Free housing program, NPR, 18 September 2021: A New Housing Regulator Could Make The American Dream More Accessible For Millions, DW, 18 September 2021: Evergrande: Chinese property giant admits to misconduct by executives, The Times, 20 September 2021: How Evergrande became investors’ worst nightmare, Curbed, 20 September 2021: A Brooklyn Storefront Church Finds New Life As a Family Home, NPR, 20 September 2021: A Chinese Real Estate Company Is Walloping Your Stocks. Here’s Why, The Times, 20 September 2021: Evergrande is rattling the markets — and putting Beijing to the test, CNN, 20 September 2021: Evergrande’s debt crisis is wreaking havoc on Hong Kong’s stock market, The New York Times, 21 September 2021: Evergrande Crisis Shows Cracks in China’s Property Market, Los Angeles Times, 21 September 2021: How the pandemic helped scatter $1-million homes across L.A., The National, 21 September 2021: Saudi Arabia to merge Red Sea project developers to cut costs, Al Arabiya, 21 September 2021: Saudi real estate market expanding at ‘unprecedented rate,’ mortgages up 10-fold Saudi Vision 2030 Saudi real estate market expanding at ‘unprecedented rate,’ mortgages up 10-fold, The Guardian, 22 September 2021: Evergrande: Embattled property firm rattles financial markets, BBC, 22 September 2021: Evergrande: Crisis-hit firm strikes China debt deal, France24, 22 September 2021: China’s Evergrande strikes deal to avoid default on key bond, The New York Times, 23 September 2021: Residents of Troubled Supertall Tower Seek $125 Million in Damages, San Francisco Chronicle, 23 September 2021: That tree blocks my view, so it’s got to go. Pacific Heights resident wins dispute over neighbor’s pine, Los Angeles Times, 24 September 2021: Smith: Despair over gentrification reaches new depths in South L.A., Miami Herald, 24 September 2021: Middle East developer offers $120 million for collapse site of Surfside condo tower, DW, 26 September 2021: Germany: Berlin locals vote to expropriate real estate giants, USA Today, 27 September 2021: Stars bring glamour to the Academy Museum opening in LA: Lady Gaga, Nicole Kidman, more, Gulf News, 27 September 2021: A Dh180m Dubai penthouse at Palm Jumeirah keeps an eye out for a buyer, Irish Times, 27 September 2021: Property hot spots: The towns with the biggest price rises in Ireland, Arab News, 28 September 2021: Saudi crown prince launches 50bn riyal strategy to turn Asir into global tourism hub, Al Arabiya, 28 September 2021: Saudi Arabia unveils plans for new luxury ‘Desert Rock’ mountain resort, Irish Times, 28 September 2021: A surge in house prices – but where is the money coming from?, Los Angeles Times, 28 September 2021: A new, ‘first-class’ high-rise will house homeless people on L.A.’s skid row, Irish Times, 29 September 2021: Berlin referendum shows the way on fixing Ireland’s housing crisis, CNN, 1 October 2021: The fairytale capital of the world, Haaretz, 2 October 2021: ‘Urban Oasis’: Lakes Are Becoming the Latest Trend of Israel’s Real Estate Market, Irish Times, 2 October 2021: Local property tax: Revenue will not contest lower self-assessed values, The Times, 2 October 2021: Housing boom could net Bridgepoint £1.3bn for Miller Homes sale, Miami Herald, 3 October 2021: How Julio Iglesias used shell companies to build, cloak his real estate empire, Haaretz, 3 October 2021: Israel Is Promoting Urban Renewal. But Some Will Pay a Hefty Price, Miami Herald, 3 October 2021: Investor invasion: Profit-minded home buyers flock to South Florida like you won’t believe, Arab News, 3 October 2021: PIF-owned ROSHN starts selling units in its first integrated community, Gulf Times, 4 October 2021: Construction sector plays key role in bolstering trade with Qatar, say top diplomats, Arab News, 4 October 2021: Evergrande to raise $5bn from property unit sale: Global Times, The Guardian, 4 October 2021: Evergrande: Shares in China property giant suspended pending ‘major transaction’, BBC, 5 October 2021: Yemen’s ancient, soaring skyscraper cities, The Times, 5 October 2021: Another developer on brink as China’s property woes continue, San Francisco Chronicle, 5 October 2021: S.F. is buying three sites for homeless housing. Controversial Japantown hotel isn’t yet one of them, Times of Israel, 6 October 2021: Israeli housing prices have nearly doubled in a decade, with no signs of slowing, Arab News, 8 October 2021: Saudi, Dubai ports launch development works at Jeddah Islamic Port, Irish Times, 8 October 2021: ‘We did nothing wrong’: Mica homeowners protest in Dublin, Gulf Times, 9 October 2021: Barwa residential units in