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Dover - Brexit by Banksy © Paul Bissegger/cc-by-sa-4.0

Dover – Brexit by Banksy © Paul Bissegger/cc-by-sa-4.0

(Latest update: 23 August 2022) Brexit, not even legally binding (insofar, the Brexit vote has about the same weight as if the British would had voted on the weather, with the result that from now on the sun would have to shine 365 days a year over the island – but at least there would be a chance to get upset about heaven’s mistakes, instead of trying to blame Brussels for any wrong decision by the British government) and at best a recommendation (while the actual conduct of the referendum was a big foolishness by David Cameron, just to calm down a few ultranationalistic backbenchers from within his own party (YouGov, 24 February 2015: Record support for staying in the European Union, Forbes, 20 January 2016: Brexit Is All About Taxation And Regulation Without Representation, The Guardian, 31 August 2017: Will Brexit boost or hurt the economy? (“Economists for Free Trade”, a pro-Brexit lobby initiative), The Guardian, 17 January 2019: So what is David Cameron really doing now?)), already causes some turbulences even before the actual execution (once scheduled for 29 March 2019), not least because the British government doesn’t have enough experts to negotiate Brexit adequately. Negotiations with third countries are negotiated by Brussels for the EU, so that member countries were able to reduce their competences (in the United Kingdom, 30,000 additional civil servants have to be recruited following Brexit. That’s another reason why the Tories should actually have serial heart attacks). In the case of an exit from the EU, this obviously has a very unfavorable effect on the future third country.

In August 2018, British Prime Minister Theresa May wanted to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron, during which the Prime Minister tried to soften the French position on Brexit (The Guardian, 2 August 2018: May prepares for talks with Macron that could make or break Brexit plan). The Macron administration is considered by the British as the clearest opponent of the so-called Checkers plan, which is why from May’s view, it would be all the more important to soften their position, so that it could have positive consequences for London in other EU states. In an interview with the BBC, the former British ambassador to France, Lord Peter Ricketts, has been clearly skeptical about the plan: “I do not see why there should be a chance. Above all, Macron does not believe that softening would lead to the goal. He is a passionate pro-European. Secondly, he is the last to want to be divided out of the remarkably disciplined and uniform EU negotiating side. We have to accept that we have to negotiate hard in Brussels. The problem is that these foreigners also read our own media and know how little preparation has been made on our side, so our bargaining position is basically considered a bluff.” and so it happened during the EU summit in September in Salzburg (The Guardian, 20 September 2018: Salzburg humiliation leaves May idling at the Brexit crossroads and The Guardian, 21 September 2018: Chequered history: what EU summit fallout means for Brexit camps). In the light of this, it is all the more astonishing that British officials have come to realize that a tough Brexit can come without an agreement, but at the same time they try to blame it on Brussels, just as if the EU had voted that the UK has to leave the EU and not vice versa. In addition, it was mainly for domestic political reasons that British people voted in favor of Brexit. In no other EU country is wealth and income distributed as unequally as on the island. London outshines everything else and generates about 30% of UK’s GDP. 1/5 of the population in the rest of the country earns less than 15,000 Euros per year, the health system has been severely damaged for years, household debt continues to rise as economic data continues to darken, and eternal austerity policies above all else ensures the deterioration of the entire public infrastructure. In the past five years alone, homelessness has increased by 170%. 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Sees a ‘Catastrophic Success’, The Guardian, 19 January 2019: Starmer: Labour ‘must keep open’ option of second referendum, The Guardian, 19 January 2019: Give MPs free vote on Brexit options, says Sir John Major, The Guardian, 21 January 2019: Cameron did not think EU referendum would happen, says Tusk, The New York Times, 22 January 2019: Watching Brexit fall apart, The Sunday Times, 27 January 2019: UK ready to declare martial law to avert no-deal Brexit chaos). In this respect, the referendum and its outcome was much less directed against the EU than propagated, but rather against the decades-old failed British domestic policy away from Greater London. In particular, in the working-class cities and the coastal towns of England, the decline after the deindustrialization and Margaret Thatcher’s policies could not be stopped, the entire region has not recovered from the financial crisis yet and the Brexit will trigger the next negative push. This has a bittersweet taste particularly in the regions where significant EU funding has been channeled to (Cornwall