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(Latest update: 19 September 2021) Over the coming months, the world will now experience not only how individual states will deal with the global coronavirus pandemic, but also how governments can or cannot intercept the consequences. It can be observed in real time how a real and worldwide crisis is reacted to, who has made provisions and built up reserves or has only wobbled. Already the unemployment numbers and the number of bankruptcies in the first few weeks will provide sufficient information and thus also give an answer to which social and state systems are viable even in crises and take their weakest with them instead of having to leave them behind. It can be assumed that the countries will cope best with the crisis, that are regularly accused of charging too high taxes and having too strong social systems in “regular times” (some Americans would even call it “pure socialism” until a big crises hit in. Then more and more people are questioning why the richest country in the world cannot provide as excellent social security as Germany has for decades – everything always has its advantages and disadvantages), because these countries can now set their full strength come into effect and let it unfold. Whatever the outcome of this “competition” will be, let us all remain prudent, relaxed, reasonable and show solidarity and, of course, let’s stay at home if possible, because the more people abide by the rules, the sooner we can get this spook under control. Even if it will take months before a vaccine will be available, we shouldn’t give the virus the pleasure to let destroy us socially and economically. Stay healthy and #flattenthecurve #StayHomeSaveLives #Coronavirus #covid19 (Coronavirus warning app for Germany)

It can already be said that, in addition to all the negative aspects, Corona has also brought some absolutely positive aspects to light. This means that all countries worldwide have been shown their own strengths and weaknesses so that they can be better addressed in the future. At the same time, the global impact of the corona crisis has caught the world’s populists, autocrats and dictators and disenchanted them for their followers (The Emperor’s New Clothes). Hopefully thit will be reflected in the results of the next round of elections aroud the world.

Of course, it is important to get information from reliable sources in order to avoid fake news or to drive yourself nuts, because those who die of fear or panic are dead as well. A public source is e.g.: Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, EU vs Disinformation. Relying on information from the current US, British, Chinese, Russian, Brazilian and some more weird governments has now proven to be a significant health hazard. It is therefore important to follow the reporting of the reputable and reliable media, which have set up corresponding sections on the subject: The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, The Hill, San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald, Tampa Bay Times, The Atlantic, National Public Radio (NPR),, Bloomberg, Financial Times, France24, The Times, The Guardian, BBC,, Haaretz, Times of Israel, Palestine Chronicle, Arab News, The National, Al Jazeera, Gulf Times, Al Arabiya. To hide the often imbecile comments under the reports, there are extensions or add-ons for browsers that can be installed very quickly and easily. This gives you the option to switch comments on website on or off at any time. This applies not only to news websites in general, but also to Facebook in particular. It then seems to become a bit “calmer” and you can deal with the actual topic.

Discussions are currently taking place at European level about alleged lack of solidarity, in connection with the assertion or threat that the EU could break up. A look across the pond to America shows that this is unfounded. The states there are currently also sealing themselves off from each others, in connection with travel restrictions (The New York Times, 10 April 2020: Driving and Travel Restrictions Across the United States) in order to at least slow the spread of the virus. Nevertheless, nobody there comes up with the idea of ​​questioning fundamental solidarity or even bringing the dissolution of the USA into play. Same counts for the present and future of the EU. In addition, the EU states have already relaxed the transport system so that the flow of goods within the Schengen area is guaranteed, so that there are no supply bottlenecks. Medical needs are exchanged and the distribution of intensive care patients is getting better and better to relieve hotspots. To top it off in economic terms: even after 244 years, there are no obligations on the part of the U.S. government or the U.S. states to protect other U.S. states from bankruptcy (just as old, by the way, are the constantly recurring disputes about the budget, which is also about the distribution of wealth from the northern states to the southern states. In this context, the EU is more of a trainee). It is hard to understand why this could be different, 27 years after the EU was founded, in the relationship between Brussels and the EU states or between the EU states. It is also clear, however, that the lessons from the banking and financial crisis 2009 cannot be that of responding to the upcoming economic challenges in Southern and Eastern Europe with the EU-typical “small small”. Although there was ample time after 2015 to correct the design flaws of the eurozone, it still does not seem to have happened, which is why there is now the same friction as five years ago. “Learning from crises and mistakes” does not seem to be a concept preferred by the EU states. That the countries of Northern Europe are not willing to risk their creditworthiness and very favorable interest rates by agreeing unconditional and unlimited funds to Southern and Eastern Europe and, at the same time, a debt pooling, to compensate for the inability and mismanagement of other EU states, is understandable. After all, it does not help anyone if all EU states are broke together. At the same time, “what ever it takes” support need to be provided to make sure that the economic downturns of the countries in Southern and Eastern Europe will be as soft as possible, because the shocks that would otherwise be given would naturally also spread to Central and Northern Europe. For example, if Italy were on its economic knees, Spain, Portugal and Greece would be pulled into the abyss as well and France would alarmingly wobble. With a delay, it then hits the north and may even blow up the euro zone as such. The resulting economic devastation would lead to mass unemployment and impoverishment and the resulting from it civil war-like conditions. Not even the most insane nationalist can seriously want that. Although the consequences of the banking and financial crisis have already shown this impressively, it obviously need to be pointed out again and again from time to time.

Germany’s foreign trade figures show how strongly the German economy is dependent on foreign trade, namely with almost 40% of the total economic output and the majority of this in turn with other EU states. In absolute self-interest, there can be no ducking away with regard to massive support in favor of EU states that have been hard hit by the corona crisis, unless you want to shoot yourself in both feet several times or in other words: If Germany does not support its best “customers”, that will lead to job and prosperity cuts in Germany. The Federal Government as the voice of the largest and strongest economy not only in the EU but in Europe as a whole decides on the extent, both positive and negative. It thus holds the fate of the EU in it’s hands, even if no federal government has really wanted to do so yet. If you are honest, it was the case almost from the beginning of the EU. The EU and all its predecessors since the end of the Second World War are built on exactly that, namely that Germany is an economic giant that should be integrated into narrow multinational Western frameworks for the benefit of all, also to prevent another crazy mustache to turn German voters into overly nationalistic, “Herrenrasse” idiots. The resulting opportunities and possibilities for Germany in Europe and the world are regularly missed out or even straight out denied by far left-wingers and far right-wingers in particular, although this doesn’t change the facts, but only makes it clear that they don’t have the slightest idea of this topic as well. Retailers, service providers and end customers have known the means to be used in customer loyalty for decades: discount programs, bonus miles, payback points, free promotions. If you transfer this to entire countries, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece now want to redeem their bonus miles and payback points in the form of a (reconstruction) fund or the significant expansion of the EU budget to cushion the consequences of the corona crisis. That makes a lot of sense, although the currently announced 500 billion euros will have to be multiplied and a mix of transfer and credit programs in connection with interest and repayment suspensions will have to be given, so that Germany’s “customers” have the necessary freedom to be able to get back on their feet. The sooner and better this succeeds, the sooner the productions in Germany will run under full steam again. This has been deliberately described in purely economic terms, especially since the term “solidarity” and the related matters that should be taken for granted within the EU doesn’t currently seem to be bestseller. Current critics of the mentioned solution will later try to sell it full-bodied as “a pure act of the benevolent and downright selfless northern states towards the greedy southern states” anyway. Of course, this will only work for the rather simple and/or nationalistically charged part of the populations (at this point we can also put an end to the old wives’ tale that it would be “gifts from the northern states to the southern states”. For everyone, who is interested, it has always been clear that for every tax euro invested there is at least a factor of 10 in returns due to various effects, often even a lot more. So that it’s not about Samaritanism, it’s about tough business). If you make yourself honest here, then the consequences of the corona crisis for the northern states, with all given problems, are Sunday walks in comparison to the devastations in the southern states, some of which still have to struggle with the consequences of the financial crisis 2008, so they weren’t able to build up adequate provisions. The northern states opened their own rescue packages weeks ago, which actually hold very well and will continue to do so. This also worked so well because the northern states generally got through the 2008 financial crisis much better than the southern states and were able to build up reserves through foreign trade surpluses – with money from abroad. This is why “Payback Time” is now. On the other hand, if you listen to the negative comments on the (reconstruction) fund or the significant expansion of the EU budget to cushion the consequences of the crisis of some politicians, even finance ministers, of the northern states, you can only be surprised. Either they are actually as stupid as they sound, they have never understood the EU, they have no macro-economic skills, or all of it. In any case, they practice what they accuse the southern states of: only wanting to take advantage of the EU, but not wanting to assume the resulting obligations. This won’t work. Anyway, for the foreseeable future, the so-called Eurobonds will only continue to take place in the wildest dreams of heads of state in southern Europe, because they are politically unenforceable in the north. A key promise when the euro was introduced was that there would be no debt pooling under any circumstances. In addition, the EU substructure, which would be necessary to talk about joint financing, i.e. a significant deepening of EU integration towards EU statehood, is missing, which means that partial sovereignty of the EU states is to be given to Brussels (in particular, options for access and control in financial policy). Surprisingly, the northern states would be more willing to do so than the southern and southeastern states, which makes the motivation of the latter seem rather doubtful when it comes to “debt sharing”. At least the “road map” becomes clear again before the toxic box “bonds” could even be opened. In the south this is of course known, but for domestic reasons they have to pretend that they have never heard of it before, being able to say after the conclusion of the negotiation “We fought hard, but more than what we got now wasn’t possible!”. On the other hand, there are more than enough possibilities and tools with which the north can actively support the south. This includes the ECB buying up government bonds/debenture bonds again on a large scale. In the meantime, even Greek trash papers are accepted as security. That says a lot about the will to help. Added to this is the European short-time work payment solution suggested by Ms. von der Leyen, which can be the entry point to a European social security system and directly benefits employers and employees in the EU member states. This maintains jobs on the one hand and sustains basic consumption on the other, so that economic downturns are cushioned very gently (the instrument has been known in Germany for several decades, but is new to other states). The ESM can provide funds of 240 billion euros for a limited period of time on favorable terms to deal with further economic hardships. In addition, there is a loan program from the European Investment Bank worth 200 billion euros, which is intended to benefit small and medium-sized companies. All in all, that’s over 500 billion euros plus the ECB’s purchases of 750 billion euros. If the going gets tough, the funds could go completely to southern and south-eastern Europe, because the north can finance itself on its own anyway. On the other hand, these are repayable loans, which can usually also be found in the government debt ratio of the states. With the exception of the conditioning of the ESM funds and the Eurobonds, there is vast agreement in Brussels about the support measures. The remaining EU states are still Germany’s largest trade partners. If the largest partners break apart, this naturally has a direct impact on the turnover of German companies, and thus on the number of jobs, taxes, etc. It is therefore in Germany’s own best interest to intervene as early as possible. The longer we wait, the more expensive it will become for everyone (, 27 March 2020: Only EU solidarity can avert economic disaster,, 29 March 2020: Virtual summit, real acrimony: EU leaders clash over ‘corona bonds’,, 29 March 2020: Von der Leyen brands corona bonds a ‘slogan,’ setting off firestorm in Italy,, 30 March 2020: EU budget to be at ‘heart’ of coronavirus response, von der Leyen says,, 1 April 2020: EU response to corona crisis ‘poor,’ says senior Greek official, Reuters, 1 April 2020: EU proposes short-time work scheme to avoid coronavirus lay-offs,, 1 April 2020: Europe’s coronavirus identity crisis,, 1 April 2020: Berlin and Paris pitch competing solutions to ‘corona bonds’ conundrum,, 2 April 2020: Von der Leyen calls for ‘tangible’ solidarity on €100B jobs scheme,, 2 April 2020: Italy’s future is in German hands,, 3 April 2020: EU cool on corona bonds as economic plan takes shape, The Guardian, 5 April 2020: Europe’s future is at stake in this war against coronavirus, France24, 9 April 2020: EU finance ministers reach agreement on coronavirus rescue deal,, 9 April 2020: Finance ministers strike deal to combat coronavirus recession, BBC, 10 April 2020: Coronavirus pandemic: EU agrees €500bn rescue package,, 10 April 2020: EU leaders to discuss recovery package on April 23).

With regard to the effects of the corona pandemic on the real estate industry (The European Union: Real Estate and Demography), it is not yet possible to make a clear forecast for Germany as of 26 March 2020, especially since the effects will depend on the duration of the restrictions. During this time, the rental and purchase market is practically frozen. On the one hand, there are little practical possibilities for relocations due to the Germany-wide ban on contacts (“social distancing” – The Times, 23 April 2020: Peter Brookes Times cartoon: April 23 2020 – Social Distancing: At last, a use for Rees-Mogg), on the other hand there are economic fears for the future, so that relocations are postponed anyway. Of course, this has negative effects especially for landlords, seller, property manager, developer, brokers, notaries, mortgage banks etc., because the market is now frozen for them too, so that the transaction volume from last year will certainly not be reached. Of course there will be catch-up effects, but complete cancellations due to economic uncertainties as well. With the help of the aid packages that have just been approved by the federal government, the country at large will be doing just fine economically for the next two to three months. In the long run, of course, such a state of emergency cannot be maintained. But the corona crisis affects a country that has just 10 years of continuous growth behind it, which is why the government debt is reduced to 60% while reserves could be built up. In addition, many companies have gone through so-called “fat years”, have also been able to build up reserves and have created a record number of jobs, with an unemployment rate of 5%, which means full employment. From an economic point of view, you can’t be much better prepared, even if you would like to do entirely without such an event. If Germany can be reopened in May, the country would have got away with a remarkable black eye. The economic output will decline compared to the previous year, also because the industry cannot restart as quickly as to just shut down (international supply chains), which means that unemployment figures can be expected to rise, but the feared “big clearcut” would be prevented. Related to rental apartments, however, it is already clear that it will have little impact on rents. There would have been well over 100,000 coronavirus deaths (which, fortunately, cannot be expected from the current state of affairs) with own apartments so that there would be a slight relaxation on the housing market. Even if it were, it would initially only reduce the hidden homelessness, i.e. people, who currently live with parents, relatives or friends because they cannot find own apartments. The situation is different in retail (except food), hotels, restaurants, tourism (how extensive the crisis would become became clear, among other things, after the federal eagle was displayed two days in a row in the smartphone’s news list and the travel app belonging to the Federal Foreign Office referred to the “Worldwide Travel Warning”, so that, in addition to the depressing feeling it created, the corona epidemic got an “upgrade” to corona pandemic), other service segments (the development on the market for office space will be pretty interesting, too), culture, arts, sport events etc.. Here, the Coronavirus can lead to noticeable changes and losses in sales. The longer the crisis lasts, the more business will have to be shifted from stationary retail to online shops and delivery services. This eliminates retail space because only intermediate storage space is required instead. With the increasing duration of the crisis, it is becoming more and more clear that video conferences are very practical and, above all, inexpensive alternatives to traditional business trips. The media in particular are doing this right now. More and more news and discussion groups are taking place from the home office. What is a relaxing experience for those involved, because even elderly seniors can easily use Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, FaceTime & Co. (, 16 March 2020: The 6 Best Free Video Conferencing Apps), of course, has an unfavorable effect on those indirectly involved (hotels, restaurants, transport, etc.). So in the future it will be important for those involved to weigh up what makes more sense: having the own “studio” at home/suitably equipped workplaces in companies or the common good by making use of the services of others for a fee. Ultimately, it will be a question of developing a healthy mix of the two, because with all justified pursuit of profit, it is of no use to anyone if at the same time the common good falls apart and several thousand unemployed are “produced”, because this creates completely different problems that certainly should be avoided. As a rule, companies work in a profit-oriented manner, so that the question is largely answered by itself. The crisis will have a particularly positive impact on the progress of digitization. Even the most stubborn refusers will suddenly realize how important digitization really is. In the future, therefore, investments can be assumed because they are essential for the economic survival (, 25 March 2020: Europe is going bold on digital. You should support it.,, 14 April 2020: EU Zooms ahead, despite worries over app, CNN, 22 May 2020: A ‘city’ for online shopping is being built in Dubai, BBC, 10 July 2020: The remote work experiment that upped productivity 13%). The hotel industry, gastronomy, tourism and the art and culture business will have to deal with the consequences of the crisis the most, because there can be no catch-up effects here (a dinner that has not taken place cannot be sold twice later, nor can a canceled trip, etc.), so it is unclear how many of these companies can open again after the crisis. After all, most other industries can expect to generate higher sales after the crisis.

