Theme Week Venezuela – Cumaná

May 22nd, 2018 | Destination: | Rubric: General |

Mochima National Park - Playa Blanca © - Luigino Bracci/cc-by-2.0

Mochima National Park – Playa Blanca © – Luigino Bracci/cc-by-2.0

Cumaná is the capital of Venezuela’s Sucre State. It is located 402 kilometres (250 mi) east of Caracas. Cumaná was one of the first settlements founded by Europeans in mainland America and is the oldest continuously-inhabited, European-established settlement in the continent. Attacks by indigenous peoples meant it had to be refounded several times. The municipality of Sucre, which includes Cumaná, has a population of 420,000. The city, located at the mouth of the Manzanares River on the Caribbean coast in the Northeast coast of Venezuela, is home to one of five campuses of the Universidad de Oriente and a busy maritime port, home of one of the largest tuna fleets in Venezuela. The city is close to Mochima National Park a popular tourist beaches destination amongst Venezuelans.   read more…

Theme Week Venezuela

May 21st, 2018 | Destination: | Rubric: General, Theme Weeks |

Cumaná © - Guillermo Esteves/cc-by-3.0

Cumaná © – Guillermo Esteves/cc-by-3.0

Venezuela, officially the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is a federal republic on the northern coast of South America, bordered by Colombia on the west, Brazil on the south, Guyana on the east, the Dutch Lesser Antilles to the north and Trinidad and Tobago to the north-east. Venezuela covers 916,445 km² (353,841 sq mi) and has over 31 million people. The country has extremely high biodiversity and is ranked 7th in the world’s list of nations with the most number of species. There are habitats ranging from the Andes Mountains in the west to the Amazon Basin rain-forest in the south via extensive llanos plains, the Caribbean coast and the Orinoco River Delta in the east.   read more…

The Isle of Bute in the Firth of Clyde

May 21st, 2018 | Destination: | Rubric: General |

Arran mountains over Rothesay © - SeaDave/cc-by-2.0

Arran mountains over Rothesay © – SeaDave/cc-by-2.0

The Isle of Bute is an island in the Firth of Clyde in Scotland. It is divided into highland and lowland areas by the Highland Boundary Fault. Formerly a constituent island of the larger County of Bute, it is now part of the council area of Argyll and Bute. Bute’s resident population is at 6,500. Farming and tourism are the main industries on the island, along with fishing and forestry. The only town on the island, Rothesay, is linked by ferry (Caledonian MacBrayne ferries) to the mainland. To its north is the coastal village of Port Bannatyne; hamlets on the island include Ascog, Kilchattan Bay, Kerrycroy and Kingarth. The interior of the island is hilly, though not mountainous, with conifer plantations and some uncultivated land, particularly in the north. The highest point is Windy Hill at 278 metres (912 ft). The centre of the island contains most of the cultivated land, while the island’s most rugged terrain is found in the far south around Glen Callum. Loch Fad is Bute’s largest body of freshwater and runs along the fault line.   read more…

Le Mans in the Pays de la Loire

May 18th, 2018 | Destination: | Rubric: General |

Palais du Grabatoire © Fafner/cc-by-sa-3.0

Palais du Grabatoire © Fafner/cc-by-sa-3.0

Le Mans is a city on the Sarthe River. Traditionally the capital of the province of Maine, it is now the capital of the Sarthe department and the seat of the Roman Catholic diocese of Le Mans. Le Mans is a part of the Pays de la Loire region. Its inhabitants are called Manceaux and Mancelles.   read more…

Bell in California

May 16th, 2018 | Destination: | Rubric: General |

James George Bell House © Mortis24

James George Bell House © Mortis24

Bell is an incorporated city in Los Angeles County near the center of the former San Antonio Township. Its population is at 36,000. Bell is located on the west bank of the Los Angeles River and is a suburb of the city of Los Angeles. At 2.5 square miles (6.5 km²), Bell is the thirteenth smallest city in the United States with a population of at least 25,000. The city’s Chamber of Commerce is located at the historic James George Bell House, which serves as a meeting place and in addition, a museum showcasing artifacts from the city’s founding family and period furniture. The house is open to the general public with free admission.   read more…

Brentwood in Los Angeles

May 14th, 2018 | Destination: | Rubric: General |

Getty Museum and Central Garden © - Rennett Stowe/cc-by-2.0

Getty Museum and Central Garden © – Rennett Stowe/cc-by-2.0

Brentwood is a neighborhood in the Westside of Los Angeles. It is the home of seven private and two public schools. Brentwood is also home to many celebrities such as actors and actresses. As a member of a group of nearby neighborhoods that are affluent, it is known as one of the “Three Bs”, along with Beverly Hills and Bel Air.   read more…

The Israeli Independence Day

May 13th, 2018 | Destination: | Rubric: General |

Independence Hall in Tel Aviv © Deror avi

Independence Hall in Tel Aviv © Deror avi

The Israeli Declaration of Independence took place on May 14, 1948 or on 5 Iyar 5708, according to the Hebrew calendar, in the Independence Hall in the capital city Tel Aviv, mostly as a direct result of the Holocaust and the Évian Conference. On the same day, the British Mandatory Palestine ended. The Independence Day (Hebrew “Jom haAtzma’ut” for “Day of Independence”) was introduced in the following year 1949 as a reminder of the proclamation of the Jewish state by David Ben-Gurion.   read more…

Fort Lauderdale in Florida

May 11th, 2018 | Destination: | Rubric: General |

Fort Lauderdale Beach © Xanxz

Fort Lauderdale Beach © Xanxz

Fort Lauderdale is the county seat of Broward County, 28 miles (45 km) north of MiamiMiami, with a population of 180,000. It is a principal city of the Miami metropolitan area, which is home to an estimated 6,2 million people. Today, Fort Lauderdale is a major yachting center, one of the nation’s largest tourist destinations, and the center of a metropolitan division with 1.8 million people. Since the 1990s, Fort Lauderdale has increasingly become a location that caters to those seeking the resort lifestyle seasonally or year-round and is often a host city to many professional venues, concerts, and art shows. As is true of many parts of Florida, the city’s population has a strong seasonal variation, as snowbirds from the northern United States, Canada, and Europe spend the winter and early spring in Florida. The city is known for its beaches, bars, and nightclubs.   read more…

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