as one example) and where most have voted in favor of “Leave” anyways, although the positive effects of EU mechanisms and support measures are clearly visible and it is clear that the British government will not be able to launch alternative support programs after Brexit. One have to wonder, by which devil the voters have probably been ridden, to vote as they have voted. Again, the paths lead back to Downing Street N° 10. There should be a second referendum, because Nigel Farage himself demanded a second referendum even before the Brexit referendum, at that time because he thought that the referendum result could be to his detriment. Today, he doesn’t want to know anything about it any more, but that doesn’t change the fact that the British only now know what they voted for and therefore should get a second chance to evaluate the situation. Ultimately, this is in the best interest of the Brexit and Remain camps, especially as the islanders will have to live with the Brexit results for many years. It is all the more important to make sure that the population is backing the Brexit agreement with the EU. For all legitimate criticism of Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, head of the Labor Party, shouldn’t been dismissed from his responsibilities concerning the Brexit. While May actually backed the “Remain” camp, Corbyn backs the “Leave” camp because he considers the EU a “neo-liberal elite project,” though many Labor members and voters do not think so and would rather avoid Brexit, keeping the Kingdom in the EU. Corbyn is not really interested in this, especially since he has ambitions to become British Prime Minister and sees the possible failure of the May administration as his chance for new elections. To achive this goal, he is willing to accept the heavy and hard consequences of Brexit for the United Kingdom and the generations to come (The New York Times, 17 January 2019: Corbyn Will Decide Fate of Brexit, Whether He Wants to or Not, The Guardian, 6 February 2019: Corbyn lays out Labour’s terms for backing May on Brexit, Times of Israel, 4 June 2019: In Israel, Blair says Corbyn is an anti-Semite, but doesn’t know it, Times of Israel, 10 June 2019: Pompeo: US will ‘push back’ against Corbyn before he makes things hard for Jews, Jerusalem Post, 10 June 2019: Campaign Against Antisemitism head to ‘Post’: Corbyn is an antisemite, Jerusalem Post, 1 August 2019: Antisemitism, and the battle for the soul of Britain’s Labour party).

The British pound reached a historic low in 2016 and is recovering slowly, inflation rates are rising, wages are falling, while the economy is growing only in homeopathic doses (before the Brexit referendum, UK growth rates were the highest in the developed world) and at least € 44 billion in foreign direct investment will be lost in 2018 alone in comparison previous years; real estate prices have slumped, especially financial services providers from the City of London have already sought new offices on the continent to gain access to the single market; but also the manufacturing industry is looking with great concern to the still completely unclear Brexit regulations. The auto industry relies on international supply chains and has already announced plans to shift jobs to the continent in order to reduce the negative consequences of customs controls and tariffs. Due to the expected kilometer-long truck queues before the customs clearance on both sides of the English Channel already appropriately sized customs clearance terminals would have to be built up in the harbors and the Channel Tunnel. So far this isn’t happening by now. Only Ireland has announced to create at least 1,000 new jobs for customs officers. The EU has now issued a warning to the member states. As a precautionary measure, countries should prepare for a hard Brexit because it is not impossible that no agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom will be reached. So far, the country ranks 3rd among the largest EU net contributor countries. Meanwhile, even Brexiteers found out, that it wasn’t a wise decision to fall for the lies of British anti-EU populists and demagogues and nationalistic right-wing nuts. 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As a self-confessed European she should not have to bear the consequences of the irrational decisions of her to 51.89% crazy minions) and The Guardian, 6 February 2019: Donald Tusk: ‘special place in hell’ for those who promoted Brexit without plan (one can only agree with EU Council President Donald Tusk), The Guardian, 6 February 2019: ‘A special place in hell’: which Brexiters did Tusk have in mind?, France24, 2 February 2019: There is a ‘special place in hell’ for Brexiteers without a plan, says EU’s Tusk, The Guardian, 6 February 2019: A special place in hell? Donald Tusk didn’t go far enough, CNN, 21 February 2019: Brexit is blowing up British politics, The Guardian, 22 February 2019: The Guardian view on Britain’s political parties: Brexit is breaking the mould, The Guardian, 1 March 2019: We now know the great prize of Brexit: becoming Trump’s prey, Die Zeit, 10 March 2019: A perfect summary of Britain’s flaws, The Guardian, 13 March 2019: MPs have voted against no deal. 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Now here comes Trump..