Mesaimeer and Al Sailiya see high occupancy rates, DW, 9 October 2021: Germany’s flood-hit regions brace for winter, Gulf Times, 9 October 2021: Place Vendôme Lusail to open early next year, Khaleej Times, 9 October 2021: Dubai Crown Prince launches housing scheme to help families live in same area, Gulf Times, 9 October 2021: ‘Community Market’ at The Pearl-Qatar nears completion, CNN, 9 October 2021: Black real estate agent and his Black clients file lawsuit after being handcuffed by police during home showing, Gulf Times, 9 October 2021: Evergrande creditors brace for battle on offshore assets, Los Angeles Times, 10 October 2021: Looking for your first apartment in L.A.? Start here, NPR, 10 October 2021: A Black family got their beach back — and inspired others to fight against land theft, The Atlantic, 11 October 2021: Washington Is Getting China Wrong, Khaleej Times, 11 October 2021: Expo 2020 Dubai: Record new residential units come online this year, Irish Times, 11 October 2021: Lack of rentals causing hardship and threatens State’s future economic success, The Times, 11 October 2021: Chronic housing shortage ‘caused by SNP’s anti-landlord rhetoric’, Gulf News, 12 October 2021: Sharjah developer Arada is connecting with nature – building a ‘forest’ is the way to do it, The National, 12 October 2021: Sales of luxury London property soar in first three quarters of 2021, Gulf Times, 12 October 2021: Dubai real estate recovery fragile and uneven: S&P, Gulf Times, 12 October 2021: China property sector stalked by Evergrande default concerns, Globs, 13 October 2021: UBS: Tel Aviv housing highly overvalued, Irish Times, 13 October 2021: New land hoarding tax presented as game-changer as hopes rise for housing, Curbed, 13 October 2021: TikTok’s Realty Stars: Viral dances have nothing on apartment walk-throughs and neighborhood in-jokes., Miami Herld, 13 October 2021: ‘Enough buildings’: Brickell residents oppose church plan to sell land for development, Gulf Times, 13 October 2021: Chinese property firms suffer fresh downgrades amid Evergrande crisis, Arab News, 14 October 2021: Six giga-projects that epitomize Saudi Arabia’s $7 trillion development plan, Irish Times, 14 October 2021: House price growth surges to 10.9% as demand outstrips supply, San Francisco Chronicle, 14 October 2021: Oakland developers built a popular waterfront park. Now they want to wrap a marina around it, The Guardian, 14 October 2021: ‘Beautiful buildings wherever you look’: Germany’s best towns and villages, by readers, Irish Times, 14 October 2021: Student accommodation crisis: ‘We are literally roaming the streets’, France24, 14 October 2021: Dozens killed after ‘extremely fierce’ blaze engulfs 13-story Taiwan building, CNN, 14 October 2021: At least 46 people killed after fire tears through 13-story residential building in Taiwan, BBC, 14 October 2021: Kaohsiung: Fire at Taiwan tower block kills at least 46, Curbed, 15 October 2021: Can Eric Adams Really Turn 25,000 Hotel Rooms Into Affordable Housing?, Israel Hayom, 15 October 2021: Demand for new housing in Israel rises 9% in Q3, The Times, 15 October 2021: Californians pack their wagons and head to Texas, CNN, 15 October 2021: ‘Ghost towns’: Evergrande crisis shines a light on China’s millions of empty homes, San Francisco Chronicle, 15 October 2021: A slice of Wine Country waterfront was sold for almost $4 million. But the buyer is a mystery, Miami Herald, 16 October 2021: Some buyers have a rare chance to save money on financing, Khaleej Times, 16 October 2021: Look: First-of-its-kind luxury glamping destination now open in Sharjah, Miami Herald, 16 October 2021: Biscayne Bay to get a license plate. Options include Stiltsville, sailboats, paddleboarders, Arab News, 16 October 2021: Sakani pays taxes on behalf of first-time homebuyers, issues 558,367 certificates, Gulf News, 17 October 2021: Bosnian builds rotating house so that his wife has diversified view, Arab News, 17 October 2021: PIF to use oil platforms to attract tourists through ‘THE RIG.’ project, DW, 17 October 2021: Fixing Germany’s housing crisis is neither quick nor easy.



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San Bernardino in California

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Leiria in Portugal

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Stockholm's archipelago

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Theme Week Chile - Santiago de Chile

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Theme Week Egypt - Cairo

Theme Week Egypt - Cairo

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