All in all, after the crisis, we will find out that life goes on, that the earth has not plunged into the sun or crashed in any other way and that the vast majority of Germans aren’t experiencing economic consequences in daily life because only a limited number of people will be involved in the actual regulation of the economic damages. The vast majority of people will continue to live their everyday lives normally, maybe supplemented by a couple of alternatives that some got to know during the break. The current general uncertainty up to scaremongering (the famous “German Angst” has obviously become an export hit) is to be understood insofar as there is no effective remedy against Corona yet, but that will also come. Just like the completely meaningless precautionary purchases (one has to be very simple-minded, or at least dont have the slightest idea of the extent to which basic care is actually kept and guaranteed in Germany in order to fall into precautionary purchases. After all, in the second half of 2020 this will lead to half of the population of Germany having to eat canned food, so that the supermarkets will be empty, because fewer customers are on site, and offer a whole new, almost luxurious shopping experience. “Social distancing” thanks to canned food :-D But one number is remarkable: sales of soaps have increased by 337%. You have to ask yourself how many people before Corona have largely given up on hygiene and how many still do so today? And as a personal note: How could Germany actually have started two world wars and the Holocaust, with a people that has been raving about the end of the world when toilet paper wasn’t available in the supermarkets for two days in a row? This whining bunch can’t even tie their shoes, let alone hold a gun in the right direction. It is a mystery), the scaremongering concerning the economic downfall is meaningless as well. This is written by someone who should have experienced the end of the world at least four times and the outbreak of the Third World War three times in the course of his life – none of this has actually happened. It will be the same with the forecasted consequences of the corona crisis. It can of course happen that there will be a significant downward swing for a short time, which will, however, quickly go up again, so that the full-year result compared to the previous year will be negative, but certainly no Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will move through Germany. It is possible that there will be some manageable cuts, but not much more will happen in Germany. Germany is moaning at a very high level, while at the same time maintaining practically exemplary social security – yes, the short-time work payments in Germany is sometimes lower than in other EU states, but it is granted for much longer than in other states. Other EU states will be affected much more, in this case, unlike during the banking and financial crisis, through no fault of their own. Here, Germany, as all of Europe’s largest and strongest economy, not “only” of the EU, must clearly take the initiative to significantly weaken the expected shock waves. Every action that the Federal Government starts will be criticized from all sides, as it was during the banking and financial crisis. You can’t please everyone. It is important to want to achieve results with the best intentions and to have the backbone to enforce unpopular decisions. This is exactly what I learned from talking to US counterparts when I asked them how they deal with the constant criticism of US solutions (that was during the Obama presidency). Germany will take over the presidency of the Council of the European Union in the second half of 2020, at a time when “the hut is likely to burn”. Angela Merkel’s chancellorship is characterized by crisis management. If anyone can do crisis management at EU level, she can. Let’s be confident that she will succeed again.

At the same time, in such situations, and when the federal government and the federal states open their wallets, the lobby organizations of various orientations speak out loud, of course, to indicate how “systemically relevant” they consider themselves to be so that they can get a piece of the cake. Few of these industries are systemically important or dependent on support, but of course they can give it a try. It is sometimes quite frightening, brazen and strange when you see who is speaking up. How badly must the management of stock corporations have operated if their companies cannot take three months off? How bad must large and traditional medium-sized companies have been doing business if their companies cannot last three months? On what basis were they given rental contracts at all? According to their own current information, they are constantly at risk of bankruptcy! Since when has it been the state’s task in a social market economy to take on entrepreneurial risks from the private sector (companies, investors etc.)? If the state provides aid so that companies can distribute dividends while at the same time having their staff financed at government costs (short-time work allowance), then something went badly wrong. This form of debt pooling isn’t acceptable and should therefore be ended immediately and punished in the same way as is already the case with non-beneficiaries for emergency aid in Berlin. In a free market economy, companies that cannot withstand the pressure of the market or the market situation are disappearing from the market and that is correct (and also applies during the Corona crisis). Their market shares are then taken over by their competitors or completely new players. It is a permanent self-cleaning process of the market. There is no comprehensive insurance for entrepreneurial risk or yield, but also no upper limit for profit from entrepreneurial activity or yield. If you want the latter, you must take the former into account. Anyone who rejects either of these has no business in the entrepreneurial camp. It’s different in socialist countries, of course. There, permanently deficient kolkhozes and combines are financed by the general public – until the state bankruptcy is inevitable. Fortunately, this form doesn’t exist in Germany, but instead the free, social market economy.

It is much more important that those who “kept the shop going” during the crisis, as Chancellor Merkel rightly said, will be better off in the future. Only when this has been done can we talk about other topics, because this group will remain at the forefront in future crises. Each chairperson of the board should also bear in mind that it is precisely these people who will be responsible for their care in the future. They should therefore think carefully about how to treat those from whom they want to be looked after/cared for in the future. Keyword: Karma :-) The fact that the community and city association has its say is very understandable. There is indeed a great economic burden here that must be absorbed by the federal and state governments. In this respect, the temporary extension and conversion of the “Soli” (an additional tax to cover the costs of the German reunification) would be justified. In addition there are micro-entrepreneurs and of course the cultural business:

At the height of WWII, Winston Churchill was challenged to defend a budget that called for an increase in arts funding.

“How can you propose this at a time of extreme national crisis?” asked one member of Parliament.

Churchill replied, “I do it, sir, to remind us what we are fighting for.”

All others can humbly say “thank you” for the aid programs and then think again about their own and actual roles in our society. The aid programs have just given them the time to do so. The “social distancing” that has been prescribed since March 2020 has of course led to restrictions, but also noticeably good sides, which should be maintained well beyond Corona. Conspiracy mystics are not happy to hear this or even let their actually promising careers go down the drain on their own initiative (just one of the many C and D celebrities from around the globe who are obviously massively overwhelmed with their role model functions: Jerusalem Post, 25 July 2020: Germany’s antisemitism czar calls to investigate German celebrity chef), but at the end of the day these small groups are dispensable for the overall social cohesion anyway.

Intermediate result: At the turn of the year 2020/2021 a lot of light can be seen at the end of the tunnel and it is not the light of an oncoming train, but an effective vaccine that will now be inoculated step by step to the EU citizens (or as Karl Valentin already knew to report: “First I waited slowly and then faster and faster”). A lot has happened so far. The following links to newspaper reports document this extensively. At the moment, of course, everyone is still familiar with this, but in five years’ time some will be wondering how it actually went “back then” and will then find a lot of information here. It is clear that most of the forecasts from spring 2020 were based on the basic orientations, with very few assuming such a long duration. So far, the countries that have come through the pandemic best have been able to offer broad support measures. Here the EU has been able to assert itself well and has also grown with its tasks. Measures have been taken that will strengthen the EU well beyond the pandemic and contribute to greater integration and solidarity. The course of the pandemic in the individual EU states was, however, in some cases considerably different. Germany has so far got away with a good deal, which is also due to its economic performance and is due to the fact that reserves could be built up in previous years, which are now being drawn from. The new borrowing has nevertheless reached remarkable heights, which have so far been manageable. It is unmistakable that the limits of the resilience of all those involved are slowly being reached. Some are even well beyond that (corona deniers and other Covidiotes). The vast majority of the population is nevertheless very disciplined, not least because the end of the spook is foreseeable in the middle of 2021 (or when at least 50 of the 80 million Germans have received their two doses of vaccine). It will probably go back to partial normality as early as April / May, especially since the number of infections will then decrease considerably. In retrospect, it was interesting to see how the majority of the population faced the pandemic. Initially rather incredulous or even helpless, because it became increasingly clear that it was not just a regional outbreak with a few thousand affected people, but that all 7.8 billion inhabitants of the planet are equally threatened, finally regaining their composure and taking the necessary measures in order to be able to survive the situation as best as possible based on the current state of affairs and increasing knowledge about Covid-19 (which sometimes changed on a daily basis). After all, it was clear early on that it was a virus, so there were no guilty parties who could be brought up and powerless, but the “slippery bastard” Corona could only be dealt with with a vaccine and drugs that had to be developed. Scientists and researchers from all over the world have teamed up on an unprecedented scale to develop this vaccine in record time and were successful in various ways by the end of 2020. Now production has to be ramped up successfully worldwide. This is a bumpy and anything but easy path, but it will also be crowned with success. Nevertheless, there is the usual and completely unjustified whining from the capitals of the federal states towards Brussels. Although Brussels was commissioned to procure the vaccines for all states, it can only implement this to a limited extent due to the lack of competencies and therefore had to include the special requests of the individual states, which are sometimes completely contradictory. It is quite a impudence when there are now increasing voices from the states who seriously want to make believe that it would not be due to their own inadequacies that the EU procurement channels now have to be the ones that they have now become. The simplest example of this is the cost per vaccine dose. While Western Europe, especially Germany, can easily afford any currently approved vaccine, Eastern Europe cannot. There is also the fact that western vaccines are not even trustedin the east, so that Hungary, for example, uses Russian (Sputnik V) and Chinese (Sinopharm) vaccines (in this case, of course, it is also because Orbán has been deep in Putin’s pocket for years and is hoping for strong Chinese investments in Hungary). Brussels cannot be held responsible for either one or the other. Still, there are enough simpleton who try anyway.

As was to be expected, most of the economy has come through the pandemic well thanks to government support programs. The prognosis is more difficult for the stationary retail trade (with the exception of the food retail trade), the gastronomy, hotel, art and sports business. How many of these companies switch from lockdown to closedown mode (insolvency) can only be roughly estimated so far. Obviously, however, Corona acts like a time lapse that significantly accelerates the developments that have already been evident for some time. Sales in online retail have increased to the same extent as stationary retail has recorded a decline in sales. To a large extent, this will remain the case after the pandemic. The winners were those retailers who already had an online shop before the outbreak of Covid-19. Losers are those who have missed the train (winning back market share afterwards is very difficult, especially for “lone fighters”). The logistics industry was also able to grow significantly. Manufacturers of household appliances of all kinds have made the business of their lives in Germany and hardware stores certainly had no problems either. Overall, it can be assumed that the inner cities will rearrange and realign themselves in the medium term. This also against the background of falling rents for retail space due to the expected oversupply of space.

On a business level, the desk could be cleared so far that for the first time in years the table top could be seen and not only guessed, and finally had enough time to calmly develop new projects, concepts and products. On a personal level, you could of course draw a lot of positive aspects from having more time for own fields of interest than in the previous 30 years, i.e. looking for a new hobby, deepening knowledge, reading books, opening up new individual topics, refreshing job-related topics or start a complete reorientation, etc. For a not that small number of German citizens, it was enough to simply “watch Netflix empty” or else, just the way everyone wanted to use the free time. Unimagined luxury that many people will certainly wish back after the pandemic.

One can be particularly excited to see how the “new normal” will affect professional life. Finding a good, healthy transition that is manageable for everyone will be a challenge, especially when it comes to speed and performance. It will not go from 0 to 100, but initially only from 0 to 60, and then gradually increase the pace.

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COVID-19 pandemic in the Gulf states:

Media coverage: The Atlantic, 31 January 2020: The European Union’s Double Crisis of Legitimacy (the political union is not only desirable, it is long overdue. Instead of shifting decisions from one government to the next for fear of a few nationalist backbenchers, anti-German and EU-hostile anti-democrats and anti-constitutionalists, right-wing extremists and right-wing terrorists, it is high time for the next big step forward to make the EU more powerful and future-proof and at the same time due of the results to take the wind out of the sails of the nationalists, because the successes will expose the “critics” for what they are: substance-less simpletons), The Washington Post, 13 February 2020: Economic fallout from China’s coronavirus mounts across the world, Gulf Times, 17 February 2020: Global economic policy direction now hinges on China’s next move, The New York Times, 17 February 2020: Slowed by the Coronavirus, China Inc. 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It’s a false choice – and a deeply stupid one, CNN, 26 March 2020: G20 videoconference gathered world leaders coping with coronavirus, The Guardian, 26 March 2020: Anger over Prince Charles’s Covid-19 test is a warning sign of divisions to come, The New York Times, 26 March 2020: Jobless Numbers Convey Scale of Economic Wreckage, The Washington Post, 26 March 2020: In fight against coronavirus, the world gives medical heroes a standing ovation, BBC, 27 March 2020: Covid-19: What makes a good leader during a crisis?,, 26 March 2020: Von der Leyen slams ‘only for me’ coronavirus response (the example of the USA shows that the EU will also survive the pandemic. In the meantime, the states there are also sealing themselves off from one another in order to at least slow the spread of the virus. But no one comes up with the idea of abolishing liberty rights in principle or dissolving the United States), CNN, 26 March 2020: McDonald’s and other brands are making ‘social distancing’ logos, Jerusalem Post, 26 March 2020: Why do some Christians believe coronavirus is an apocalyptic prophecy?,, 26 March 2020: Democrats delayed stimulus bill to tighten ban on Trump family profiting, NPR, 26 March 2020: What’s Inside The Senate’s $2 Trillion Coronavirus Aid Package,, 26 March 2020: Merkel’s moment of truth,, 26 March 2020: European Commission to develop coordinated ‘exit strategy’ from lockdowns,, 27 March 2020: Virtual summit, real acrimony: EU leaders clash over ‘corona bonds’, BBC, 27 March 2020: Coronavirus travel: China bars foreign visitors as imported cases rise, Der Spiegel, 27 March 2020: North-South Divide: Calls for Corona Bonds Met with Familiar “Nein”, The New York Times, 27 March 2020: Watch: Governor Andrew Cuomo Gives New York Virus Update, The New York Times, 27 March 2020: For France, Coronavirus Tests a Vaunted Health Care System, BBC, 27 March 2020: Dutch try to calm north-south economic storm over coronavirus, France24, 27 March 2020: EU leaders at loggerheads over economic response to coronavirus, BBC, 27 March 2020: Coronavirus: US overtakes China with most cases, The New York Times, 27 March 2020: Updates: Trump Lashes Out at Lawmaker Who Threatened to Delay Vote, The National, 27 March 2020: Coronavirus: Deserted streets across UAE as residents heed calls to stay home during sterilisation drive, France24, 28 March 2020: Italy coronavirus death toll tops 10,000, CNN, 28 March 2020: How Spain became a hotspot for coronavirus, NPR, 28 March 2020: Map: Tracking The Spread Of The Coronavirus In The U.S., France24, 28 March 2020: Macron vows support for Italy as country logs its highest one-day death toll, BBC, 28 March 2020: UK will do well to keep deaths under 20,000 – health official, CNN, 28 March 2020: The US hits a grim new record as Trump continues to preach optimism, France24, 28 March 2020: Turkey coronavirus deaths pass 100: health minister, BBC, 28 March 2020: Deserted London landmarks seen from above, The Guardian, 28 March 2020: France death toll passes 2,000 while 90,000 cases confirmed in Italy, The National, 28 March 2020: ‘We are at the point of collapse’: coronavirus pushes Spain’s hospitals and businesses to the brink, CNN, 28 March 2020: Italy’s coronavirus death toll passes 10,000. Many are asking why the fatality rate is so high,, 28 March 2020: Lockdown rules baffle Europeans, Gulf Times, 28 March 2020: German air force Airbus A-310 Medivac to assist fighting Covid-19, Cologne, Germany, The New York Times, 28 March 2020: New York Updates: Cuomo Dismisses Quarantine Idea, Haaretz, 28 March 2020: N.Y.C. Mayor: Synagogues That Don’t Comply With Coronavirus Rules May Be Shut Down Permanently (those who endanger the common good for purely selfish reasons don’t need to be surprised about the consequences. One can imagine what had happened in advance and must have gotten so out of hand to use such drastic means, even more so in a country in which religious freedom is one of the founding and cornerstones, laid down in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. One has to know that the spread of the measles epidemic in New York City (2019 New York measles outbreak, BBC, 9 April 2019: New York measles emergency declared in Brooklyn) has already been massively pushed by the ultra-orthodox (in no other city in the world (including West Jerusalem) do more ultra-Orthodox live than in New York City (which is pretty paradoxical, because ultra-orthodox actually want nothing to do with the rest of the world, but rather withdraw accordingly and then move in droves to the metropolitan area of New York City, the capital of the world, to achieve this goal, where they are confronted with cultures and religions from at least 180 countries of origin). There are also comparatively large ultra-Orthodox communities in the surrounding area and deep into the state of New York (Upstate New York)) because they refuse to vaccinate so that the measles worked from there through the large community of ultra-Orthodox in the state of New York and of course has caused significant collateral damage to other parts of the population, leading to an unprecedented wave of anti-Semitic incidents in New York City. But now it’s about the coronavirus, against which there is currently no vaccine. 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So why aren’t there more of them?,, 14 April 2020: EU left behind as capitals plan coronavirus exit strategies, BBC, 15 April 2020: Coronavirus: Germany slowly eases lockdown measures, The New York Times, 15 April 2020: Think This Pandemic Is Bad? We Have Another Crisis Coming, The Washington Post, 15 April 2020: Americans are dying by the thousands. All Trump cares about is the show., France24, 15 April 2020: New York City death toll exceeds 10,000 as untested Covid-19 victims added to official count, The New York Times, 15 April 2020: A Catastrophic Month for Retailers, and Now a Race to Survive,, 15 April 2020: Trump halts funding to World Health Organization (now that Donnie has successfully bankrupted many of his companies and is on the same track with the United States, he is now again targeting international organizations. It is becoming increasingly clear that the United States is no longer a leading country, which is a shame, but somebody finally voted in favour of the simpleton and therefore wanted exactly this result. By the end of Bush Junior’s tenure, American pop and rock stars were touring around the world to apologize for their president, and it worked, in parts because the Obama presidency started. 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You don’t need 2,000 people for this, just 20 and a data center. The connected publishers can do the rest themselves, thus keeping the costs low. However, there are probably once again single interests that prevent this step. Above all, the corona crisis shows that the German retail sector is hopelessly lagging behind in terms of digitalization. Individuals were well positioned before, but the majority were not. “Traditional retail” in particular will decline because of the crisis while it still believes that “personal advice” would be unbeatable compared to “this Internet that will go away anyway”. 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Softens Report on Covid-19 Disinformation (once again it depends on the wording, after all it has already worked perfectly fine: The so-called Spanish flu originated in Kansas in the United States. Patient Zero was a cook who became infected while working with pigs and subsequently infected a large number of other people, causing an explosion of infections within a very short period of time. By giving the virus the name Spanish flu, it was very successfully distracted from its actual origin. 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Already after the 2019 measles epidemic, which was significantly strengthened by the Orthodox community and left some collateral damage in other parts of the population, they should have known what the backlash would be, after they aggressively endangered other people’s lives for purely selfish reasons. The New York population was already thin-skinned (New York City and Upstate New York) a year after the measles epidemic and now the same drama is happening again during the corona pandemic, even more dangerous because there is actually no cure against Covid-19. If Orthodox Jews are prone to collective suicide, they are free to do so, but please do so that other parts of the population are not endangered in any way, because otherwise Mayor de Blasio, as mayor of all New Yorkers, has to take action accordingly. Criticizing him for doing his job (which he has only managed to a limited extent in dealing with the pandemic, especially since he, like Trump, has tried to play down the danger and thereby possibly contributed to the fact that New York City was hit so hard by corona. It has been shown earlier that he is not particularly sensitive. He gave a speech in Miami, where many Cuban exiles fled from the Castro regime, to actually quote Che Guevara) and on top of that trying to construct a reversal of guilt is hard to beat in boldness (it is not de Blasio’s reaction that leads to more anti-Semitism, but the brain-dead behavior of the participants is the trigger for it. It is true, however, that he could have named the specific group more clearly for non-New Yorkers. Anyone who is a little familiar with New York and its population distribution can safely bet a larger amount of money that a Jewish funeral of this size, especially in Brooklyn (where most of the city’s orthodox and ultra-orthodox communities are located at) would be a gathering of orthodox or ultra-orthodox Jews. Of course, this is not immediately apparent to outsiders). This is particularly because the New York administration has made great educational efforts, especially in the Orthodox community, to address and inform the senior rabbis so that they should pass the information on to their community members. This did not happen in many communities or only after the administration had made it absolutely clear that synagogues would be closed forever if the rules were still not observed. The prerequisites for this would now be in place – due to significant misconduct and acute health risks with deliberately accepted deaths for other residents by at least 2,500 Orthodox Jews. If de Blasio had had the participants arrested, he would have even received applause from the city’s liberal and secular Jews. They are increasingly uncomfortable with the appearance of their Orthodox “brothers and sisters” (what connects them to their liberal and secular brothers and sisters in Israel: there even the IDF had to move in part (Bnei Brak and Mea Shearim) to protect the population from these religious zealots and sectarians. The use of the New York police is very cautious, although the use of the National Guard to protect the other parts of the population could be considered), especially since they also suffer as a result of being classified as “ignorant, egomaniacal jerks” (Times of Israel vom 01.05.2020: New York City police break up another ultra-Orthodox funeral as crowds gather). Another of several negative events was a wedding with over 250 participants (despite the lockdown already imposed). Almost half of them got infected with Covid-19 and then traveled around the city as “super spreaders”) (in the reporting the terms “Haredim/Haredi” and “Hasidic Judaism” are used more often, terms most parts of the populations in Europe and the USA aren’t familiar with. To simplify, it is instead mostly spoken of Jews (not only as a whole group, but also the group of liberal/secular Jews are meant – the vast majority of the population group), Orthodox Jews (notably religious Jews) and Ultraothodox Jews (Jewish sectarians or Haredim/Hasidism (parts of this group are also known as “taliban with kippah” in Israel) – the smallest part of the population group – Times of Israel, 12 May 2020: Brooklyn synagogue blasted over funeral told to shut down services, The New York Post, 12 May 2020: Hundreds of Orthodox Jews defy social distancing for holiday in Brooklyn, Jerusalem Post, 13 May 2020: Hundreds of haredi Jews in Brooklyn celebrate Lag Ba’omer, break lockdown, Haaretz, 12 May 2020: 106% Rise in anti-Semitic Assaults in New York State in 2019, ADL Reports, Times of Israel, 18 May 2020: Police shut down a Brooklyn yeshiva with approximately 60 students, The New York Times, 18 May 2020: Brooklyn ZIP Code Has N.Y.C.’s Highest Death Rate: Live Updates, Times of Israel, 18 May 2020: US biggest source by far of Israel’s COVID-19 cases, genome sequencing shows, Jerusalem Post, 14 June 2020: Orthodox Jews sue de Blasio, Cuomo for discrimination over lockdown rules (it’s hard to believe, but the corona virus actually makes religious people from all over the world even crazier than they already were before), Times of Israel, 16 June 2020: Defying NYC mayor, Orthodox lawmakers cut chains off shut Brooklyn playground, Jerusalem Post, 24 June 2020: Bill de Blasio argued to be stricter on Orthodox Jews regarding COVID-19), Haaretz, 5 May 2020: ‘Primitive, Diseased Invaders’ Threatening America: How Scapegoating ultra-Orthodox Jews for Coronavirus Mirrors Islamophobia, Jerusalem Post, 6 May 2020: ‘Ultra-Orthodox suffering in COVID-19 pandemic due to sins of community’, Jerusalem Post, 7 May 2020: Lawfare Project investigates NYC for calling out Jews on social distancing, Jerusalem Post, 10 May 2020: Jewish, Christian congregations leaderless due to COVID-19 deaths,, 6 April 2020: Covid-19 crisis draws haredi community to Internet (regardless of the headwind for de Blasio’s approach to prevention, he obviously also contributed to positive changes, at least afterwards), New York Post, 25 August 2020: NYC banquet halls hosting large weddings despite COVID-19 ban, Financial Times, 2 October 2020: Coronavirus puts Israel’s Haredi Jews at centre of political storm, Haaretz, 6 October 2020: N.Y. Governor Blasts Orthodox Jewish Community for Flouting COVID Restrictions, The New York Times, 6 October 2020: Cuomo Imposes Tight Virus Rules on Areas Hit by Spikes Across State, Haaretz, 7 October 2020: Anger, Locked Synagogues and a Divided Community: Brooklyn Jews Grapple With COVID Restrictions, CBS News, 7 October 2020: Protesters burn masks in Brooklyn coronavirus hotspot over Cuomo’s crackdown on religious gatherings, The New York Times, 7 October 2020: Backlash Grows in Orthodox Jewish Areas Over Virus Crackdown by Cuomo, Independent, 7 October 2020: Ultra-orthodox Jewish New Yorkers protest new coronavirus restrictions as Cuomo threatens to close synagogues, New York Magazine, 7 October 2020: A Brooklyn Protest Against Lockdown Measures Turns Violent, NBC News, 8 October 2020: Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn rebel against Cuomo’s Covid-19 clampdown on their neighborhoods, Daily Mail, 8 October 2020: Jewish man is left critically injured after being branded a ‘snitch’ by ultra-Orthodox rioters in Brooklyn who attacked him and a photographer for recording COVID-19 violations amid spike in coronavirus cases, Times of Israel, 8 October 2020: Jewish journalist assaulted by ultra-Orthodox mob at Brooklyn virus protest, The Washington Post, 8 October 2020: Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jews burn masks in violent protests as New York cracks down on rising coronavirus cases, Haaretz, 8 October 2020: Why ultra-Orthodox Trump-worshipping Mobs Are Attacking Fellow Jews in New York, Times of Israel, 8 October 2020: NYC mayor pans ‘disgusting’ attack on reporter at ultra-Orthodox virus protest, Jerusalem Post, 8 October 2020: Jewish reporter assaulted by ultra-Orthodox mob in Brooklyn, The New York Times, 9 October 2020: Cuomo’s Restrictions on Synagogues in Virus Hot Spots Can Go Forward (it’s pretty unbelievable: even before the second corona wave, the New York administration carried out active prevention, and this time too, parts of the ultra-orthodox are actively working against it. The New York State Police should completely seal off their residential areas to protect the rest of New York from these sectarians. The rate of those infected with Covid-19 is around 10 times higher among the ultra-Orthodox than in the rest of the population. Those who are inside the residential quarters can then continue to carry out their rituals without endangering others. Corona is not interested in religions or holidays. It is there and takes every opportunity to spread, which is why the restrictions apply to all parts of the population and every day – without exception. It’s not as if the communities in question don’t know about it. It is simply being actively ignored and there are indeed MPs on the city council trying to justify this ignorant wrongdoing), Times of Israel, 10 October 2020: In Brooklyn, ultra-Orthodox Jews defiant in face of virus shutdown, Jerusalem Post, 10 October 2020: Orthodox group sues Cuomo over NY religious gathering restrictions, Times of Israel, 10 October 2020: Brooklyn anti-lockdown protest leader says he’ll be arrested for ‘inciting riot’, New York Post, 11 October 2020: Defying COVID-19 restrictions, Brooklyn’s Ultra-Orthodox sing and pray in crowds, NPR, 12 October 2020: Police Arrest Anti-Lockdown Protest Leader In New York’s Orthodox Jewish Community, Times of Israel, 12 October 2020: Jewish Democrats and Republicans jointly condemn Brooklyn attack on journalist, Jerusalem Post, 13 October 2020: Understanding the haredi perspective on the coronavirus – analysis, Times of Israel, 13 October 2020: Home on bail, NY anti-lockdown leader vows to keep up fight, but not violence, Jerusalem Post, 13 October 2020: More than half of over-65s with COVID are from the ultra-Orthodox community, Newsweek, 12 October 2020: Orthodox Jews vs Bill De Blasio and Andrew Cuomo—Why New York is Battling Anti-lockdown Protests, Haaretz, 14 October 2020: Ultra-Orthodox Extremists Reopen Schools, Violating Israel’s COVID Lockdown, The Guardian, 15 October 2020: Blood and tears as Israeli police storm wedding during lockdown, Times of Israel, 15 October 2020: After wedding shutdown, family of bride say cops shattered bottle on son’s head, The New York Times, 15 October 2020: Inspired by Trump, Hasidic Backlash Grows Over N.Y.C. Virus Rules, Times of Israel, 15 October 2020: ‘Moser’ is one of the ugliest words in Judaism, Jerusalem Post, 15 October 2020: What is a ‘moser’? The ugly history of Judaism’s most dangerous accusation, Jerusalem Post, 16 October 2020: How New York Jews feel watching the unrest in Borough Park, Times of Israel, 17 October 2020: Dear New York, here’s how not to seem anti-Semitic during COVID, ABC News, 17 October 2020: NY shuts down 10,000 person wedding as Cuomo reveals new COVID-19 plan, NBC New York, 17 October 2020: NY Health Officials Order Shutdown of 10,000 Person Wedding in Brooklyn, New York Post, 17 October 2020: Wedding of Hasidic leader’s grandchild was expected to draw 10K to NYC, Times of Israel, 18 October 2020: New York said to halt planned Orthodox Jewish wedding with up to 10,000 guests, Jerusalem Post, 18 October 2020: Is Israel a failing state? – analysis, Times of Israel, 18 October 2020: Threatened with fines, top Haredi MK says community will not shut down schools, Jerusalem Post, 18 October 2020: Jerusalem Post photographer attacked by haredim, Jerusalem Post, 20 October 2020: NYC ‘End Jew Hate’ protest demands apology from Cuomo (what is wrong with these people? The sectarian ultra-Orthodox/Hasidic death cult of Brooklyn inexcusable endangered public health and life in New York City by violenting virtually all rules and regulations concerning Coronavirus/Covid-19 prevention, so that both, the mayor and the governor, had to react on it, and yet these ultra-Orthodox idots are asking for an apoligy because the mayor and the governor did their jobs by actively protecting other New Yorkers who don’t want to die because of the Coronavirus. The ultra-Orthodox even wanted to start a over 10,000 visitor’s strong wedding party. On the “End Jew Hatred” part: It’s quite simple. Don’t behave like an ignorant, selfish, irresponsible, religious extremist, and you won’t be treated as such), New York Post, 20 October 2020: De Blasio apologizes to ultra-Orthodox leaders over lack of COVID-19 communication, Israel Hayom, 20 October 2020: Ultra-Orthodox leadership has failed, Haaretz, 21 October 2020: What Fuels ultra-Orthodox Jews’ Unsettling Fervor for Donald Trump, Times of Israel, 21 October 2020: I blew the whistle on the planned 10,000 person Satmar wedding, Jerusalem Post, 22 October 2020: Police allow participation of 300 hassidim in illegal funeral – report, Haaretz, 25 October 2020: I Love My Haredi Community. But Our Persecution Complex Is Killing Us, Jerusalem Post, 26 October 2020: Contradictions in Orthodox Jewry highlighted at NY ‘Jews for Trump’ rally, Times of Israel, 1 November 2020: Ministers okay higher lockdown violation fines, but Haredim vow to foil measure, Haaretz, 6 November 2020: Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Were Part of Society. Then the Satmar Rabbi Showed Up, Daily Mail, 8 November 2020: De Blasio broke rules, so why can’t we? Hundreds of Orthodox Jews ignore social distancing for funeral of prominent rabbi in NYC’s Lower East Side – a day after mayor did the same to celebrate Biden’s victory, Jerusalem Post, 9 November 2020: Coronavirus: Infection rate rising in haredi sector – again, CNN, 26 November 2020: In a 5-4 ruling, Supreme Court sides with religious groups in a dispute over Covid-19 restrictions in New York (the next superspreader events in the making), The New York Times, 26 November 2020: Midnight Ruling Exposes Rifts at Supreme Court Transformed by Trump, Haaretz, 26 November 2020: Orthodox Jewish Groups Celebrate Supreme Court Ruling Against N.Y. Virus Curbs (Covidiots), The Washington Post, 26 November 2020: Trump’s imprint on Supreme Court shows conservative effect in key coronavirus ruling, Times of Israel, 1 December 2020: ‘This is an emergency’: Top health official warns Israel is at start of 3rd wave, Arab News, 1 December 2020: Zarif ‘desperate’ to blame Saudi Arabia for anything negative that happens in Iran: Al-Jubeir, Jerusalem Post, 1 December 2020: Coronavirus crisis: ‘This is the beginning of the third wave’, Haaretz, 2 December 2020: SCOTUS ‘Religious Freedom’ Ruling: Supremely Irresponsible, Immoral and Profoundly unJewish, Israel Hayom, 4 December 2020: Thousand attend funeral of revered rabbi despite restrictions, Slate, 6 December 2020: Faith-based: “Somehow, I’ve Become the Threat”, Jerusalem Post, 7 December 2020: ‘We are not Americans,’ says Satmar grand rabbi, Jerusalem Post, 8 December 2020: Large crowds gather for Hasidic rabbi’s funeral in Brooklyn, Times of Israel, 8 December 2020: Thousands again defy restrictions to attend Brooklyn ultra-Orthodox funeral, Times of Israel, 11 December 2020: Efforts by NY Jews to unify and fight violent anti-Semitism undone by pandemic, Jerusalem Post, 11 December 2020: Dream vacation turns nightmare as Israelis argue about masks on flight, Times of Israel, 18 December 2020: Hundreds of maskless Haredim crowd in Jerusalem for Hanukkah candle-lighting, Times of Israel, 20 December 2020: Bnei Brak, Beitar Illit, Elad in top infection tier as cabinet to meet on rules, Israel Hayom, 24 December 2020: Poll: Half of secular Israelis unwilling to have Haredi neighbors, Haaretz, 25 December 2020: Israel to enter full lockdown on Sunday, Times of Israel, 25 December 2020: Ministers okay rules of 3rd lockdown, expected to cost NIS 2.5 billion a week, Jerusalem Post, 25 December 2020: Coronavirus lockdown starts Sunday. Here’s what you can and cannot do, Times of Israel, 3 January 2021: A quarter of all new virus cases diagnosed are among ultra-Orthodox, Jerusalem Post, 3 January 2021: COVID haredi unit head: Enforcement ineffective, Jerusalem Post, 6 January 2021: Hundreds attend hassidic wedding in city with highest rate of infections, Haaretz, 6 January 2021: Cops Suspended for Allowing Mass Wedding That Flouted Israel’s Coronavirus Rules, Times of Israel, 6 January 2021: As infections surge, mass ultra-Orthodox weddings held despite lockdown rules, Haaretz, 6 January 2021: Haredi Leader Orders to Open Religious Schools Despite Stricter Lockdown, Israel Hayom, 7 January 2021: 3rd lockdown to cost Israeli economy $1.3B a week, Israel Hayom, 8 January 2021: Haredim will respond to financial sanctions, not force, Jerusalem Post, 9 January 2021: Haredi newspaper photoshopped masks onto rabbis, Haaretz, 18 January 2021: With Enforcement Lax and Politicians Mostly Silent, Virus Runs Wild Among Israel’s Haredim, Haaretz, 19 January 2021: Haredi Values Have Been Erased in Our Failed Response to COVID-19, Times of Israel, 21 January 2021: Travelers returning from Dubai turn violent at Jerusalem quarantine hotel, Times of Israel, 21 January 2021: With Haredi lockdown violations rampant, health minister says jail the offenders, Haaretz, 22 January 2021: A Battle Over COVID Rules Breaks Out in Israeli Haredi City. This Is What It Looked Like, The Times, 22 January 2021: Police break up wedding party with 400 guests (Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls’ School), BBC, 22 January 2021: Covid: Wedding party in Stamford Hill broken up by police, Times of Israel, 22 January 2021: London cops bust mass wedding at Haredi girls school for violating lockdown, Haaretz, 22 January 2021: Coronavirus Israel Live: Police, ultra-Orthodox Groups Clash Over Restrictions; Minister Urges Calm, Irish Times, 22 January 2021: Wedding with 400 guests discovered at north London school, Haaretz, 22 January 2021: The COVID Sacrifice: The ‘New Jewish Martyrs’ Dying to Defend Israel’s Haredi Autonomy, The Times, 22 January 2021: ‘We feared for our lives,’ says cop attacked by ultra-Orthodox mob, Jerusalem Post, 22 January 2021: Haredi autonomy needs to stop so Israel can beat COVID-19, Haaretz, 23 January 2021: Leading Israeli Rabbi Okays Opening More ultra-Orthodox Schools During Lockdown, Times of Israel, 23 January 2021: Site of mass Haredi wedding in London: A school whose principal died of COVID, Haaretz, 23 January 2021: Police Pledged Minimal Enforcement of COVID Rules in Haredi Communities, Barring Attacks on Officers, Jerusalem Post, 23 January 2021: Viznitz grand rabbi instructs schools to open, Times of Israel, 24 January 2021: Hasidic rabbi calls for reopening ultra-Orthodox schools, then backtracks, Jerusalem Post, 24 January 2021: Haredi rioters clash with police across country – WATCH, Times of Israel, 24 January 2021: Cop shoots in air after ultra-Orthodox rioters surround and shove police, Haaretz, 24 January 2021: Ultra-Orthodox Protesters Clash With Police Over COVID Rules, Attack Bus Driver, Times of Israel, 24 January 2021: Fresh clashes in Bnei Brak as Haredi leaders blame police for violence, Al Jazeera, 24 January 2021: Israeli ultra-Orthodox clash with police over school closures, Haaretz, 25 January 2021: After Days of Clashes With ultra-Orthodox Over COVID Rules, Israeli Police Brace for More, Jerusalem Post, 25 January 2021: Skunk spray, burning bins highlight govt impotence to haredi resistance, Times of Israel, 25 January 2021: Police, firefighters stood by for an hour as ultra-Orthodox mob torched bus, Jerusalem Post, 25 January 2021: Haredi protests in Jerusalem continue against light rail construction, Haaretz, 26 January 2021: The ultra-Orthodox Street Has Been Ablaze for 5 Days, and Rabbis Can’t Stop the Flames, Jerusalem Post, 26 January 2021: Haredi rioters clash with police over lockdown enforcement, Jerusalem Post, 27 January 2021: Israel’s ultra-Orthodox and the future of the state, Times of Israel, 27 January 2021: Enfeebled and enraged, Haredi society feels forsaken on all sides, Jerusalem Post, 27 January 2021: Police warn hassidic communities not to hold Tu Bishvat celebrations, Jerusalem Post, 28 January 2021: Understanding haredi defiance to COVID-19 regulations – opinion, CNN, 29 January 2021: Violence and slurs from some of Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Jews in battle over coronavirus lockdowns, Jewish Chronicle, 29 January 2021: The Charedi mindset is no excuse for this behaviour, Jerusalem Post, 29 January 2021: Oholei Menachem – The Chabad school blazing a trail with secular subjects, Jerusalem Post, 30 January 2021: It is time for the Ultra-Orthodox to be drafted by the IDF, Jerusalem Post, 30 January 2021: Haredi Jews in London hold illegal weddings regularly, Haaretz, 31 January 2021: This Picture Shows How Israel’s COVID Battle Is Spiraling Out of Control, Times of Israel, 31 January 2021: For 2nd time in day, thousands attend funeral of rabbi, flouting lockdown rules, Haaretz, 31 January 2021: For Second Time in One Day, Thousands Attend Funeral of ultra-Orthodox Rabbi in Jerusalem, Jerusalem Post, 31 January 2021: Thousands break COVID rules at Rabbi Meshulam Soloveitchik’s funeral, Haaretz, 31 January 2021: Shameless Netanyahu Turns a Blind Eye to ultra-Orthodox Anarchy, Times of Israel, 1 February 2021: Organizers of mass Jerusalem funerals said summoned for police questioning, Haaretz, 1 February 2021: Rabbi’s Funeral Amid COVID Lockdown Makes a Mockery of Israelis’ Trust in Gov’t, Times of Israel, 2 February 2021: Ten thousand flout rules in Tamra at funeral of student slain in police shootout, Jerusalem Post, 3 February 2021: Orthodox Jewry reels as rabbis die during COVID-19 pandemic, Haaretz, 3 February 2021: U.S. Chabad Rabbi Fired for Barrage of Anti-vaccine Social Media Posts, Times of Israel, 3 February 2021: Anti-vaxxer rabbi fired by Chabad over social media posts, Jerusalem Post, 3 February 2021: Coronavirus: Gov’t fails to meet on lockdown as cases remain high, Haaretz, 4 February 2021: How the Haredi Street Turned Racist and Ultra-nationalist, Times of Israel, 7 February 2021: Thousands pack Bnei Brak streets for funeral of senior rabbi who died of COVID, Jerusalem Post, 8 February 2021: 10,000 mourners gather for funeral of senior ultra-Orhtodox rabbi, Times of Israel, 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Haredi, Arab cities had high unemployment during lockdown, Haaretz, 22 February 2021: Coronavirus Israel Live: Bill to Give Authorities Details of Unvaccinated Citizens Passes First Vote, Jerusalem Post, 22 February 2021: Buy one, get jabbed free: IKEA, Big offer vaccines to shoppers, DW, 24 February 2021: Israel launches ‘green pass’ for vaccinated people, Haaretz, 24 February 2021: Drop in Israel’s COVID Infection Rates Comes to a Halt, Raising Concerns of Renewed Outbreak, Times of Israel, 26 February 2021: Police break up over 100 parties, give 2,500 fines on 1st night of Purim curfew, Times of Israel, 27 February 2021: Traffic to Jerusalem blocked on 3rd night of Purim curfew to curb virus spread, Jerusalem Post, 27 February 2021: Passover reliefs could be at risk as thousands break Purim guidelines, Times of Israel, 27 February 2021: More illegal Purim partying Saturday as hundreds converge on Jaffa Flea Market, Times of Israel, 27 February 2021: Gantz, opposition scrutinize claim Haredim let into Israel while secular denied, Jerusalem Post, 28 February 2021: COVID crisis: Amid scenes of mass Purim gathering, ‘R’ approaches 1, Times of Israel, 28 February 2021: Mass gatherings in Jerusalem as thousands get together for banned Purim parties, Haaretz, 2 March 2021: Israel Rolls Out ‘Green Passport’ for Vaccinated. It’s a Security Disaster, Jerusalem Post, 4 March 2021: COVID-19: Haredim drift further from Israeli mainstream – opinion, Haaretz, 4 March 2021: Black Death Weakened the Catholic Church. COVID-19 Will Do the Same for Israel’s Rabbis, Times of Israel, 5 March 2021: As transmission rate rises above 1, virus czar says 4th lockdown a possibility, France24, 5 March 2021: Glimpse of normalcy: Hundreds of vaccinated Israelis attend Tel Aviv concert, Times of Israel, 5 March 2021: Tel Aviv hosts its first ‘Green Pass’ concert for the vaccinated, Jerusalem Post, 6 March 2021: Most red cities are Arab and Druze, says Arab sector commissioner, Haaretz, 7 March 2021: Israel Reopens Restaurants, Venues for Vaccinated, Lifts Restrictions on Arrivals, Times of Israel, 7 March 2021: Poll: Only 30% of Israelis see Arabs, ultra-Orthodox as integral part of society, Arab News, 7 March 2021: With many vaccinated, Israel reopens economy before election, Haaretz, 9 March 2021: The Weekend COVID-19 Changed the Jewish World Forever, Jerusalem Post, 11 March 2021: Coronavirus and the haredim: By the numbers, Times of Israel, 12 March 2021: Netanyahu speaks to Ukrainian leader, vows to renew Hassidic pilgrimages to Uman, Jerusalem Post, 12 March 2021: We must stop enabling haredi domination of religion and state – opinion, The Algemeiner, 13 March 2021: Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox Jews Get COVID Vaccine But Still Face Resentment, Jerusalem Post, 13 March 2021: Quebec’s Hasidic Jewish community submits challenge on COVID-19 curfew, Jerusalem Post, 18 March 2021: Coronavirus: Israel’s rule-breakers defend their right to party, Jerusalem Post, 18 March 2021: Israel post-COVID-19: Haredi integration or end of liberal democracy?, Haaretz, 19 March 2021: Coronavirus Israel Live: Cases Continue Decline as Nearly Half of Israelis Fully Vaccinated, Jerusalem Post, 21 March 2021: COVID-19: Israel’s tourism industry renovates for post-pandemic tourists, The Algemeiner, 26 March 2021: Israel Relaxes Into a Passover Much Freer of COVID Closures Than Last Year, Times of Israel, 27 March 2021: For Israelis, this year, Passover marks a celebration of freedom from virus, Israel Hayom, 2 April 2021: Christians mark Good Friday in Jerusalem as pandemic winds down, The New York Times, 3 April 2021: ‘Like a Miracle’: Israel’s Vaccine Success Allows Easter Crowds in Jerusalem, Jerusalem Post, 5 April 2021: Pfizer halts corona vaccine shipments to Israel after country fails to pay, Al Araby, 5 April 2021: Pfizer suspends Covid-19 vaccine shipments after ‘banana republic’ Israel fails to pay, Jerusalem Post, 6 April 2021: Coronavirus damage on economy is four times worse than 2008 crisis, Times of Israel, 9 April 2021: Pfizer said to warn Israel: Pay up or go to the back of vaccine line, The Atlantic, 9 April 2021: Hasidic, Devout, and Mad as Hell About COVID-19, Haaretz, 11 April 2021: Why Are 700,000 Doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Meant for Israel Being Held Up?, Al Arabiya, 13 April 2021: Israel reopening to foreign tourists after year-long break, Jerusalem Post, 16 April 2021: Hasidic pilgrimage worries Hungarian villagers under COVID strain, Jerusalem Post, 17 April 2021: Leader of anti-Zionist haredi group Neturei Karta dies from coronavirus, Jerusalem Post, 29 May 2021: NYC initiative partners with communities to fight hate crime, antisemitism), BBC, 29 April 2020: Greeks ponder ban on fax machines in state offices (Coronavirus: the best and most efficient structural reform helper ever. Great! Italy (and Germany as well) should watch carefully and learn), CNN, 29 April 2020: Deaths soar in country that didn’t lock down. Officials identify big reason why,, 29 April 2020: The world after coronavirus, France24, 29 April 2020: UK has second-highest Covid-19 death toll in Europe, new figures show, France24, 30 April 2020: Romania’s seasonal workers sidestep lockdown out of necessity, Jerusalem Post, 30 April 2020: European Investment Bank to assist Israeli bio-convergence research (when the EIB is able to provide financial assistance to any Asian country, then it should be no problem at all to provide comprehensive transfers to the southern states of the EU), BBC, 30 April 2020: Eurozone economy shrinks at record rate, The New York Times, 30 April 2020: As Several States Loosen Rules, California Closes Some Beaches,, 30 April 2020: Eurozone economy declines by record 3.8 percent in first quarter, Arab News, 30 April 2020: Germany leading the way in Europe’s virus battle, France24, 30 April 2020: ECB cranks up pandemic stimulus measures amid record economic downturn, BBC, 30 April 2020: New York funeral home puts corpses in lorries,, 30 April 2020: Spain’s economy suffers record 5.2 percent lockdown slump, The New York Times, 30 April 2020: European Slump Is Worst Since World War II, Reports Show, CNN, 30 April 2020: Welcome to the worst economy ever, The Guardian, 30 April 2020: Coronavirus latest: at a glance,, 30 April 2020: EU education funds targeted by cybercriminals, The New York Times, 30 April 2020: Trump Officials Are Said to Press Spies to Link Virus and Wuhan Labs, The Washington Post, 30 April 2020: U.S. crafting retaliatory actions against China over coronavirus as Trump fumes,, 30 April 2020: German ‘corona presidency’ plan pivots to crisis management, NPR, 30 April 2020: With Trump’s Coronavirus Response, U.S. Forfeits Global Leadership Role, CNN, 30 April 2020: Trump contradicts US intel community by claiming he’s seen evidence coronavirus originated in Chinese lab, The Washington Post, 30 April 2020: France is blaming the poor for their own deaths. But look at how it treats them.,CNN, 1 May 2020: Lessons from China: How global business has changed forever, France24, 1 May 2020: In May Day address, Macron warns that life won’t return to ‘normal’ after lockdown ends, BBC, 1 May 2020: World marks May Day amid pandemic – at a distance,, 1 May 2020: Spain predicts unemployment will hit 19 percent, The Guardian, 1 May 2020: Unemployment is ravaging America. Trump should be worried for November, The New York Times, 1 May 2020: Tensions Rise as Many States Move to Reopen Businesses,, 1 May 2020: Wearing a mask is for smug liberals. Refusing to is for reckless Republicans.,, 1 May 2020: Melinda Gates: European leaders ‘understand need for global cooperation’, The Washington Post, 1 May 2020: Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in Belarus, but its leader denies there is a problem,, 1 May 2020: NATO preparing for second wave of coronavirus infections: report, Reuters, 2 May 2020: UK shadows Italy as worst hit in Europe: virus death toll passes 28,000, The New York Times, 2 May 2020: New York: ‘We Cannot Let Up Now’ de Blasio Says, Reuters, 2 May 2020: New York’s Cuomo warns against ‘blindly’ reopening states, The New York Times, 2 May 2020: With Pressure Growing, Global Race for a Vaccine Intensifies,, 1 May 2020: ‘Armageddon in Atlantic City’: Trump’s former casino town facing ruin again, CNN, 1 May 2020: Lessons from China: How global business has changed forever, The Washington Post, 2 May 2020: The pandemic is a hard enough story for journalists to cover. Leaders like Trump make it harder., France24, 2 May 2020: Travellers face quarantine as France extends Covid-19 health emergency, Reuters, 2 May 2020: New York’s Cuomo warns against ‘blindly’ reopening states, France24, 2 May 2020: Faced with the Covid-19 crisis, the Italian mafia sees business opportunities, The Washington Post, 2 May 2020: Trump moves to replace HHS watchdog who found ‘severe shortages’ at hospitals fighting coronavirus, France24, 2 May 2020: France records lowest Covid-19 daily death toll since March 22, France24, 2 May 2020: Spainards flock outdoors as European countries ease lockdowns, The Washington Post, 2 May 2020: Boom-and-bust federal funding after 9/11 undercut hospitals’ preparedness, France24, 2 May 2020: Greece is beating Covid-19, but more economic pain beckons, The Guardian, 2 May 2020: Ireland extends Covid-19 lockdown to 18 May before phased exit, BBC, 2 May 2020: US reported death toll passes 65,000, CNN, 2 May 2020: Another wave of coronavirus will likely hit the US in the fall. 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when it comes to spreading fake news and lies), CNN, 8 May 2020: Bolsonaro continues to dismiss Covid-19 threat as cases skyrocket in Brazil,, 8 May 2020: Coronavirus prompts calls for ‘more Europe’ on health care,, 8 May 2020: Sassoli demands bigger European Parliament role in recovery plan, France24, 9 May 2020: US withdraws support for UN Security Council global ceasefire resolution, CNN, 9 May 2020: Coronavirus: Chinese official admits health system weaknesses, France24, 9 May 2020: France prepares to ease Covid-19 lockdown: What you need to know, CNN, 9 May 2020: Coronavirus: Obama calls US response ‘chaotic disaster’, France24, 9 May 2020: Obama calls Trump’s handling of pandemic a ‘chaotic disaster’, CNN, 9 May 2020: Obama says White House response to coronavirus has been ‘absolute chaotic disaster’, France24, 9 May 2020: Stewart prepared for first county wipeout since WWII, CNN, 9 May 2020: US blocks UN resolution on global coronavirus ceasefire after China pushes WHO mention, 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against the ‘liberal elite’, even now, NPR, 9 May 2020: Anti-Vaccination Activists Join Stay-At-Home Order Protesters, Arab News, 9 May 2020: Coronavirus crisis changing public attitudes in the Middle East, polls suggest, France24, 10 May 2020: Iranians fearful as virus infections rise anew, The Guardian, 10 May 2020: Foxtons becomes a self-preservation society as house sales drop off a cliff, BBC, 10 May 2020: Coronavirus: Number of global cases rises above four million, France24, 10 May 2020: Brazil tops 10,000 deaths from COVID-19, The Guardian, 10 May 2020: Under Trump, American exceptionalism means poverty, misery and death, BBC, 10 May 2020: Coronavirus: Germany infection rate rises as lockdown eases, The Guardian, 10 May 2020: Coronavirus live news: China reports possible new wave of cases; Germany sees infections rise again, The New York Times, 10 May 2020: Why the Road to Reopening New York Will Be So Hard, Haaretz, 10 May 2020: OU Lays Out Guidelines for Reopening U.S. Shuls, but No End in Sight for New York, The National, 10 May 2020: US jobless rate likely to be above 20% before Covid-19 lockdown ends, Gulf Times, 10 May 2020: Australia to open crippled economy, restore lost jobs, Times of Israel, 10 May 2020: Two ultra-Orthodox bastions account for 37% of Israel’s virus deaths, Jerusalem Post, 10 May 2020: Jewish, Christian congregations leaderless due to COVID-19 deaths,, 10 May 2020: Paolo Gentiloni: EU emergency finance has no ‘draconian’ strings attached, BBC, 10 May 2020: Boris Johnson speech: PM unveils ‘conditional plan’ to reopen society,, 10 May 2020: Brussels eyes a bigger EU shareholder role in the coronavirus recovery, The Guardian, 10 May 2020: Elites have failed us. It is time to create a European republic, France24, 10 May 2020: Covid-19: UK’s Johnson announces phased easing of lockdown,, 10 May 2020: Von der Leyen considers infringement proceedings after German court ruling, The Guardian, 10 May 2020: It’s no accident Britain and America are the world’s biggest coronavirus losers, BBC, 11 May 2020: Coronavirus: French passengers exempt from UK quarantine plans,, 11 May 2020: Snake oil, quackery and deglobalization, NPR, 11 May 2020: In Coronavirus War Of Words With The U.S., China Pulls No Punches, France24, 11 May 2020: New York City virus deaths may be thousands more than official toll: study,, 11 May 2020: New York City could begin to ease coronavirus restrictions in June, Haaretz, 11 May 2020: U.S. Jewish Institutions Not Rushing to Reopen, Despite White House Pressure, Times of Israel, 10 May 2020: ‘God is telling us something’: Deri says 70% of Israel’s virus cases are Haredim,, 11 May 2020: Europe fears coronavirus second wave, CNN, 12 May 2020: Fauci tells Congress that states face serious consequences if they reopen too quickly, The Guardian, 12 May 2020: Trump is making America an obstacle in the global fight against Covid-19, The National, 12 May 2020: Coronavirus: Dubai releases post-Ramadan ‘reopening’ plan for malls and offices, The Washington Post, 12 May 2020: U.S. death toll surpasses 80,000, France24, 12 May 2020: How contagious? Conspiracies, lies and the Covid-19 ‘infodemic’, CNN, 12 May 2020: Putin’s coronavirus crisis deepens with fatal hospital fire and spokesman’s diagnosis,, 12 May 2020: The epidemic Russia doesn’t want to talk about, The Guardian, 12 May 2020: UK rail worker dies of coronavirus after being spat at while on duty, Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light (due to the corona pandemic, the Eurovision will be broadcasted in a correspondingly adapted format in Europe, Australia and Israel. They should have come up with this idea a few years earlier), France24, 13 May 2020: ‘World’s highest death rate’: Brazil’s nurses protest as fatalities mount, CNN, 13 May 2020: Europe promises to reopen for summer tourism in wake of coronavirus, France24, 13 May 2020: Saving summer: EU proposes three-stage plan to boost tourism amid Covid-19, CNN, 13 May 2020: Europe promises to reopen for summer tourism in wake of coronavirus, BBC, 13 May 2020: Coronavirus: Tui urges opening up tourism to safer countries,, 13 May 2020: De Blasio hails House stimulus package that would give NYC $17B, CNN, 13 May 2020: GLOBAL LIVE EU: We ‘will not go back to business as usual soon’, BBC, 13 May 2020: We will have summer tourist season, promises EU, France24, 13 May 2020: French pharma giant Sanofi to give US preference on future Covid-19 vaccine, France24, 14 May 2020: Covid-19: Sanofi backpedals on US vaccine priority after French outrage,, 14 May 2020: Sanofi faces more heat in France after CEO’s vaccine comments, France24, 14 May 2020: Coronavirus ‘may never go away’, WHO says, France24, 14 May 2020: Lebanon brings back lockdown for four days as IMF mulls $10 billion aid package, France24, 14 May 2020: Italy approves long-awaited €55 billion bailout package after two-month lockdown, BBC, 15 May 2020: Coronavirus pushes German economy into recession, France24, 15 May 2020: Populism and the pandemic: The great divide in Brazil, BBC, 15 May 2020: Coronavirus: Brazil’s Bolsonaro sees second health minister quit, France24, 15 May 2020: ‘We’ll bounce back’: New Yorkers face further lockdown extension, The Guardian, 15 May 2020: ‘The ship is sinking’: Bolsonaro battles to block foul-mouthed cabinet video, NPR, 15 May 2020: Police Back Off From Social Distancing Enforcement, BBC, 15 May 2020: Coronavirus: 14,000 lockdown-breach fines imposed, France24, 15 May 2020: Ethnic minorities in UK, US pay hefty price in Covid-19 crisis,, 15 May 2020: Get ready for a two-speed recovery, BBC, 15 May 2020: Coronavirus infection ‘R’ rate in UK creeps up, NPR, 15 May 2020: Northeast: Coronavirus-Related Restrictions By State, CNN, 15 May 2020: German cafe tells customers to wear pool noodles to enforce social distancing, The Guardian, 15 May 2020: World looks on in horror as Trump flails over pandemic despite claims US leads way, Irish Times, 15 May 2020: Coronavirus: Further 16 deaths in Ireland as confirmed cases approach 24,000, The Washington Post, 15 May 2020: Noose, ax, Trump-inspired insults: Protesters ramp up violent rhetoric, Al Arabiya, 15 May 2020: Coronavirus: Abu Dhabi businesses to reopen, employees to resume workplace attendance,, 15 May 2020: Criminals poised to take advantage of coronavirus crisis, NPR, 15 May 2020: Germany, Europe’s Largest Economy, Enters Recession Due To Coronavirus, The New York Times, 15 May 2020: The Richest Neighborhoods Emptied Out Most as Coronavirus Hit New York City, The Washington Post, 15 May 2020: Europeans emerging from lockdowns are wary of the cheek kiss, Times of Israel, 15 May 2020: US Orthodox rabbis split over resuming communal prayer amid virus fears, Al Arabiya, 15 May 2020: Coronavirus: Restaurants use mannequins, dolls to fill ‘social distancing’ voids, Arab News, 15 May 2020: Governments take measured steps to jumpstart economies amid coronavirus fears, DW, 15 May 2020: Which European Union countries are open for summer tourism?, The National, 15 May 2020: Iran and Italy cited by numerous countries as the source of cross-border infection, Arab News, 16 May 2020: From China to Saudi Arabia: Doctor fights COVID-19 on frontline, The National, 16 May 2020: Coronavirus: Fears grow as pandemic reaches Rohingya camps, CNN, 16 May 2020: Deserted Venice contemplates a future without tourist hordes after Covid-19, The Guardian, 16 May 2020: Barack Obama attacks Trump administration’s response to coronavirus pandemic, France24, 17 May 2020: Obama renews his attack on President Trump’s Covid-19 response, CNN, 17 May 2020: Exclusive: Lack of immunity means China is vulnerable to another wave of coronavirus, top adviser warns, BBC, 17 May 2020: Coronavirus: Obama criticises Trump administration’s virus response, CNN, 17 May 2020: Coronavirus has devastated Moscow. Now it’s spreading across Russia’s 11 time zones to ill-funded regions, The Guardian, 17 May 2020: Trump, Putin and Bolsonaro have been complacent. Now the pandemic has made them all vulnerable, CNN, 17 May 2020: Obama criticizes leadership on coronavirus response, gives three pieces of advice in virtual commencement addresses, Washington Post, 17 May 2020: Obama criticizes nation’s leaders for bungled handling of coronavirus pandemic, BBC, 17 May 2020: Coronavirus: Brazil overtakes Spain and Italy as new cases grow, Reuters, 17 May 2020: EU’s Vestager: Discrepancy in state aid distorts single market, hampers recovery, The Guardian, 17 May 2020: Coronavirus live news: daily death tolls fall in UK, Spain and Italy, France24, 17 May 2020: Sweden’s Covid-19 strategy has caused an ‘amplification of the epidemic’, CNN, 17 May 2020: Obama reminds us what a US president should sound like, France24, 17 May 2020: France’s medieval chateaus reopen to tourists after two months of lockdown, CNN, 18 May 2020: Germany and France try to break deadlock over how to rescue the EU, France24, 18 May 2020: Japan slips into recession due to Covid-19 crisis, worst yet to come, BBC, 18 May 2020: Coronavirus: France and Germany propose €500bn recovery fund, France24, 18 May 2020: Covid-19: France and Germany propose €500 billion EU recovery fund (in the end, the Federal Constitutional Court’s political judgment, which was influenced by lobbyists, did something good by strengthening the EU and financing the corona recovery funds through the EU budget instead of the ECB, which gives full democratic legitimacy. Some nationalists will now suffer heart attacks (a classic win-win situation. With Corona, they have already found the next field in which they can and will lose in the future), especially since their whining, complaining and howling of the past few years has only led to one thing, namely to an even stronger integration of the EU and especially the Eurozone and that is a good thing), The Guardian, 18 May 2020: Merkel and Macron propose €500bn EU rescue fund, The New York Times, 18 May 2020: Germany and France Propose $545 Billion Coronavirus Fund for Europe: Live Coverage (Merkel and Macron have now delivered a very respectable, solidary and future-oriented solution. Now the 25 others are about to do the same. It was also a tactical highlight: if the plan works as suggested, Merkel and Macron are the saviors of the euro. If it doesn’t work, the others have screwed it up. It remains exciting and interesting. In any case, one would like to see the Berlin-Paris tandem more often leading the pack then as been haunted by the pack),, 18 May 2020: Berlin buckles on bonds in €500B Franco-German recovery plan, France24, 18 May 2020: Europeans savour lockdown easing, but elsewhere virus cases surge, BBC, 18 May 2020: Europe’s supercomputers hijacked by attackers for crypto mining, France24, 18 May 2020: As US claims WHO ‘failure’, UN chief scolds countries that ‘ignored’ its warnings, Arab News, 18 May 2020: Arab countries of North Africa feel coronavirus’ economic pain, The Guardian, 18 May 2020: Coronavirus live news: Italy begins reopening bars and cafes as rate of deaths and new infections falls again, The New York Times, 18 May 2020: Brooklyn ZIP Code Has N.Y.C.’s Highest Death Rate: Live Updates,, 18 May 2020: In Europe, they’re burning witches again, Irish Times, 18 May 2020: European project and Ursula von der Leyen face an existential threat in Covid-19, The New York Times, 18 May 2020: Isolated Key West Will Reopen. For Some People, It Will Be Too Late., France24, 19 May 2020: As US claims WHO ‘failure’, UN chief scolds countries that ‘ignored’ its warnings, BBC, 19 May 2020: US slams WHO as ‘puppet of China’ (Putin’s puppet in the White House is trying to slam the WHO, to try to destored from his completely failed coronavirus response. Pretty funny), France24, 19 May 2020: Trump threatens to permanently cut off US funding to WHO over handling of Covid-19 outbreak,, 19 May 2020: Merkel’s milestone moment, The National, 19 May 2020: Coronavirus: Is Angela Merkel’s solution to EU’s problems feasible?, France24, 19 May 2020: WHO members agree to independent investigation of Covid-19 response, CNN, 19 May 2020: Europe promises to reopen for summer tourism in wake of coronavirus,, 19 May 2020: Ischinger: German-French recovery plan could transform EU and seal Merkel’s legacy,, 19 May 2020: Don’t save the economy. Change the economy.,, 19 May 2020: Franco-German recovery deal meets resistance,, 20 May 2020: German conservatives’ eurobond awakening,, 20 May 2020: Italian PM: Franco-German recovery deal is not enough, Palestine News Network, 20 May 2020: EU, Finland and Italy provide €17 million to East Jerusalem Hospitals, Politico, 20 May 2020: Merkel warns against protectionism in face of coronavirus recession, France24, 21 May 2020: Spain to extend lockdown to June 6 despite outcry from protesters and right-wing opposition, BBC, 21 May 2020: Alarm as crowds flock to European beaches, CNN, 21 May 2020: Trump heads to Michigan as Washington fails in pandemic battle, The Guardian, 21 May 2020: Face masks and no duty free: EU issues coronavirus air safety guidelines, Politico, 21 May 2020: Juncker: EU internal border closures ‘nonsense’ (the Trump administration has announced, that the travel restrictions from Europe to the US will remain in place. The exorbitantly high number of Covid-19 infected and killed in the US given, there will be very few Europeans who would accept the risk of entering the US anyway. In this respect, it’s obviuosly just another misleading election campaign stunt by the Trump administration, to distract Trump voters from the real reasons why Europeans don’t travel to the United States at the moment), CNN, 22 May 2020: Wilson Jerman: Ex-White House butler dies of coronavirus, The Guardian, 22 May 2020: We lived the European dream. Will any politician stand up for open borders?, Der Spiegel, 22 May 2020: Half a Trillion Euros: Merkel and Macron Find the Strength for Europe, Der Spiegel, 22 May 2020: “Times of Struggle”: France and Germany Show the Way Forward in the COVID-19 Crisis,, 22 May 2020: This isn’t Europe’s ‘Hamilton’ moment, The Guardian, 22 May 2020: No masks allowed: stores turn customers away in US culture war, BBC, 23 May 2020: Anti-lockdown car protest draws thousands, CNN, 23 May 2020: Bolsonaro calls coronavirus a ‘little flu.’ Inside Brazil’s hospitals, doctors know the horrifying reality, The New York Times, 23 May 2020: As U.S. Nears 100,000 Deaths, Pandemic Swells in South America,, 23 May 2020: ‘Frugal four’ propose ‘loans for loans’ approach to coronavirus recovery fund, France24, 24 May 2020: New York Times marks grim Covid-19 milestone with 1,000 obituaries, The Guardian, 24 May 2020: Sweden ‘wrong’ not to shut down, says former state epidemiologist,, 24 May 2020: Trump ‘has a point’ on WHO, German health minister says,, 24 May 2020: How Russia’s coronavirus crisis got so bad, The Guardian, 25 May 2020: The Guardian view on Europe and Covid-19: time for true solidarity,, 24 May 2020: American nationalists’ European vacation, Irish Times, 25 May 2020: EU divisions laid bare by ‘frugal four’ Covid recovery proposal, The Guardian, 26 May 2020: Coronavirus live news: Putin says Russia past peak of outbreak despite highest daily death toll, CNN, 26 May 2020: The EU is still divided over coronavirus relief. That could tear it apart, The Guardian, 26 May 2020: Franco-German plan for European recovery will face compromises, The Washington Post, 26 May 2020: The coronavirus pandemic will turn into a poverty pandemic unless we act now, The Guardian, 26 May 2020: Coronavirus US live: Trump pushes conspiracy theory and mask politics as death toll approaches 100,000, France24, 27 May 2020: EU Commission proposes €750 billion recovery fund in wake of Covid-19 crisis (as if she had read what was already outlined earlier in this blog entry. Congratulations to this sensationally good proposal with a lot of foresight and future orientation or according to the American motto “go big or go home!”), BBC, 27 May 2020: Von der Leyen calls €750bn recovery fund ‘Europe’s moment’, CNN, 27 May 2020: EU plans to raise $825 billion for coronavirus relief. Hard-hit countries need help soon, The Guardian, 27 May 2020: European commission: ‘Defining moment’ as EU executive pushes for €500bn in grants,, 27 May 2020: European Commission proposes €750B EU recovery package, The New York Times, 27 May 2020: A €750 Billion Virus Recovery Plan Thrusts Europe Into a New Frontier, The Washington Post, 27 May 2020: Pandemic has exposed nation’s vulnerabilities and dangerous divide,, 27 May 2020: Germany’s Scholz sees recovery fund as more than money, The New York Times, 27 May 2020: Coronavirus in N.Y.: Live Update, The Washington Post, 27 May 2020: E.U. proposes $825 billion coronavirus rescue plan giving Brussels power to raise money for first time, BBC, 28 May 2020: EU budget: Who pays most in and who gets most back?, The National, 28 May 2020: Europe prepares to reopen: the travel restrictions in place for the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, France24, 29 May 2020: Covid-19: Divided States of America, The Guardian, 29 May 2020: Norway and Denmark drop mutual border controls – but exclude Sweden, Arab News, 29 May 2020: Turkey eases coronavirus restrictions amid economic concerns,, 29 May 2020: Back off, Trump. Germany wants to Make Europe Strong Again, The Guardian, 29 May 2020: Coronavirus live news: Donald Trump says US is ending WHO relationship, Arab News, 29 May 2020: UAE to shorten COVID-19 prevention curfew by two hours, The Washington Post, 29 May 2020: Europeans emerging from lockdowns find conspicuous absence of Americans, Al Arabiya, 29 May 2020: Saudi Arabia sets guidelines for malls, industrial sector, as it reopens, Arab News, 29 May 2020: Saudi Arabia records more COVID-19 recoveries than infections in past 24 hours, The National, 29 May 2020: United Nations initiative will help countries tackle trade and transport challenges, The Hill, 29 May 2020: Cuomo: New York City on track to start reopening week of June 8, Al Arabiya, 29 May 2020: New York City is on track to lift coronavirus restrictions on June 8, The Guardian, 29 May 2020: Which European countries are easing travel restrictions?, NPR, 29 May 2020: OPINION: The Ghosts Of Colonialism Are Haunting The World’s Response To The Pandemic, France24, 30 May 2020: EU urges Trump to reconsider decision to end US relationship with WHO,, 30 May 2020: Don’t treat Italy as a leper colony due to coronavirus, says minister, CNN, 30 May 2020: Which international destinations are reopening to tourists?,, 30 May 2020: Nordic neighbors say no thanks to Swedish tourists, The New York Times, 30 May 2020: How We Broke the World, France24, 31 May 2020: Masks and no ablution: Saudis flock to reopened mosques,, 31 May 2020: Trump’s national security adviser chief slams WHO as ‘corrupt’ (it is amazing to see what cheekiness and audacity the thoroughly corrupt and criminal Trump administration is showing), Arab News, 31 May 2020: Abu Dhabi bans travel in, out and within emirate to limit coronavirus spread, The Guardian, 31 May 2020: ‘People are going to go hungry’: pandemic effects could leave 54m Americans without food, Arab News, 31 May 2020: Saudi Arabia reopens mosques after 2 month coronavirus lockdown, Al Arabiya, 31 May 2020: Coronavirus: New York finance industry won’t recover until 2026, report says, The Guardian, 1 June 2020: Coronavirus will haunt US economy for a decade and wipe out $8tn, says CBO,, 1 June 2020: Mass protests could undo hard-won progress in pandemic, NPR, 1 June 2020: Northeast: Coronavirus-Related Restrictions By State, Der Spiegel, 2 June 2020: Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz: “The EU Consists of More than Just Two Member States”, The Guardian, 2 June 2020: Global report: Germany eases travel ban and cafe culture returns to Paris, The Guardian, 3 June 2020: We should have done more, admits architect of Sweden’s Covid-19 strategy, France24, 3 June 2020: Global vaccine group urges virus solidarity ahead of summit, DW, 3 June 2020: Coronavirus latest: Germany to scrap EU travel warnings by mid-June, The Guardian, 3 June 2020: The pandemic is being used as cover for a no-deal Brexit,, 3 June 2020: Germany to greenlight tourist travel to 31 European countries from mid-June, BBC, 3 June 2020: Sweden’s Tegnell admits too many died, The Guardian, 4 June 2020: Coronavirus live news: Germany reveals major stimulus plan as global cases grow by 100,000 a day, France24, 4 June 2020: Germany unveils 130-bn stimulus to kickstart virus-hit economy (that’s a really good signal for Germany),, 4 June 2020: Belgium loosening lockdown but crisis not over yet, PM warns, BBC, 4 June 2020: Eurozone in fresh emergency action to boost economy,, 4 June 2020: German coalition agrees €130B economic rescue package, The Guardian, 4 June 2020: How a small Spanish town became one of Europe’s worst Covid-19 hotspots,, 4 June 2020: UK and EU clash over British share of COVID-19 fund, NPR, 5 June 2020: How A Historic LA Guitar Shop Is Fighting To Stay Afloat During The Pandemic, The Guardian, 5 June 2020: Global report: South Africa records biggest jump in Covid-19 cases since pandemic hit,, 5 June 2020: EU eyes return to free travel by early July, DW, 5 June 2020: EU sets up financial crime unit in pandemic-hit economy, The Guardian, 6 June 2020: Merkel among winners as Europeans give verdict on anti-Covid battles, The Guardian, 6 June 2020: Europe’s big two kiss and make up for pandemic rescue deal, The New York Times, 7 June 2020: Mayor de Blasio, Don’t Make New York’s Budget Crisis Worse, France24, 7 June 2020: Is Germany’s ‘colossal’ recovery plan a role model for other coronavirus-hit economies?, BBC, 8 June 2020: New Zealand lifts all Covid restrictions, declaring the nation virus-free, The Guardian, 8 June 2020: World Bank warns Covid-19 pandemic risks dramatic rise in poverty, The New York Times, 8 June 2020: New York City Begins to Reopen, 100 Days After Its First Case, CNN, 9 June 2020: The illegal industry booming under lockdown in South Africa, NPR, 9 June 2020: U.N. Chief: Security Council Gridlock Blocks Effective Coronavirus Response,, 10 June 2020: Trump’s Scottish golf courses in line for £1M from corona bailout, BBC, 10 June 2020: Coronavirus: UK economy could be worst hit among leading nations, says OECD, The Guardian, 10 June 2020: EU says China behind ‘huge wave’ of Covid-19 disinformation, The New York Times, 10 June 2020: As U.S. Reopens, Some States See Virus Cases Rise,, 10 June 2020: European Commission accuses China of peddling disinformation, BBC, 10 June 2020: Outlook for virus-hit global economy ‘dire’, The New York Times, 10 June 2020: Threat of Military Action Rattles Brazil as Virus Deaths Surge, The Washington Post, 10 June 2020: Coronavirus hospitalizations rise sharply in several states, Gulf Times, 10 June 2020: Airlines set for ‘worst year’ on record; long road ahead for recovery, The Guardian, 11 June 2020: As lockdown slowly lifts in New York, the new normal is profoundly unsettling, France24, 13 June 2020: Beijing district on lockdown after coronavirus spike shuts market, BBC, 13 June 2020: Fear of second wave in Beijing after market outbreak, The Guardian, 13 June 2020: Argentina pastor turns church into bar in protest at uneven coronavirus restrictions, The Washington Post, 13 June 2020: Beijing goes into ‘wartime mode’ as virus emerges at market, Arab News, 13 June 2020: EU agrees purchase of 300 million coronavirus vaccine doses, Jerusalem Post, 13 June 2020: Brazil’s COVID-19 deaths surge past UK, now second in the world, France24, 14 June 2020: China reports highest number of new Covid-19 cases in two months,, 14 June 2020: Europe’s country-by-country travel restrictions explained, The National, 14 June 2020: Europe stands united with fiscal support package of requisite magnitude, IMF says,, 14 June 2020: Europe’s country-by-country travel restrictions explained, France24, 15 June 2020: Grand reopening? FRANCE 24 and Deutsche Welle at France-Germany border, France24, 15 June 2020: German tourists fly in to Mallorca in post-COVID test, France24, 15 June 2020: White House reporters hailed as ‘information heroes’, The Guardian, 15 June 2020: Germany and France reopen borders as Europe emerges from lockdown, France24, 15 June 2020: ‘Symbolic’ moment: Freedom of movement returns to Europe as borders re-open, France24, 16 June 2020: Italy’s Conte says EU virus recovery funds will be spent wisely, BBC, 16 June 2020: US retail sales in record monthly rebound, The Washington Post, 16 June 2020: Brazil ignored the warnings. Now, while other countries fret over a second coronavirus wave, it can’t get past its first.,, 16 June 2020: New factions emerge in EU recovery fund fight, DW, 17 June 2020: Over 600 people test positive at German slaughterhouse, CNN, 17 June 2020: Days before Trump rally, Tulsa sets daily record for confirmed coronavirus cases, The Guardian, 17 June 2020: While other countries are recovering from Covid-19, Britain is still in intensive care, The Guardian, 18 June 2020: Global report: Germany orders local Covid-19 lockdowns as Spain boosts tourism sector,, 18 June 2020: Merkel: Coronavirus pandemic revealed Europe’s fragility, DW, 18 June 2020: Coronavirus latest: Germany imposes quarantines to counter fresh outbreaks, Arab News, 18 June 2020: EU leaders under pressure as bloc approaches crossroads, The Guardian, 18 June 2020: The end of tourism?, The National, 18 June 2020: Coronavirus: Nato to begin stockpiling medical equipment, CNN, 19 June 2020: Beijing’s new outbreak is a reminder to the world that coronavirus can return at anytime, The Guardian, 19 June 2020: Anxiety in Beijing as officials battle new coronavirus outbreak, DW, 20 June 2020: Coronavirus latest: Fresh clusters raise Germany’s reproduction rate, DW, 20 June 2020: Egypt tries to restart tourism during coronavirus pandemic, DW, 20 June 2020: Germany: Quarantined housing block residents attack police, Al Arabiya, 21 June 2020: Palestinian Authority closes two West Bank cities after coronavirus spike, The New York Times, 21 June 2020: Coronavirus: U.S. Cases Surge, With Clusters Linked to Bars and Parties, France24, 21 June 2020: Dutch arrest dozens at virus protest clashes, The Washington Post, 21 June 2020: Trump says he told officials to slow testing to find fewer cases, France24, 22 June 2020: Saudi Arabia to severely limit Hajj attendance over Covid-19 fears, The Washington Post, 22 June 2020: In countries keeping the coronavirus at bay, experts watch U.S. case numbers with alarm, BBC, 22 June 2020: Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia bars international pilgrims for Hajj,, 22 June 2020: The Rock and Ursula von der Leyen to co-host corona event, NPR, 22 June 2020: Remembering Front-Line Workers Lost To COVID-19, The New York Times, 22 June 2020: Saudi Arabia Will Sharply Limit Hajj Pilgrimage, The Washington Post, 22 June 2020: The U.S. is falling behind its peers. Americans — if not their leaders — are starting to notice., BBC, 23 June 2020: Coronavirus: German outbreak sparks fresh local lockdowns, France24, 23 June 2020: Germany reimposes local lockdowns after regional coronavirus outbreak, BBC, 23 June 2020: Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro ordered to wear mask in public, CNN, 23 June 2020: Fauci concerned by ‘disturbing surge in infections’, The Guardian, 23 June 2020: Europeans believe in more cohesion despite EU’s Covid-19 failings, The New York Times, 23 June 2020: E.U. May Exclude U.S. as It Reopens Borders, Citing Failures on Virus, DW, 23 June 2020: Coronavirus latest: Hotspots flare in Europe and US, The New York Times, 23 June 2020: E.U. May Exclude U.S. as It Reopens Borders, Citing Failures on Virus,, 23 June 2020: America out, China in as EU looks to reopen external borders, CNN, 24 June 2020: A European ban on US travelers would send a humbling message, BBC, 24 June 2020: Coronavirus: New York imposes quarantine on nine US states, CNN, 24 June 2020: Texas governor urges people to stay home as states report surges of new Covid-19 cases, The Guardian, 24 June 2020: On different planets: how Germany tackled the pandemic, and Britain flailed, The New York Times, 24 June 2020: Surging Cases Set Records in Several States; Markets Drop Sharply, The Washington Post, 24 June 2020: The High Line has been sidelined. When it reopens, New Yorkers may get the park they always wanted., France24, 25 June 2020: Germany and France shore up support for WHO, seek ‘global answer’ to Covid-19, The Guardian, 25 June 2020: Trump administration sent $1.4bn in stimulus checks to dead people, BBC, 25 June 2020: Coronavirus: ‘Very significant’ resurgences in Europe alarm WHO, The New York Times, 25 June 2020: U.S. Cases Are Probably 10 Times Higher Than Reported, C.D.C. Says, BBC, 26 June 2020: Coronavirus: Sweden says WHO made ‘total mistake’ by including it in warning, France24, 26 June 2020: US has ‘serious problem’ with resurgent coronavirus, Fauci warns, BBC, 26 June 2020: Coronavirus: US has ‘serious problem’, says Fauci, New York Times, 26 June 2020: E.U. Plans to Bar Most U.S. Travelers When Bloc Reopens, BBC, 26 June 2020: Coronavirus: US hits record high in daily cases, New York Times, 26 June 2020: Fauci Urgently Warns of New Outbreaks as Pence Praises Response, The Washington Post, 26 June 2020: Europe prepares to reopen to foreign travelers, but Americans don’t even figure into the discussion, France24, 27 June 2020: Covid-19: Buenos Aires to reimpose lockdown after rise in coronavirus cases, Forbes, 27 May 2020: Canada Opens Door To International Students While U.S. Shuts It, Irish Times, 27 June 2020: Angela Merkel: UK will have to live with consequences of looser ties with EU, BBC, 27 June 2020: Coronavirus: UK to open up European holidays from 6 July, France24, 28 June 2020: Under pressure Johnson to launch UK post-virus spending drive, BBC, 28 June 2020: Number of virus infections tops 10m worldwide, France24, 28 June 2020: Virtual summit of world leaders, celebrities raises nearly $7 billion for Covid-19, The New York Times, 28 June 2020: Tensions and Risks Grow as U.S. Testing Sites Are Overwhelmed, France24, 28 June 2020: Global coronavirus cases top 10 million led by the United States, The Washington Post, 28 June 2020: With Trump leading the way, record surge in new infections exposes failures in U.S. response, France24, 28 June 2020: EU nears deal on opening borders that is likely to exclude US, Russia, Brazil, The Guardian, 29 June 2020: Poland should get less from Covid-19 fund due to rights record, claim EU member states (rightly so. As the Poles claim that they are a Christian nation (according to their reactions on the migratin crsis, they don’t even have the slightest idea what Christian values are), they should know the biblical “eye for an eye” concept pretty well), France24, 29 June 2020: As deaths reach half-million, some countries accused of hiding pandemic’s true cost, CNN, 29 June 2020: More than 500,000 people have been killed by Covid-19. A quarter of them are Americans, The Guardian, 29 June 2020: Europeans’ trust in US as world leader collapses during pandemic, NPR, 29 June 2020: Former NIH Director Calls Trump Administration’s Pandemic Response ‘Amateur Hour’, The New York Times, 29 June 2020: Supreme Court Strikes Down Louisiana Abortion Restrictions, The Guardian, 30 June 2020: US buys up world stock of key Covid-19 drug remdesivir (the EU and Canada should first drive up prices so that the Trump administration has to pay properly and then suddenly drop out of the bidding process in order to ultimately be able to achieve much cheaper purchase prices for themselves), DW, 30 June 2020: Opinion: Angela Merkel’s moment to define the EU’s future, BBC, 30 June 2020: Fauci warns of 100,000 US cases per day, CNN, 30 June 2020: One graphic explains why Americans are facing an EU travel ban,, 30 June 2020: EU’s travel safe list emerges from battle for national interests, France24, 1 July 2020: Fauci says new US cases of Covid-19 could double to 100,000 per day, DW, 1 July 2020: Angela Merkel’s last EU Council Presidency — what to expect, The Guardian, 1 July 2020: US reports record one-day increase in Covid-19 cases as Trump stays silent, France24, 1 July 2020: Germany assumes EU presidency as Merkel pushes for massive bloc-wide recovery plan (it is becoming increasingly clear that it is once again time for big pictures and visions of an integrated EU and that real leaders must courageously go ahead, take the EU population with them, animate them, cheer them up – just as outstanding coaches in team sports have to do it in order to ultimately win the trophy. Because of and through Corona, the EU has once again been “given” a time window for major changes. This means that the most important basic requirements are already in place: money is there, there is general consensus, there is a spirit of optimism right up to impatience, and there is pressure to change for years. There is a lot to do, but it can be taken as a very positive challenge because it means work for everyone. What does it start with? Development clear specifications and requirements for the individual departments (economy, education, social issues, environment, digitization, EU defense etc.). After that, only one thing is missing, namely the starting shot! It is actually very simple and only needs to be done), The Guardian, 1 July 2020: Trump attacks plan to paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ outside his New York City home – live, The New York Times, 1 July 2020: New York City and California Pull Back on Reopening as U.S. Cases Surge, NPR, 1 July 2020: Green, Yellow, Orange Or Red? 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These Charts Show Why., The Washington Post, 2 July 2020: Live updates: ‘We are not flattening the curve,’ official says as Florida reveals 10,000 new covid-19 cases, NPR, 2 July 2020: How Chile Ended Up With One Of The Highest COVID-19 Rates, The New York Times, 2 July 2020: Virus Spiraling Out of Control in U.S., June Data Show, The Washington Post, 2 July 2020: Pandemic will scar U.S. labor market for the next decade, agency says, USA Today, 2 July 2020: College students going to ‘COVID parties’ to see who gets sick first, Alabama officials say, Times of Israel, 3 July 2020: Cyprus says it won’t waive quarantine requirement for Israeli tourists, The New York Times, 3 July 2020: European Workers Draw Paychecks. American Workers Scrounge for Food.,, 3 July 2020: European Parliament leaders in Spanish spat, DW, 4 July 2020: Donald Trump slams ‘far-left fascism’ at Mt. Rushmore speech for July 4 (fortunately, our freak shows are not called Trump, but instead AfD, NPD, Reichsbürger, Rassemblement National, Partij voor de Vrijheid, Fidesz, PiS, English Defense League and how else Europe’s anti-constitutional and democratic freak shows, racists and fascists call/name themselves. So there is little reason for arrogance as long as we don’t get our own extremists under control), France24, 4 July 2020: England’s pubs, restaurants and hairdressers reopen as Covid-19 lockdown eases, DW, 4 July 2020: Opinion: Donald Trump is in crisis mode, BBC, 4 July 2020: People head to pubs as England’s lockdown eases, France24, 4 July 2020: Paris’s Louvre reopens on Monday after lockdown losses of ‘over €40 million’, BBC, 4 July 2020: Coronavirus clouds US 4 July Independence Day events, CNN, 4 July 2020: The UK is reopening for business. London may never be the same, France24, 4 July 2020: As much of US marks a muted Independence Day, Trump encourages big parties, CNN, 4 July 2020: Cracks in the Trump-Europe relationship are turning into a chasm, France24, 4 July 2020: Catalonia places 200,000 people under new lockdown following Covid-19 surge, CNN, 4 July 2020: Plastic screens, tracings apps and table service. 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The necessary literature is available in European university libraries as well. Only the study experience and networking in the US cannot be replaced by online studies. Foreign students spend approximately $ 45 billion annually. They will be missing in the future), France24, 7 July 2020: US says foreign students whose classes move online due to Covid-19 have to leave, CNN, 7 July 2020: There are more than 1 million international students in the US. Here’s where they’re from, BBC, 7 July 2020: Wuhan: City of silence, CNN, 7 July 2020: Trump administration begins formal withdrawal from World Health Organization, The New York Times, 7 July 2020: U.S. Gives Formal Notice of Withdrawal From W.H.O., Effective 2021, The Guardian, 7 July 2020: Americans can’t travel to Europe because of Covid-19. I’m glad,, 7 July 2020: EU foresees worse economic slide, warns of more lockdowns, Irish Times, 7 July 2020: The Irish Times view on the dual threat of coronavirus and Brexit,, 7 July 2020: Why the recovery fund won’t work, Arab News, 7 July 2020: Saudi Arabia records 3,392 new COVID-19 cases, BBC, 8 July 2020: How Covid-19 has changed grocery shopping,, 8 July 2020: Merkel looks east as ties fray between Germany and US, Al Jazeera, 9 July 2020: In Pictures: Belgrade protest over COVID-19 curfew turns violent, Jerusalem Post, 9 July 2020: Two Israelis arrested in Belgrade during anti-lockdown protests, DW, 9 July 2020: People die as Donald Trump lets the pandemic rage, The National, 9 July 2020: Beyond the Headlines: how did the US coronavirus outbreak become the world’s worst?,, 9 July 2020: Merkel sees tough road to EU budget and recovery deal, France24, 9 July 2020: Warning of possible virus resurgence, France rules out another ‘total lockdown’, BBC, 9 July 2020: Coronavirus: Serbia scraps curfew plan for Belgrade after protests,, 9 July 2020: European Parliament clashes with Merkel over rule of law in budget talks, The Guardian, 9 July 2020: South Africa warns of coronavirus ‘storm’ as outbreak accelerates across continent, The New York Times, 9 July 2020: U.S. Hits Another Daily Record for Cases, Its 6th in 10 Days, The Washington Post, 9 July 2020: Covid-19 pandemic creates openings for extremism worldwide, analysts warn, France24, 10 July 2020: WHO special envoy on Covid-19 ‘extremely worried’ about rise in cases worldwide, France24, 10 July 2020: Serbia drops plans for reimposed lockdown after days of violent protests, CNN, 10 July 2020: The US is diving into a dark Covid hole — and there’s no plan to get out (is the reelection actually worth 200,000 corona dead?), France24, 11 July 2020: Disney World reopens as US virus death toll surges, NPR, 11 July 2020: Masks And Mouse Ears: Disney World Reopens As Coronavirus Cases Climb In Florida, The New York Times, 11 July 2020: Disney World Opens Its Gates, With Virus Numbers Rising, CNN, 11 July 2020: ‘Please help us, we are abandoned here.’ Thousands of Moroccan seasonal workers stranded in Spain, The Guardian, 11 July 2020: Coronavirus live news: Trump makes first public outing in mask while global deaths tally over 560,000, The Washington Post, 11 July 2020: Stay away from South Carolina, CNN, 11 July 2020: ‘You cannot fight the pandemic with lies’ — Angela Merkel knows how to insert a dagger, The Washington Post, 11 July 2020: Economic recovery may be fizzling as disruption from virus lingers, The Guardian, 11 July 2020: Global ‘catastrophe’ looms as Covid-19 fuels inequality, DW, 11 July 2020: Foreign students in US face ‘huge amount of stress and fear’ after visa change, CNN, 11 July 2020: America’s passport now as weak as Mexico’s, The Guardian, 11 July 2020: Serbian police arrest 71 in coronavirus protests, CNN, 12 July 2020: Before the virus, Asia’s ecosystems were buckling under overtourism. When the tourists return, it has to be different, BBC, 12 July 2020: Florida sets new state daily case record of 15,299, CNN, 12 July 2020: Britain is the worst-hit country outside of the US and Brazil. But it STILL won’t wear masks, The Guardian, 12 July 2020: EU leaders are split over coronavirus recovery, BBC, 13 July 2020: South Africa bans alcohol sales again to combat Covid-19, CNN, 13 July 2020: Hundreds of people celebrated the July 4 weekend at a Michigan lake. Now some have Covid-19, France, 13 July 2020: Bastille Day: Muted celebrations in France under shadow of Covid-19, DW, 13 July 2020: Coronavirus latest: No return to old normal for foreseeable future — WHO, France, 13 July 2020: WHO warns pandemic will get ‘worse and worse and worse’ unless countries follow Covid precautions, DW, 13 July 2020: German Chancellor Angela Merkel says EU leaders ‘remain apart’ on coronavirus recovery deal, France, 13 July 2020: EU summit may not reach recovery fund deal: Merkel, CNN, 13 July 2020: Hundreds of people celebrated the July 4 weekend at a Michigan lake. 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A lot of porcelain has been smashed unnecessarily and this has damaged the image of the EU internationally. Only people who have no idea how important the EU really is to their allotment gardens can act so unintelligent), BBC, 21 July 2020: EU agrees €750bn virus recovery fund, The Guardian, 21 July 2020: EU Leaders seal deal on €750bn Covid-19 recovery plans, France24, 21 July 2020: EU leaders adopt Covid-19 rescue package after marathon summit, BBC, 21 July 2020: Coronavirus: EU leaders reach recovery deal after marathon summit, France24, 21 July 2020: It’s a ‘deal’ as EU leaders end marathon summit with historic rescue package,, 21 July 2020: POLITICO’s guide to the EU budget deal, CNN, 21 July 2020: EU leaders have reached an agreement on a $858 billion coronavirus stimulus package, France24, 21 July 2020: EU rescue deal: ‘The most important moment in the life of our Europe,’ says Macron,, 21 July 2020: EU leaders agree on €1.82T budget and coronavirus recovery package,, 21 July 2020: Toward an ever closer imperfect union, The New York Times, 21 July 2020: E.U. Adopts $857 Billion Stimulus to Fight Coronavirus Recession, The Washington Post, 21 July 2020: E.U. leaders agree to $859 billion stimulus package,, 21 July 2020: European Parliament ‘cannot accept’ aspects of EU budget deal, say negotiators, France24, 22 July 2020: Mexico’s Covid-19 death toll passes 40,000 mark, The Guardian, 22 July 2020: With its recovery deal, is the EU finally starting to act like a unifying force?, The New York Times, 23 July 2020: U.S. Nears 4 Million Coronavirus Cases as Multiple States Set Records, Arab News, 23 July 2020: Why EU’s historic breakthrough is a major milestone, The New York Times, 23 July 2020: Millions of Americans Are About to Lose Their Homes. Congress Must Help Them., The Guardian, 23 July 2020: Face masks mandatory in shops, takeaways and stations in England from Friday,, 24 July 2020: EU summit insults and rubbish superheroes, BBC, 24 July 2020: Coronavirus: The week when everything changed for Trump,, 24 July 2020: Charles Michel, the budget deal and the art of the terrace tête-à-tête, The Guardian, 24 July 2020: ‘Second wave’Europe warns of need for vigilance as cases rise sharply, Times of Israel, 24 July 2020: Israel ranks 6 in world for daily cases per capita; 2,022 more in last 24 hours,, 24 July 2020: EU says landmark budget deal adds pressure on UK in Brexit talks, The National, 24 July 2020: Minimalist Hajj this year will truly be a once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage, DW, 25 July 2020: Coronavirus latest: Public support drops over pandemic response, France24, 25 July 2020: EU recovery plan deals a blow to popular Erasmus exchange programme, BBC, 25 July 2020: Coronavirus: Spain drives fears of European ‘second wave’, NPR, 25 July 2020: In Jerusalem’s Old City, The Devout Adjust To Worship In The Coronavirus Era, France24, 25 July 2020: S. Korea reports Covid-19 spike, virus-wracked US states tighten controls, The Washington Post, 25 July 2020: Virus deaths in the U.S. top 1,000 four days in a row, The New York Times, 25 July 2020: U.S. Daily Cases and Hospitalizations Near Record, The Washington Post, 25 July 2020: Houston, Miami, other cities face health care worker shortages as infections climb, DW, 25 July 2020: Germany braces for a second coronavirus wave amid rising infections,, 25 July 2020: The EU budget and recovery deal — in charts, DW, 26 July 2020: Coronavirus latest: Over 16 million infected worldwide, Arab News, 26 July 2020: Morocco shuts down major cities after spike in coronavirus cases, BBC, 26 July 2020: North Korea on alert over ‘first suspected coronavirus case’, DW, 26 July 2020: German farm locked down amid infection spike, The National, 26 July 2020: How much will the EU’s ‘historic’ new deal change life in Europe?, DW, 26 July 2020: North Korea locks down Kaesong over suspected case, Al Arabiya, 26 July 2020: Oman begins nationwide lockdown, imposes fines for curfew violators, France24, 26 July 2020: Dr. Anthony Fauci: A lifeline for Americans through pandemics and presidencies, BBC, 26 July 2020: Spain says outbreaks under control after UK orders quarantine, CNN, 26 July 2020: US tops 1,000 coronavirus deaths 4 days in a row as experts urge the country to shut down, NPR, 26 July 2020: ‘Love And Solidarity’: Amid Coronavirus, Mutual Aid Groups Resurge In New York City, The Washington Post, 26 July 2020: Is Europe finally coming together?, The Hill, 26 July 2020: Slip in job growth raises fear of broader relapse, France24, 27 July 2020: Belgium tightens Covid-19 restrictions to avoid another lockdown amid rise in cases, DW, 27 July 2020: Don’t take unnecessary risks, a second coronavirus wave is definitely coming!, The Guardian, 27 July 2020: Germany by far most admired country, with US, China and Russia vying for second – global poll (Gallup, 27 July 2020: U.S. Leadership Remains Unpopular Worldwide), France24, 28 July 2020: Coronavirus-linked hunger kills 10,000 more children a month, says UN, BBC, 28 July 2020: Pandemic cost tourism industry ‘at least $320bn’, France24, 28 July 2020: Covid-19 cost tourism sector $320 billion in first five months of 2020, the UN says, France24, 28 July 2020: Saudi Arabia gears up for downsized Hajj rituals due to Covid-19, BBC, 28 July 2020: Coronavirus: German officials ‘very concerned’ by rising cases, Arab News, 28 July 2020: Europe’s COVID-19 recovery choice: Responsibility or ruin, The Guardian, 28 July 2020: Live Coronavirus: WHO warns of ‘one big wave’; Twitter restricts Donald Trump Jr account for misinformation, Arab News, 29 July 2020: The journey begins: 1,000 pilgrims arrive in Mina for first day of Hajj, France24, 29 July 2020: Covid-19: Downsized Hajj begins for lucky few pilgrims, CNN, 29 July 2020: US given dire warning as death toll passes 150,000, The New York Times, 29 July 2020: Coronavirus Deaths Top 150,000 in the U.S., The Washington Post, 30 July 2020: At least 147,000 people have died from coronavirus in the U.S., BBC, 30 July 2020: Coronavirus: US economy sees sharpest contraction in decades (well, the Trump virus strikes with all severity. Who would have thought that? Probably everyone who deals with the economy, and therefore definitely no one from the Trump administration), CNN, 30 July 2020: US economy posts its worst drop on record, CNN, 30 July 2020: A baseless US conspiracy theory found a foothold in Europe. New research shows how, The Guardian, 30 July 2020: Can Germany now hold the European team together?, DW, 31 July 2020: Eurozone GDP drops 12.1% in record pandemic plunge, France24, 31 July 2020: French economy sees record drop in wake of coronavirus lockdowns, BBC, 31 July 2020: Eurozone suffers deepest contraction on record, NPR, 31 July 2020: In Florida, COVID-19 Death Toll Keeps Rising, The New York Times, 31 July 2020: Despite Historic Plunge, Europe’s Economy Flashes Signs of Recovery, France24, 1 August 2020: Coronavirus pandemic will be with us for a long time, WHO warns, France24, 1 August 2020: Berlin protest against coronavirus curbs draws thousands, DW, 2 August 2020: Germany: 45 officers injured at Berlin rally against coronavirus curbs, BBC, 2 August 2020: New lockdown begins in hard-hit Australian state, France24, 2 August 2020: Australia’s Melbourne enters stage 4 lockdown with curfew amid rise in Covid-19 cases, CNN, 2 August 2020: Florida feels first rain and winds of Tropical Storm Isaias, likely to strengthen to hurricane, BBC, 2 August 2020: Tropical Storm Isaias nears coronavirus-hit Florida, NPR, 2 August 2020: Tropical Storm Isaias Closes In On Florida, CNN, 2 August 2020: 20,000 more Americans could die from Covid-19 in the next 21 days, France24, 2 August 2020: Tourist sites are empty as Covid-19 travel restrictions limit movement, BBC, 2 August 2020: Victoria declares state of disaster after spike in cases, Irish Times, 2 August 2020: Covid-19: No more deaths but 53 further cases confirmed in State,, 2 August 2020: German leaders warn of coronavirus resurgence, condemn protest, NPR, 2 August 2020: Americans, Go Home: Canadians Track U.S. Boaters Sneaking Across The Border, Al Arabiya, 2 August 2020: Over 40 infected with COVID-19 on luxury cruise liner, scramble to trace passengers, The New York Times, 2 August 2020: As Cases Rise, U.S. Officials Are at an Impasse Over Aid, DW, 3 August 2020: Germany debates curbing freedom of assembly after coronavirus protests, The Guardian, 3 August 2020: Iran Covid death toll three times higher than admitted, says report, DW, 3 August 2020: Germany should not ban protests by coronavirus deniers, DW, 3 August 2020: Coronavirus: How are the 4 biggest economies trying to stem insolvencies?, The Guardian, 4 August 2020: Greece reports highest number of cases in weeks as Danish expert advises against lockdown easing, Reuters, 5 August 2020: WHO says North Korea’s COVID-19 test results for first suspected case ‘inconclusive’,, 5 August 2020: Americans hunt for loopholes to get into Europe, The Guardian, 5 August 2020: ‘Death by structural poverty’: US south struggles against Covid-19, BBC, 6 August 2020: France, Spain and Greece see surge in cases, DW, 6 August 2020: Coronavirus rallies: Germany’s growing anti-lockdown movement, NPR, 6 August 2020: West: Coronavirus-Related Restrictions By State, BBC, 6 August 2020: Coronavirus: Los Angeles to shut off water and power to party houses, The New York Times, 6 August 2020: What went wrong? The U.S. is the only affluent nation to have suffered a severe outbreak for so long., France24, 7 August 2020: Mexican president defends record as virus toll soars, The Guardian, 7 August 2020: In the shadow of Covid, New Yorkers are discovering new anxieties, CNN, 7 August 2020: US economy added 1.8 million jobs in July but still down nearly 13 million jobs during the pandemic, The New York Times, 8 August 2020: U.S. Surpasses 5 Million Coronavirus Cases, Al Arabiya, 8 August 2020: COVID-19 : UAE central bank temporarily relaxes rules on bank liquidity, funding, The National, 9 August 2020: Abu Dhabi steps up Covid battle with mobile healthcare programme, France24, 9 August 2020: US passes 5 million confirmed coronavirus cases, BBC, 9 August 2020: Brazil passes 100,000 deaths as outbreak shows no sign of easing, France24, 9 August 2020: Brazil’s coronavirus death toll surpasses 100,000, CNN, 9 August 2020: Europe’s biggest countries are seeing Covid surges — but not this one, The Guardian, 9 August 2020: US passes 5m cases as Joe Biden says pandemic ‘breaks heart’,, 10 August 2020: EU governments roll back wage support despite corona uncertainty, The Guardian, 12 August 2020: Global report: Germany reports highest cases since May, DW, 12 August 2020: New Zealand prepares for new coronavirus lockdown, France24, 12 August 2020: France sees most new daily Covid-19 cases since May, NPR, 12 August 2020: New Outbreak In New Zealand Leads To New Rules And Supermarket Runs, BBC, 12 August 2020: France’s champagne industry goes flat amid pandemic, CNN, 13 August 2020: New Zealand was acclaimed a world leader in handling Covid-19. Now it’s dealing with a fresh outbreak, The Guardian, 14 August 2020: Coronavirus live news: France says UK quarantine will lead to reciprocal measures; NZ outbreak spreads, DW, 14 August 2020: Coronavirus: Foreign students on online courses are denied visas to Germany (if you think that only the intellectually overwhelmed Donald Trump can come up with such a seldom silly idea, a federal agency comes around the curve and draws level. Instead of removing the entry barriers for researchers from all over the world, they are being raised, only to be wondering why Germany is losing ground on the world stage), France24, 14 August 2020: Covid-19: French government declares Paris, Marseille high-risk zones, The Guardian, 14 August 2020: Coronavirus: France infections accelerate; Spain to close nightclubs and ban public smoking, France24, 14 August 2020: Germany puts most of Spain on Covid-19 quarantine list, BBC, 15 August 2020: South Africa eases lockdown as ‘outbreak reaches peak’, The New York Times, 15 August 2020: The Virus Is Not Slowing. 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He let over 200,000 Americans die because of the election campaign. Now it’s his turn. It’s about time that he receives his disinfectant injection. 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How are the German parties reacting to the “Report of the economic research institutes: Joint Economic Forecast 2/2020: Recovery Loses Momentum – Economy and Politics Still Shaped by the Pandemic“? Of course, just as they have responded to all challenges of the past 50 years:

The FDP has its patent recipe for all weather conditions: lower taxes for companies and the super-rich and additional tax gifts to their clientele, at the expense of the society, small and medium-sized taxpayers and end customers. Of course, further reduction of the state quota and the welfare state. All measures that, in the medium and long-term, have led to Germany losing and continuing to lose innovative power, the public infrastructure has an investment backlog in the three-digit billion range (most clearly visible in the broken railroad, the Bundeswehr, the slowed expansion of renewables and the smart grid, digitization, etc.), so that the country is at best still mediocre in many areas.

The SPD considers its solution to be the most feasible solution, which essentially contains the exact opposite of the above, i.e. higher taxes for companies and the super-rich, relief for lower and middle incomes while at the same time expanding the “nanny state”, accompanied by innovation and competition preventive bureaucracy. The economy is irrelevant, because after all, it’s about people and the environment and the best thing about the concept: After all, money just comes out of the ATM! If you think that through to the end, Germany would be transformed into an over-regulated, mental retirement home in a vegetative state. The disadvantage of the concept is that the SPD will run out of other people’s money again too quickly. The advantage is that all citizens will feel equally bad, which would end the various debates of envy. The topics of “international responsibility” or “leadership responsibility based on economic strength” would also be ended in favor of the SPD. After all, Germany will fall back on the level of Poland or Hungary and thus also out of the TOP 10 in the world. After all, no international responsibility can be derived from the lack of substance and you can continue to celebrate allotment garden parties in the allotment garden association “Zum Gartenzwerg”.

The Greens are currently ambivalent about their role. In addition to its three most important topics “Environment, the environment and anything with the environment”, the party wants to position itself more broadly and diversify its topics. The Greens does this voluntarily only to a limited extent, owing to the fact that they have experienced a considerable upturn in electoral favor in recent months. As expected, this leads to distortions between the two core groups, i.e. those who are close to the autonomous and those who prefer pragmatic approaches. One will see which of the groups will be able to prevail. A CDU-Greens coalition after the federal election not only seems possible, but would also be a very interesting first at federal level, also because the Greens party is the only one of the four democratic parties in the Bundestag that is clearly and completely pro-EU and in favor of joint solutions. The three other parties pursue more economic than strategic goals, although these are much more important, especially since no EU federal state can survive alone in global competition. Where she still has to come to terms with herself and make herself honest is the subject of “security”, which is becoming increasingly important. This applies both to the Bundeswehr, which must be equipped with greater capabilities and fully operational in order to be able to meet the international responsibility of Europe’s largest economy, and to the European army, which is yet to be created, i.e. a common defense structure.

As usual, the CDU waited and then did something amazing: Instead of following old dogmas and “wisdoms”, they were thrown overboard and the opposite was done. Usually one would have pursued an austerity policy and cut budgets in several rounds, so that the crisis would have intensified until it was finally found out that this approach was not a good idea. Instead, this time money has been taken into hand, thus ensuring that the economic cycle is not completely interrupted, so that economic damage is significantly reduced. Of c