(the biggest Brexit lie of all, which the Brexiteers are only too happy to believe for precisely that reason)

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The easiest way to end the entire spectacle would be simply to withdraw from the exit request under Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union. This would cost the British a few extra euros, but not even close to what a Brexit would cost the Brits.

For people with a sense of humor:
Now it’s going to become exciting: Bojo has actually become the new British PM. It will be interesting to see if he, like his US counterpart Donnie T. (Obama had inherited the financial crisis from Bush Jr., along with some $ 12 trillion in debt (Bush Jr. himself started with nearly 6 trillion debt), and handed Trump a thriving economy, with around $ 20 trillion in debt. Trump, by now, has added another 5 trillion to it (as of 2018) and should he get a second term, the public debt will probably develop towards 30 trillion), will succeed in screwing the government’s public debt to breathtaking heights to knock the next three generations against the wall, by letting them pay back the public debts instead of investing in public affairs, while the national wealth in ten years will be as of today or even below. In the case of a “no deal” Brexit, the Bojo government would have no other choice but than to go to the limit of all feasibility, in order to cushion the social consequences of unregulated Brexit and to avoid widespread unrest on the island. But we are not there yet. So far, Bojo has only claimed, that he will push the UK out of the EU either way by Halloween, on 31 October 2019. Until then, you can try the various standard works “Economics for Dummies” (enriched with knowledge about international trade agreements and the time needed until such agreements can usually be closed) and calculate for yourself where the British journey might lead to. If you look at it with humor and as a competition between Trump and Bojo, then it would probably be based on a full-bodied announcement by Trump “No one on this planet can damage his home country economically, socially and (world-)politically as successfully and sustainably as I can!”, whereupon the voice of Bojo is heard from the background “Hold my beer!”.

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By brutally strangling one of the most important decision-making phases of the British Parliament since decades and the most important decision for the decades to come, British democracy, which served as a role model for centuries, is at the same time seriously injured – and, of course, the country as a whole as well. It would be over with the role model function with the entry into forced by Bojo and his accomplices parliament break phase, especially since the desired action would correspond to that of a regime of a Central African civil war country and not that of a West European democracy (coup d’état, authoritarianism – Bojo, who was not legitimized by general elections, cuts out the parliament, legitimized by democratic elections. 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Bojo does just that: Without new ideas and approaches to deliver, he calls for further negotiations that make no sense in the absence of just these new ideas and approaches. Even N° 10 Downing Street should have noticed by now that it has led itself up to the neck into quagmire and another “Forward!” just leeds deeper into it. 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Even destroy his own party., CNN, 6 September 2019: No one thought a UK Prime Minister could be worse than Theresa May. 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In the “good old days, when there was still the British Empire,” which many Britons still dream of, Johnson would at least have been immediately thrown in the Tower of London with good prospects of losing his head. That this isn’t the case, should even signal the Tories that the “good, old time” are not only over, but actually already history since a long time), CNN, 19 October 2019: What happened with Brexit on Super Saturday, and what happens next?, France24, 19 October 2019: Boris Johnson ‘to send Brexit delay request’ after setback in UK parliament, BBC, 19 October 2019: Brexit: PM sends letter to Brussels seeking further delay, CNN, 19 October 2019: Johnson asked EU leaders for a Brexit delay. 