The presentation of Concepts and Consultancy already made the close connection between the individual departments clear. This continues within the Development, so that Development represents a further step on the way “From the first idea, up to the grand opening”.

“.. Architecture is frozen music..” – Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

The core business of Development is the co-ordination, controlling and control of all development activities around projects, independently if it is about the new positioning of inventory properties or the realization of new building measures.

We see the substantial challenge in the project team formation, which not only considers strategic and operational partners, like co-developers, co-investors, property and building owners, tenants, neighbours and adjoining owners, equity and financing partners, investors and final investors, environmental federations and other interested parties, but also partners from cities and municipalities, with which we work very closely together from the first idea up to the occupation by the users. This co-operation continues after the hand over of the finished projects to our Management.

Due to our in parts very specialized use concepts and the know-how developed from it we work among others also for very considerable investors of most diverse adjustments as advisors in order to support during the development phase. This succeeds very successfully, because in the meantime a very extensive network, consisting of companies and individuals of almost any approximately tasks around the real estate economy is given, on which can be seized back time near and goal-oriented

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