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So now the next act of the Brexit Theater can start: The next stop is on 31 January 2020, followed by up to eight years of exit and adjustment negotiations, if everything works and can be implemented. Otherwise it can easily become 10 years and more. A retreat to WTO rules, as BoJo has in mind, will only be moderate, especially since his US buddy Donnie has ensured that the WTO is increasingly unable to act (The Economist, 28 November 2019: The twilight of the WTO: The trading system’s referee is about to leave the field, Al Jazeera, 30 November 2019: The WTO 20 years after the ‘battle of Seattle’, The Guardian, 8 December 2019: WTO faces crisis over settlement disputes unless Trump backs off, The Diplomat, 12 December 2019: Trump’s War on the World Trade Organization, DW, 30 December 2019: US, China and Germany profit most from global free trade, says WTO, WTO, 1 January 2020: The WTO’s 25 years of achievement and challenges). The intended goal of having an agreement with the EU at the end of 2020 seems more like a desperate attempt to maintain the lie construct of the Brexiteers of recent years. 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So now the actual exit negotiations are beginning, to regulate future relations between the EU and the UK. Bojo has given himself and his government an almost silly 11 months to do so, during which, at best, the framework conditions can be set and individual key issues that have been agreed upon before can be completed. In fact, a negotiation and transition phase of up to 10 years can be assumed. Since Great Britain is now a third country to the EU only, media monitoring will take place occasionally from here on. It remains to be seen what will actually be negotiated by the end of December 2020. What the EU owes the British is at least gratitude: After all, without the referendum, there wouldn’t be the great support for the EU and the eurozone in the states today, as is the case. Even the simplest nationalists have suddenly realized that leaving the EU and the eurozone are no options if their states are to remain or become sustainable in the long term: DW, 3 February 2020: EU, UK begin post-Brexit poker on trade talks, BBC, 3 February 2020: Will it be a Canadian or an Australian ending?,, 3 February 2020: Independent Scotland will need more than ‘empathy’, France, 4 February 2020: Post-Brexit blues hit British elected officials in France, The Guardian, 4 February 2020: Brexit is not ‘done’. 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Will it survive the next decade? 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No wonder we feel vulnerable, The Guardian, 12 May 2020: Lessons on civic duty from Boris Johnson? 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London may never be the same, BBC, 4 July 2020: People head to pubs as England’s lockdown eases, CNN, 4 July 2020: Plastic screens, tracings apps and table service. 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The word “value-conservative” means, among other things, to preserve good things and the BBC is one of the best, most credible and serious broadcasters in the world and therefore stands with its values for the exact opposite of BoJo and his henchmen from the Tories – The Telegraph, 31 August 2020: Exclusive: BBC’s new boss threatens to axe Left-wing comedy shows, The Guardian, 1 September 2020: BBC must serve all audiences, says new boss Tim Davie, The Guardian, 29 October 2020: BBC journalists told not to ‘virtue signal’ in social media crackdown), The Guardian, 26 August 2020: Germany scraps plans for Brexit talks at EU ambassadors summit, Reuters, 26 August 2020: Brexit taken off agenda for EU envoys’ meeting due to stalled talks, CNN, 27 August 2020: US and UK are bottom of the pile in rankings of governments’ handling of coronavirus pandemic, Jerusalem Post, 27 August 2020: Britain wants Israeli hi-tech,’ no longer fears Arab reaction – source,, 27 August 2020: Who is Tony Abbott, the Australian tipped to be Brexit Britain’s new trade champion?,, 28 August 2020: Pessimism mounts in Brussels over Brexit talks ‘disaster’, The Atlantic, 28 August 2020: What Boris Johnson Did to the World’s Most Stable Democracy, The Telegraph, 28 August 2020: Boris Johnson’s unprecedented decision is indeed a threat to our democracy, The Guardian, 30 August 2020: Fresh controversy over former Australian PM’s trade role,, 3 September 2020: Germany: EU will ‘close ranks’ in last weeks of Brexit talks, The Guardian, 3 September 2020: The Guardian view on Boris Johnson and the BBC: it’s our fight too (Putin has Russia Today, Trump Fox Noise, Netanyahu has his Facebook page, which is why Bojo wants his own fake news platform. The BBC, as one of the most serious broadcasters in the world, is of course not available for this. Bojo is almost “forced” to do what his (wannbe) autocrat colleagues have already done, namely converting public media into government propaganda trumpets. Astonishing: In the end, the Soviet Union seams to win against the West, especially since all the right-wing/brown shirt governments implement its strategies almost 1:1), The National, 4 September 2020: Britain names Tony Abbott as trade adviser,, 4 September 2020: Former Australian PM Tony Abbott confirmed as UK trade adviser, The Guardian, 4 September 2020: Brits, take it from an Aussie: If Tony Abbott is your solution, you’ve got big problems,, 4 September 2020: Boris Johnson: UK will ‘prosper mightily’ even without a Brexit deal, DW, 5 September 2020: Scotland: Support for independence surges,, 6 September 2020: UK Brexit negotiator: Britain not ‘scared’ of walking away from talks (that’s what BoJo wanted right from the beginning. 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It’s still a great big mess. 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for trade deal talks, Irish Times, 9 December 2020: Taoiseach warns ‘we are on precipice of no-deal’ as Boris Johnson meets Ursula von der Leyen, The Guardian, 9 December 2020: Johnson claims Brussels wants power to ‘punish’ UK if it does not implement future EU laws, Irish Times, 9 December 2020: Brexit explainer: What is the latest deal on Northern Ireland about?, BBC, 9 December 2020: PM says deal ‘still there to be done’ ahead of crunch trip, Irish Times, 9 December 2020: Brexit could see 40% price hikes for online purchases, The Times, 9 December 2020: Peter Brookes Times cartoon: Breakdancing an Olympic Sport, France24, 10 December 2020: ‘Strong possibility’ of no Brexit trade deal, UK’s Johnson warns, BBC, 11 December 2020: Brexit: PM and EU say trade deal unlikely by Sunday, DW, 11 December 2020: Brexit: A tired Britain prepares for a new era, BBC, 11 December 2020: Pound falls on the prospect of a no-deal Brexit, France24, 11 December 2020: Brexit talks: UK PM, European chief 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So now there is an agreement on the provisional entry into force of the agreement. If all parliaments ratify the agreement, this means a real GDP loss for the UK of around 4% annually due to the increasing bureaucracy compared to the original access conditions as a full member of the EU, while the country continues to comply with most of the EU regulations and standards if it wants to export tariff-free to the EU. The three herrings that the country will be able to fish more in the future can by no means make up for this. On top, you need saithe or cod for fish & chips. In addition, there are by now unregulated segments, such as the service sector, for which there are no reliable stipulations for the future handling. One can and must therefore assume that the Brexit negotiations will drag on for many years to come. As was to be expected, the “Brexit means Brexit” wish was just a bubble of which hardly anything is left. At the same time, British consumers and companies will have to deal with and pay for what BoJo and his “Tory House of Clowns” have brought upon them over the coming years. In addition, the incompetence of the Johnson administration plays directly into the hands of the separatists in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, who would want to separate their territories from the UK and join the EU rather yesterday than tomorrow: France24, 24 December 2020: As it happened: Britain and Europe reach ‘fair and balanced’ post-Brexit trade deal, EU chief says, DW, 24 December 2020: EU, UK finally clinch ‘historic’ trade deal, BBC, 24 December 2020: What Boris Johnson’s mistake tells us about our future, The Guardian, 24 December 2020: The Guardian view on a Brexit deal Relief that leaves a bitter taste, France24, 24 December 2020: